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Aries      May 19, 2008

Beloved Aries
David C. Lewis
May 19, 2008   7:35-7:53 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Jump with the Sylphs! Soar in Consciousness with the Angels! 
Do Not Let Anything Hold You Down!

O, the mindfulness of the Divine One through the air. O, the light that now glows within the minds of those who prepare for the coming of the masterful One. O, the mercy light and the divine radiance that vibrates at a new and higher level of mindfulness within you because you have attuned to the new stream of awareness within the one being and mind of the All.
            I am Aries. And it is my great pleasure to be amongst the conscious ones who would through a heart presence of mind be in the Earth representatives of the Spirit whereby all is clear. And that crystal clarity of the all-seeing nature of the One God may be flashed forth across the skies. Visualize with me, blessed hearts, what Earth can look like and does even now within our crystal gaze as a pristine planet fully vibrating at the highest Solar level where all its evolutions and lifewaves live in perfect harmony, perfect resonance with the All in all.
            Can you please hold within your heart, your soul, your mind this immaculate concept and design? For as you move within your world and as your mind and the moving currents through your mind stream forth, the powerful effects of that which you see clearly may help to bring about that which is already true in the mind of God and yet is simply awaiting your full acceptance, your full becoming, your full awareness.
             The blessed sylphs move here and there across the skies writing a new law of love-wisdom for the sons and daughters of God. And those who are sensitive in soul and spirit may begin to discern the new frequencies of Aquarius, those of the Divine Mother who come to emulate the Father and to bring to their children an awareness that life is wonderful. And although there may be the temporary lapses in consciousness whereby Earth's evolutions in this cycle of the Kali Yuga have not fully embraced their Buddha nature, yet there remain those true to the divine cause who can be anchor points of great light, flowfields of mercy-love and in a seventh-ray action of cosmic joy bring to their brothers and sisters a greater spirit of beingness, of grace and of all of the divine virtues of the spirit.
            When at times, blessed hearts, you are beset by any burden, that is the time that you must arise and go forth and walk in nature and look up to see the work of the elementals, of how they can help you release the sense of doom and gloom. Jump with the sylphs! Soar in consciousness with the angels! And do not let anything hold you down in terms of that which God sees within you as true and real. For God does not hold concepts of you of imperfection, and so why should you hold these for yourself or others?
            It may be as simple for you, as simply like a child, once again laughing and knowing. “What is that to thee? Follow thou me,”¹ O soul, into the arms of the Mother. Mankind has become very serious and so we would lighten your load this day by lifting you up in a great balloon into the atmosphere of the Earth to see how miniscule truly these weighty issues that you make so real in your minds are in the context of the great beingness of God.
            Those who in their meditations have flown high and far can see the effects of their thoughts. And then when they return after their meditation, [they] realize how just a simple turn of the dial may move them into a new awareness of presence and peace, of joy, of acceptance of others right where they are, of not attempting to change them, but simply being present, understanding, courageous in heart, motivated by purity and knowing that all is well at the deepest levels of being when love as the key is turned, opening your heart to what is, truly what is of God.
            As you have prayed this morning and as the mighty Astrea has come to clear the four quadrants of being of selfhood and of the Earth itself, the sylphs under our direction have breathed new life into your minds and even the cells, the physical structure of your brains. This is for the expansion of consciousness, new vitality and a greater harmonization of your thoughts with your feelings in that heart-mind connection that will move you into greater Buddhic awareness.
            Blessed ones, the key to your adeptship is the Spirit Most Holy animating that heart-mind connection whereby the frequencies of love-wisdom are always present within your aura. And the balance that you have in thought and in the movement of the energies of God's feelings through your consciousness play out as beautiful renditions of co-creations of joy with the Divine One. As you muse on the divine world all around you, you can bring this beauty into greater physical manifestation through the joy spirit of a heart uplifted to God.
            It is always so that the saints in the Earth understand this sacred process, even as their karma is outplayed. And at times, the burdens and pains and sufferings of life move through their physical bodies and awareness. “As a man thinketh, so is he,”² said a wise one and it is truly so, blessed ones. So begin to think anew thoughts of graciousness toward all life. And when you catch yourself temporarily musing on lack or the seeming faults of others or of yourself, take a deep breath, release those thoughts and feelings and allow the new stream and breath of the Godhead to be where you are as you ingest this new life of the spirit.
            Thor has come thundering the sacred fire and the lightning of the mind of God to clear your minds. In this hour I, through the refreshment of the Mother Spirit of the air, impress upon you my heart-fire radiance, whereby joy may always be yours, a lightness of heart and mind may glow all about you and the very present awareness of the allness of your true nature may be yours to discern, to become fully and to emanate to all life.
            Grateful are we for you, each one. Grateful, O grateful, O grateful light glow here, glow there, glow everywhere as love-wisdom globes arise to fill the skies! Many balloons of light now fill the atmosphere. And as you take your cosmic needle and pop them, one by one, the Earth will be suffused with your personal presence of joy.
             I thank you, blessed hearts, for your great love-spirit. And I seal you with cosmic fairy dust, sprinkled by my sylphs and fairies so that all of your dreams will come true. I thank you.

1.  John 21:22
2.  Proverbs 23:7

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