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Virginia      July 02, 2008

Beloved Virginia
David C. Lewis
July 2, 2008   8:04-8:30 pm MDT
Freedom in the Age of the Divine Mother
Big Sky, Montana

We Lend our Cosmic Vision to Increase the Amperage of Light
Through that Vision that You Hold

Gracious Visionaries of the Spirit,
            We come this evening to impress upon you a new vision of this world which it is possible through God-intent rayed forth through your third eye to manifest sooner than you may have previously accepted or thought. During this meditation we have taken your souls up into crystalline dimensions of consciousness whereby you could see what we, the Elohim, envision for a planetary home such as Earth. For you see we hold many star systems within our vision. And each and every lifestream evolving upon them comes within the ray of our All-Seeing Eye to receive the benefit of the purity of God-intent through that ray, holding them in immaculate and holy vision for the victory of their soul and spirit.
            As you rise in consciousness to perceive with new eyes and with the one-eyed matrix and grid of fire, you may assist us in performing this cosmic alchemy of raising an entire race and civilization and planet itself into the new vibrations and wave patterns of cosmic gnosis whereby all may know the God-reality of pure beingness. With my beloved Cyclopea and the legions of K-17 we come to surround this nation and those whose evolutions call to the Godhead in order to receive greater vision for what can be upon Earth the kingdom of heaven come in reality.
            And therefore we take the accumulated prayer substance and energies of the Spirit of those who have surrendered something of the lesser self in order to obtain through divine contemplation oneness with God. And we wrap a cosmic bow, an emerald bow of light, around this entire planetary body now as gift of our Presence to each one [so] that you may see with clearer vision what is that possibility that may manifest first in your world and then within the All-in-all of a planetary home.
            When souls such as yours collectively and firmly hold within the single-eyed vision of perfection this grid and flowfield of cosmic beingness, even for five minutes a day, there can be the streaming forth of cosmic rays from other star systems and cosmic beings that engulf the planet with these new Aquarian frequencies. And thus there may be [both] a gradual [and] a tremendous uplift and upsurge of the light from deep within the Earth, for the core of Terra receives that intent set forth by these sentient ones.
            And the Silent Watchers, seeing the perfection for eons within all of the evolutions upon this planet, holding firmly in their gaze that which is real and true about each one, also energize this core God-identity of this planet. For within that grid and emerald matrix, evolving and expanding within every molecule of the planet itself, there is the forming of the new star of Terra appearing, truly as the blessed being held in the eye of the One for time immemorial.
            We are about our father's cosmic business of holding this pattern of purity, blessed hearts. And as above, so below within microcosm and the macrocosm of the individual and the society, the patterning and the waves of light energize and flow daily. And as you are able to receive and assimilate these higher rays you become a new creature within this crystal grid of light.
            Yes, we speak of spiritual things, but we are also practical. And so our chela K-17 takes that which we ray forth and makes it real within your third-dimensional life. And when you call to him there may be greater clarity for every decision that you make such that it may be fully God's will within your domain. A master such as one [known as] K-17 may truly perform miracles for you, blessed hearts, if you understand the heart of fire and the God-desire burning within this one to hold that reality for you in time and space in practical ways.
            We have seen and heard your discussions and [we] applaud first the intent and then the practical application of that which you see as necessary, [both] to survive [and] to thrive in the light of cosmic presence. Once you have firmly established the platform for your soul's evolution and stability in mater, then all of heaven's energies are available to you to energize your plans and the direction set forth by the sponsoring masters of this activity [so] that you may then move heaven and earth to fulfill the greater mission of the Universal Great White Brotherhood within the context of this auric flowfield.
             There is a collective Christ consciousness composed of the God-identity of each and every one of you, blessed ones, within this community that is necessary for the fulfillment of the entire plan. And when each and every one of you fulfill your role, then the entire grid is fired and the pattern of perfection may manifest because your hearts sing with the spiritual fire of this cosmic vision that you hold for each other and for the greater community.
            Now that you are whole because of the coming of the master Hilarion we may move you into higher fields of cosmic connectivity with us. And so, as you rise in new and higher levels of beingness, more is available to you of the suchness of heaven's energies to apply in your spiritual work for the Brotherhood of light. Therefore, to those who have been given much, more is added,¹ and yet also more is required in this cosmic activity of spiritual work for the Lord.
            Planning requires vision. And as you make real your vision statements in concurrence with the mission set forth, we lend our cosmic vision to increase the amperage of light that may focalize, through that vision that you hold, the cosmic frequencies of light that precipitate in matter physically that which you envision. The power that you wield as sons and daughters of God may be greater when you believe in yourselves, blessed hearts—holding great possibilities in mind and forming through this cosmic connection of beingness one with another this perfected grid and antakharana of light. Through your resolve all will be solved in the great solution of the crystal-diamond liquid-light heaven world all around you.
            Therefore, I,Virginia, holding the virgin consciousness for each and every one of you held in the heart of God when you were formed in the very womb of the cosmic Mother, behold that eternal white fire ovum of light, impregnated by the spirit most holy of the Father-energy, to complete within you the benevolence of perfection manifest in the here and now, most tangibly for you. What you can see and believe you may, outside of time and space and yet within the crucible of selfhood, achieve perfectly with the alacrity of adepts, with the grace of your Beloved and with the cosmo-conception of universality. This, blessed ones, is beingness at its core. And this is what we the Elohim hold for you forever and within the Eternal Now of this point of space, here and now.
            We are with you always when you raise your eyes and behold through the sunlight of the Spirit and through a heart, eternally longing for oneness with the divine, the perfection and the glory of God for all. We bless you. We seal you. And within the Elohimic domain miniaturized right within your heart and your third eye God's Presence holds you in this joy-spirit always. I thank you.

David's comments:  Cyclopea says that the Mother of the Flame also sends her love, kissing your heart, holding you to her breast and whispering into your ear the sweet musings of the Mother of the World. Abide within her heart and you shall win all the way, blessed ones. Thank you and good evening.

1.  Matthew 25:29; Mark 4:25

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