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Justina      July 05, 2008

Beloved Justina
David C. Lewis
July 5, 2008  8:36-8:45 am MDT
Freedom in the Age of the Divine Mother
Big Sky, Montana

The Light of Victory
Expands in all Souls on the Earth

Gracious Hearts Who Have Stood Firm in Your Resolve to Be the Flame of Victory for the Earth,
            We have come, and legions of Victory now encircle this entire city and retreat in the mountain fastnesses of Montana. And the accumulated energy of all that you have invoked is now vibrating within the etheric plane. The seven chohans and their complements, the seven archangels and their archeiai, and the seven mighty Elohim and their complements now encircle 'round about you rings and rings of fiery energy.
            And there is established a spiritual cone of light high up into the atmosphere of the Earth. And this is a signet to all evolutions upon this planet, blessed ones, that that which you have done is real, that that which you have accomplished by your physical presence here and the coming of the Kali Mother is real. And there is carved by our legions now through this great funnel of light an axis point into the divine world—even far beyond this physical plane, blessed ones, as a direct link to the Great Central Sun. And legions of Victory descend through this sacred cone of light fanning out now in a great circumference.
             I ask you to stand in this hour and hold through this field of cosmic consciousness that you can project out from your heart chakra, even extending out further and further than you have ever envisioned or realized before, a greater cosmic radiance—even expanding the reach of your Tube of Light, augmented by our angels. This is an experiment that we of heaven and you of earth together are engaging in to bring greater cosmic radiance to the planetary body. For the shift has occurred through the coming of the Mother. And now we take advantage of that which has been done to expand the light.
            Therefore, Victory, come forth! Victory, come forth! Victory, come forth! Victory, expand! Victory, expand! Victory, expand! Heartfires, expand! Heartfires, expand! Heartfires, expand! And we now encompass this mighty Tube of Light as a cone of sacred fire around the entire planetary body. And there is the dissolution of darkness and a new solution to all human problems through this great fire ring of light.
              It is a blessing for Virgo and Pelleur and all the four hierarchs of the elementals. And there is a buoying up of cosmic joy from the deepest vibrations deep within the earth unto the highest atmosphere of the earth in this hour. And all is washed clean and all is radiated with light. And all is within this cosmic joy-radiance of pure white and golden energy, blessed hearts.
            Hold this field of cosmic joy now as the legions of Victory go forth to quicken the hearts of thousands of souls in every nation whose time is here to evolve to the next dimensional plane of being. And therefore we say, Come forth, O souls! Come forth, O souls! Come forth, O souls and know who you are. For you are victory in the earth. You are the flame of Victory if you accept it. Will you accept it, O souls of light in all nations? [Audience responds, Yes!]
            Therefore on behalf of all of the evolutions of light, these as testators and witnesses have spoken, O God. And therefore the light of Victory descends now in a greater intensity and fire of joy. And we say, Heal the earth, O souls of light! Heal the Earth, O Elohim of love! Heal the Earth in this hour! Heal the Earth! Heal the Earth! Heal the Earth! It is so! It is done! It is finished and it is sealed! And this conference and all that you have envisioned as possibility is now raised unto the third eye and unto the crown.
            And our legions of Victory now place a laurel wreath of Mighty Victory upon each and every one of you, and from this day forward where you go you will be wearing this laurel golden wreath of Victory, blessed hearts. So receive it now at the hand of our angels. [Pause as the angels place the laurels upon those present.] You are conquering ones. We have seen it long before this conference. But now it is accomplished in a new light, in a new way. And by God's grace, all that was foreseen as having been accomplished is fulfilled.
            We accept it. And you must claim it. Therefore say with me, blessed hearts, In the name of Justina and Victory, [audience responds: In the name of Justina and Victory] I claim the victory now, [I claim the victory now] of this conference, [of this conference] and all light that has been anchored here, [and all light that has been anchored here] forevermore, [forevermore] on behalf of all evolutions of light, [on behalf of all evolutions of light] for this planetary home, [for this planetary home] and all planets within this system, [and all planets within this system] and all solar systems and galaxies, [and all solar systems and galaxies] in this sector of the cosmos. [in this sector of the cosmos.] By God's grace, [by God's grace] it is done! [it is done!] It is finished! [It is finished!] And it is sealed! [And it is sealed!] Amen! [Amen!] We accept it! [We accept it!] Right here and now! [Right here and now!] Amen! [Amen!] Thank you, blessed hearts.

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