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Virgo      May 15, 2008

Beloved Virgo
David Christopher Lewis
May 15, 2008   7:39-8:02 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

 As You Enter the Fire of Pure Reality,
What is Real about You will Remain


Blessed servants of the Most High God,
           Through the action of light that you have invoked this morning, the Earth is secure in the radiance of a protective flowfield whereby the elementals take heart. And resurrected in the light that they feel, [they] are moving to mitigate much of what could have occurred. When conscious ones upon the Earth, such as yourselves, enter into the ritual of emanating light and the power of the Presence, we feel your connectivity with your God-Source and the source of life which we provide as a platform for your evolution. It is our great joy to give birth to greater awareness, a spherical being through all who are evolving here.
            In a sense, blessed ones, we have laid down our physical body for you. And though all do not understand the nature of God and of oneness and of how all are connected and a part of the whole, yet many more are coming to this understanding of how all that you do, all that you feel, all that you think and cognize through consciousness affects the entire sphere of awareness of a planet.
            The Buddha of the Ruby Ray is our friend. And he has seen the need and continues to offer himself on behalf of all of the evolutions of Earth as a point of perfect peace and presence at the core of being, augmenting the work that we do and providing greater stability, harmony and ruby love. This is the supreme sacrifice of one whom the great Sanat Kumara and solar beings sent into the Earth to provide that point of presence and emanation that can support Gautama's own holding of the balance as he meditates upon the eternal threefold flame within all life.
            When you engage in spiritual scientific application of the law of presence through meditation, emanation, prayers, mantras and songs such as you have done this morning, a greater activity of light is felt at the core of being of all lifestreams. And though all may not fully realize on the outer that which you have sacrificially given of your time, your energies and your great love, the Buddhas, the Solar beings and all of elemental life truly do appreciate your work and your service.
            However you must know that for a greater stability to be maintained upon and within the Earth, rituals such as this must be ongoing in nature. And greater numbers of lightsharers across the Earth must come to know the importance of the application of the science of sound through mantra, prayer and invocation, such as you have engaged in today. We know that you have many issues that you work on on a regular basis; and all of these are important. But if we could put in our plug, so to speak, on behalf of all evolving here, we would say that even if you could take ten to fifteen minutes each day in a very conscious application of the science of Solar emanation from within the core of your being to appreciate and bless and raise elemental life and the Earth body that you would see less of an outpicturing of the intensity of storm, tornado, earthquake, hurricane, flood, fire and what you term natural disasters.
            Truly, blessed hearts, these are not in a sense dis-asters, but simply our attempt to bring harmony once again whereby there is a sloughing off of the karmic outpicturing of mankind's unconscious awareness and acts of un-mercy toward life. And these in the circle of the karmic return come back to those who have issued forth these frequencies such that they may understand the consequences of their actions and decisions, once again realizing that God is at the core of being and that one through consciousness may return to the point of reality by experiencing the results of all that that one has done, whether ignorantly or not.
            So some cry out when their very homes are destroyed and the foundation of life as they see it in the physical is swept away or removed from their environment. And yet even this is an opportunity for them to realize God within. For what is important is life, is love, is givingness, is self-transcendence through being an assist to all life and to others. You have read the story of your own beloved Lanello in his incarnation when all was taken from him and yet he cursed not God. Yes Job was true to the coursing of that which flowed through his being as initiation and opportunity to remain in harmony with the One, tempted of the devil himself. And yet knowing that all comes from God and thus God can remove all such that lessons be learned and that the eternal flame still there within the heart is what truly matters.
            So, though some of you may in some way experience the very stripping away of all that you saw as part of self as possession, as home, as land, even as family, maintain your connection with the eternal One, blessed hearts! For this is what is real. This is what will carry you through thick and thin, through every trial and test, such that you may truly know God in the totality of beingness who you truly are.
            The test of your mettle comes often when you least expect it; and yet God is still there within the initiation. Maitreya will lead you if you look up and determine to live for the light, in the light and not curse the day you were born or blame another for the consequences of your actions and decisions. Therefore, blessed hearts, pass the test of Job and realize that the allness of your Presence is still there shining. And as you enter the fire of pure reality, what is real about you will remain, what is true of your pathway is still before you to follow home into the very bosom of God.
            Though it is easy to forget his teaching and understanding in the very throws of that which you may at times see crumbling all about you, blessed ones, remain within the fire like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who were not scorched because the Christ-fire was there burning within them, all around them, through them. Yes, something of the lesser self may be scorched, but the true reality of the eternal fire sings within the fire that comes to transmute and to deliver you into the arms of God.
            I am Virgo. And I know something of beingness for I live and move and have my being within the very heartstream of Helios and Vesta. For you see, something of this world is always facing the sun. Something of my being is always attentive to the light. And as I turn and revolve and my very body is hurtled  in space around the solar orb, my celestial song as the music of the spheres is always there as I praise God for life, for beingness and for the allness of the great givingness of the Sun to me, to Pelleur.
            So it may be for you, blessed hearts, that you also may be a tone within this music of the spheres that we together create as a symphony of light, as harmony within our own spherical awareness of God's presence of joy and light. I bless your physical body with greater energy, radiance and consciousness as you care for the physical cells, organs and systems of that which is your holy body temple. Pelleur and I are there with you to bring harmony and balance, understanding and compassion, even as we work with your funny little body elemental, which at times cringes at what you place in your mouth, but who is truly your friend whom you may get to know better by caring for yourself. For then you care for this precious little one who loves you so.
            O friends of light, O heartfriends within this movement of Buddha-being, Pelleur and I appreciate you for who you are, just who you are—a soul of light, joyous, in awe of God and willing to be that point of love-wisdom to a planet and her people. May the Lord bless and keep you always in the way of holiness, of presence and of cosmic joy. I thank you.


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