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Goddess of Beauty      June 30, 2008

Beloved Goddess of Beauty
David C. Lewis
June 30, 2008  10:46-11:04 am MDT
Freedom in the Age of the Divine Mother
Big Sky, Montana

The Beauty of Eternal Love
The Cleansing of Hearts and Souls in Divine Love

Most Beloved Ones,
            We have found one another, have we not? And in the eternal joy spirit of holy love we gather upon the great lotus leaf of the Divine One to discern something new of the beauty of God's heart, God's mind, God's will. As you have danced and frolicked and partaken of new and higher megajoules of joy in this hour, we have been releasing unto your soul a new impetus of holy fire to see you through to the end of your human days and to the onset of the new dawn of your divinity.
            Every day's dawn is an opportunity to sing to the sun, the sun of your own Presence, the sun of every starry being who is there for you to receive the new ampoules of love that descend each morn so that you may love with a more perfect love, so that you may live within the love of God. Think on this, blessed ones—to simply live within the very essence of God's love.
            My meditation upon my Beloved brought me to the point in my last lifetime as Ruth Hawkins to be able to capture on canvas something of the essence of that love within the eyes and the mien of the one whom I sought and who sought me. And through the tai-chi action of twin- flame love there was the merging of the All in all above, with the possibility of that allness [manifest] within my soul and form below.
            And when the eternal song sung by my Beloved was received within my heart, I did rejoice, knowing that one day I would be one with him eternally in spirit. All love of the Beloved flows from this eternal longing of your soul to be wed to the one and only Beloved of your heart. And though you may or may not be linked at the human level with that other half of yourself in this life, push on, O soul, to know greater love, such that the eternal One as the allness of both halves of your being may one day ensconce its complete love within you as you merge fully into this divine unity.
            Look to the sun, Helios and Vesta, to see how the eternal fire blazes there in the heavens as the fusion of the love of twin flames. It is such a tremendous fiery manifestation of God-beingness when two such as these merge that many worlds and all evolutions upon them receive of the frequencies of that life-giving energy that is the quintessence of Godly beingness within this sacred fusion. It may be so for you and your twin flame. And yet, even in this hour right within the limited form of your body temple, right within your heart there may be the fusion of your heartstream with God's, whereby through the portal created by your love, the divine light descends right within the chalice of your being and may be refracted a millionfold and more as life-inspiring love to souls everywhere.
            This was my purpose—to be that clear crystal focus of light through which my Beloved Paul the Venetian could energize this planet with the love rays from his heart to raise all life through his adoring presence, always facing the sun of the One and giving holy obeisance to that light.
            We lift up our hearts, O God, this morning in holy praise unto thee to reflect something of the divine world here below. We offer our hearts anew in this holy tryst of the union of our hearts one with another, with holy brother on the left and sister on the right, such that we may form a greater community of the Holy Spirit to be that attest to what is possible in the earth to bring God- loveliness and the beautiful manifestations of angelic radiance to bear in form here.
            Every offering from your heart as creativity ascends to your causal body and is received of God, even with great fanfare, into that causal essence of who you are and is never lost for all eternity. Every song sung with cosmic intent to bless life is felt in rippling waves across the cosmic sea. And even the angels pick up on the frequencies of your devotions and amplify them beyond measure to glorify God within the formless cosmic void of the All.
            Love is never lost, blessed ones. And the love that you carry for one another creates and co-creates the universe anew, you see. For you, as a co-creator with the Divine One, emanating through stillness and through cosmic support of God's creation your particular soundless sound of holy love, add to the cosmic panoply and the orchestration of divine beingness that is the beautiful rose of the All.
            I am come that ye might have life and that more abundantly in holy love.¹  Each chohan amplifies the qualities of the ray upon which he serves, such that you may follow the thread of that ray back to the heart of the one prismatic white light. When you follow the ray of love with Paul and me, we pierce your hearts with fiery purpose, with ruby rods and cones of sacred fire. And in greater devotion unto the One, even as one such as Jesus kneeling in Gethsemane and offering himself upon the altar of the Divine One, the angels of mercy come to impress greater love into your hearts such that you, too, may fulfill the final initiations on your path and ascend back to the heart of God.
            Every cosmic being understands love in its highest aspect. And even we, recently ascended, take our retreats upon the higher worlds to glean something of this great solar love that sustains the cosmos. May love, both impersonal and personal, be yours this day, blessed ones, as you receive the washing of your soul that we offer now.
            O angels of the love ray from Heros and Amora, come now and clean these hearts to know greater love in this hour. O angels of Chamuel and Charity, suffuse each one with holy petals of rosy light-oil. Give them new garments of love to wear around their soul. Buoy them up upon the winds of the Holy Spirit and release them from the shackles of lesser loves that have kept them bound to this world for too long. Rise O soul, within your new garment of grace and receive the kiss of love from the angels of Aquarius.
            I am the Goddess of Beauty. I adore the God flame within you as you love one another and love the Lord thy God with all thy heart. I thank you.

¹ John 10:10

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