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Oromasis      May 20, 2008

Beloved Oromasis
David Christopher Lewis
May 20, 2008   8:17–8:34 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Fire Is Essential to Self-Transcendence and
the Ongoingness of Your Solar Evolution

            O, the eternal flame that burns within the hearts of the devotees of the light. I, Prince Oromasis, come this day to fan the fire of God within you, each one. And as the heat does increase and the action of the fire and the flames does penetrate deeper and deeper levels of awareness of your being, blessed ones, you may begin to know something of the very Sun Presence of your own God-reality, which is truly a solar world itself.
            You have heard of solar flares and of their effects on the electromagnetic field of the Earth. So it is with you, blessed ones, that when your Presence sends a ray of fire unto your heart, your entire being may be electrostatically  charged with the cosmic currents of your own I AM fire right within your aura. And when at times you feel the burdens of life, the weight of living upon a planet that is not yet quite outpicturing the fullness of the immensity of the star-fire freedom flame that it is destined to manifest, you may call to the fiery salamanders and to Diana and me to reinfire you with the allness of that Solar light.
            The flames of which we speak are also cool and do not always make you uncomfortable, as in the intense heat that you would experience on a very hot day upon your Earth. These flames are for the purging from your world of all that is untrue, all that is unreal so that you will not have to go through what some have called purgatory when you make your transition, but may, as a conscious one, ascend directly into the very beingness of your Solar Source.
            You see, blessed ones, the gift of the violet fire of Saint Germain and the masters of the seventh ray is given unto mankind so that they may experience the very burning up of their karma before the notable day of the Lord,1 of the self-judgment of their lifestreams by the Higher Self. If you allow this process to manifest in your world, day by day, you will benefit greatly by the action of the fire that comes unto you to strip from you all that is not fully of God.
            This violet fire gift is a great benefit to your soul and the blessing of the Spirit that the ascended masters offer those whom they deem as worthy, those who have been disciples of the Spirit lifetime upon lifetime in whatever religion or spiritual movement of lightAnd therefore many of you have moved through the stream of the teachings of Zoroaster, of Zarathustra, and you have understood the nature of fire and how essential this is to your very life, to self-transcendence and to the ongoingness of your Solar evolution.
              We come this day to purge the Earth by the power of the sacred fire of certain density and calcification of the energies of the not-self that have too far and too long held sway upon her. You see in molten lava, blessed ones, a certain action of the fire commingled with the earth itself, whereby there is the transmutation of ancient patterns that have lodged themselves deep within the earth. These must come out, and therefore when these volcanoes erupt, there is the spewing out of these ancient patterns and records, and the fire itself does burn within that lava these patterns and records that have crystallized in the earth. So do not sweat, do not despair when you see the rumblings deep within the earth and the fire issues forth in this manner. For it is for the purpose of the cleansing of the earth itself by the power of the fire of God.
            There has been at times the eruption within your own beings and worlds, your flowfield, your auras, of certain ancient patterns and of substances that has resulted in a manifestation of pus or the eruption upon your skin of toxins. This is the same process, blessed ones. And unless and until those toxins come out, they can poison your entire internal systems, your very bloodstream, your lymphatic system. Therefore it is good and prudent that at times you enter into an internal cleansing process—not only through the purgation of your being with water, but with the spiritual fire of ether and cosmic prana.
            Therefore we do give our accolades to those of you who are entering into beloved Djwal Kul's breathing exercises. For as you partake of these rituals daily, you will begin to understand that in order to move into your immortality, your divine purpose and your reason for being at the highest level of evolution, it is essential that there be that cosmic cleansing of every aspect of your being, your aura and even your physical bodies, blessed ones. Those who evolved as what you call Native Americans and inhabited these lands long, long ago understood the nature of the sun, the importance of sweat lodges and how essential it is to undergo this process of self-purging in order to allow one to move into higher consciousness with greater clarity of thoughts.
            Some of you have saunas, both wet and dry, that can assist you in this, blessed ones. All of this is the action of the fire of God. The blessed flames, manifesting as the fiery salamanders, do their perfect work within you and for you when you allow them leave to enter your being and aura. Some of you have seen the patterns of darkness manifesting as animal forms within your electronic belt. Well, I say, there is nothing better to remove these from your world than the action of the sacred fire through the work of the fiery salamanders when you enlist their help and assistance through the giving of the violet-laser-light prayers and calls and mantras and songs.
            So, as you have called it forth, we take the opportunity this day to remove from your subconscious ancient patterns that the Lord God, by your leave, has decided must go permanently into the fire! And so as you release these now into the vortex of fire that I have created in the center of this room and in the center of the homes of all those who are participating via the broadcast, blessed ones, there can be a greater action of light for the stripping from you of these ancient diabolical ways. So release them now! They are gone! They are gone! They are gone and burned up to a crisp within this furnace of light and fire that we together have generated.
            So I have come, and by your free will you have partaken of the ritual of fire of Zarathustra. And Zarathustra adds the momentum of his fiery heart to this holy ritual, the Mithraic ritual, blessed ones.
            Do not underestimate the power of fire to change your world into one that is divine, beautiful, pristine. Study the book of Revelation to see how the fire will work its perfect work to bring about the new world that you seek—first within you and then within all.
            I am Prince Oromasis, and I lead you to the King of Peace, Melchizedek, King of Salem—the one without beginning or end, without father or mother, the one who simply is pure fire!2 Call to him! Get to know him, and realize the peace that passeth all understanding through the light of Spirit.3 I thank you.

1. Acts 2:16-21; Joel 2:28-32.
2. Hebrews 7:1-3.
3. Philippians 4:7.


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