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Hercules      July 04, 2008

Beloved Hercules
David C. Lewis
July 4, 2008  6:44-7:00 pm MDT
Freedom in the Age of the Divine Mother
2008 World Freedom Summer Conference
Big Sky, Montana

Prepare for the New Shift of 2012 and the Greater Frequencies of Cosmic Rays
A New Labor to Produce Five New PublicationsWithin Twelve Months

            Ho! We descend here and again anchor twin flame pillars of blue fire deep within the Earth! And there is once more a stabilization by God-intent of the planetary body in many quarters as servitors of fire, who understand and accomplish the will of God manifest through the light of Elohim, foreclose on darkness and expose greater light, blessed ones.
            The reins of power are God's though some men seek, through their attempt to storm heaven by force, to hold the reins of human power over nations and peoples. This day I say to one in Africa, your time is done! The people have spoken. And you, Mr. Mugabe, are done! And the judgment is descending upon you in this very hour. And if ratified by these, that which you have stolen will be taken from you and returned to the people to whom you were to serve in [your] office [as the leader of your nation.]
            And to others among mankind who have misused the power of their office, by the word of these holy ones your time is short. Choose wisely in this hour, lest all be taken from you, even your physical life. Blessed ones, this may seem harsh, and yet the harshness of those who have maligned the light is come [due] this day by the power of Kali. And they must either turn to the light or bear the consequences of their decisions and their acts. It is truly the highest mercy—on behalf of the thousands and even millions who have been subjugated by these—that they be removed from the scene lest a greater scourge occur.
            So we come to empower the flame of freedom with that holy will whereby, when there is set within the Earth a table as a tabernacle for the Lord, what is offered may truly rise to be seen of God and then acted upon. [It is] returned unto mankind in a holy response to fulfill that will in action. We are adjusting the frequencies at certain levels, from the high etheric, down into the mental belt of the planet, through the emotional and now deep into the physical itself. This alignment comes because of your calls and songs and prayers to us and to the Great Divine Director and Saint Germain and Portia.
            This adjustment will take a fortnight to complete by us. And so, blessed ones, there may even be [a] rumbling within the earth in certain areas of your globe. But much is mitigated. And it is all to the point and result of bringing the entire Earth into alignment with the holy divine geometry of beingness, the crystal that is truly at the core of this planetary home. As you each are anchor points for the fire of the blue ray, this stabilization may not only continue but may be fulfilled in coming months even before 2012 when the entire planetary body and this solar system are aligned with the galactic core, bringing about a new shift and greater frequencies of cosmic rays into the portal of your world, blessed ones, for your use in bringing about higher consciousness.
            Only those who are attuned to the heart of God may fully receive, understand and utilize these rays and currents. Only those who have sublimated selfish desires [into] God-desire may with greater crystal clarity see, feel and understand the nuances and the secret-ray action of these rays. Many of you are attuning to higher worlds, seeing beyond the physical into the higher etheric, hearing the divine words of angels and master spirits, feeling the very emanations of the sun and their effects upon the astral belt of the planet.
            As you sensitize yourselves to the New Blue frequencies of Alpha through the heart of the Elohim, the archangels and the chohans of the rays, you may more fully understand this flame of cosmic joy that clears away all, that strips away all that is dark and unreal, that aligns all into holy purpose and brings about greater opportunity for self-transcendence, appreciation of that which God has bestowed upon and within you, and knowledge of the way in which you may walk always within the light.
            Now it has been my custom to give unto you certain labors that you may consider for the coming year, solstice to solstice. We have seen your efforts in bringing about greater heartreach through the media. And we applaud your efforts though all is not yet complete. If I could grade that which you have fulfilled to date of what was assigned last year to date, I would say 39%. Therefore you see, blessed ones, this is not even a passing grade in most universities. Therefore, instead of four or more assignments, I ask you to fulfill that which has already been given.
            But I give you one more to consider. And that is, now that you have published one volume within the Meru Press aura, that within these twelve months five more publications come forth. This will be a Herculean effort, I say, for the funds to produce a thousand of this first book cost this movement over six thousand dollars, blessed ones. How will you raise the funds to accomplish this times five in the coming twelve months?
            You must reason together, you must continue your heartreach, you must fan the fires of the holy will through your heart, mind and spirit in order to sustain a greater awareness of presence, of abundance through co-measurement with the divine One. Yes, I stretch that which seems possible in the human so that you reach beyond your current level and reach, blessed ones. For it is always so that we challenge you to rise to new heights of awareness. If it were not so, then you would not be here this evening, I say. For many of you gave your all, even traveling great distances to be here this day. And for that we, the Elohim, are grateful, for we feel the intensity of your hearts.
            And I now take the fullness of the intensity of all of your hearts and raise it in a great blue crystal chalice to the  heart of Alpha and Omega. And I offer it, O Lord God, as a sign that these, your holy ones in the Earth, are about your business and will continue to live in the stream of pure light, day by day, in order to fulfill your will in this Earth. O Lord, receive this my offering now. Take it and bestow, by your holy grace, that which may come unto each one because of their love, their great light and the intent to be the One.
            I am Hercules. I have spoken fire! I have rained light upon the Earth, deep into the core. The Earth is new in the freshness of this blue-fire energy! And if you utilize that which I have brought and given, truly we will have a new day of freedom, of liberty, of cosmic justice and of victory for Terra for this year, for every year and for all eternity, blessed ones.
            I thank you. And now that I have fulfilled my purpose, I ascend to the heart of the One.

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