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Kuthumi      April 24, 2008

Beloved Kuthumi
David C. Lewis
April 24, 2008  8:12-8:27 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Via Gloriosa The New Way Of Light
Your Soul as the Pearl of Great Price

            This day I come as the guardian of your soul. And I ensconce the soul of each one in a filigree action of light for the sustaining of the original intent of your soul as an ovoid of fire to merge with the stream of the oneness of the Divine Oversoul. I am Kuthumi and I would speak of the soul this morning, because during your devotions you have had opportunity, by placing your attention upon the Oversoul of your Presence, to gain a greater sensitivity to the soulful aspect of Self, of you as a real being created by the divine One.
            Discern with me now, blessed ones, the purity of your soul—how it can sustain as an identity of God as Selfhood, the blessedness of being, evolving through time and space and yet actively participating in the solar (soul-er) evolution of light. You as a spirit-spark may fully emanate the radiance of your Solar Source in the framework of your soul, if you choose to allow that which is real to be where you are in full conscious appreciation and in complete participation in this divine drama. Though for many the soul has been clouded over and encumbered by darkness through the choice of ego identification yet, at the core of being your soul is a reflection of the divine fatherhood of God as the feminine potential for complete radiant being where you are here and now.
            In past ages some have seen the soul as dark and gloomy, but I say it is only the ego mold that has corrupted and caused a moulding over of the pure radiance of light of the original spirit-spark of your soul that has caused the schism of being whereby many have lost God Self-identification with the allness of pure being as the Source. The gift of the violet consuming fire and its accelerated action through the laser light that you now have access to through the grace of beloved Saint Germain, can allow you greater connectivity—first with your soul and then with your Source—by the dissolving of the age-old records of darkness, density, the calcification of ego thought and emotion around you. And when this work is fully accomplished, then the pearl of your beingness within that soul may once more shine forth in glory as the soul ascends, one with the heart and then one with the divine beingness of the Oversoul of the Solar Presence.
            This process may be ongoing for many lifetimes, but in this life you have the keys, the knowledge of the law of being of your soul, of the possibilities for the permanent merging of your soul with the Spirit, of the science of the Word that may aid and assist you in this process. And by attaching yourself to the magnet of the heartfires of our love and teaching there can be the drawing up of your soul more quickly into the divine embrace of the blessed, the Beloved One of your God Presence as you so choose to identify with it, accept it and fully become it.
            This science of the magnetization of beingness, as above so below, whereby the below ascends, energized by the light radiance of the Source to dissolve the particles of non-being and to allow that pearl to be ensconced with the new radiance and new layers and levels of light within your life, is sacred, blessed ones. As you see that which is unreal being let go of saying: "Not this, not this, I no longer identify with this thought-form or this thought process, but now I see who I am and fully embrace the reality of God where I am" the pearl of the soul ascends a little more each day until the full-blown reality of your Godhood shines right where you are, as you fulfill the law of being within the context of the life that you live, the awareness that you know, and the Presence that is fully magnified where you live.
            Holding that immaculate concept for your own soul as the pearl of great price¹ is essential for you to have God-egoic identification, blessed ones—displacing that tyrant ego dweller with the kingdom consciousness of the Divine One who reigns supreme within the allness of your true Self, and [who] would have you return to the banquet table no more as prodigal ones but truly as sons and daughters of the One.²
           The via dolorosa is now kaput! as I reveal the via gloriosa - the new way of light upon which your soul may strive toward beingness within God. So glory by glory, rise O soul! Ascend the heights, the stream of God's awareness of Self as you, and realize your true nature as divine.
            I hold in my hands many glorious pearls and as I breathe the sacred breath of the Holy Spirit may the purity of the Mother's love be yours to sustain the completion of your solar evolution toward the day of beauty, of oneness, of glory in the Beloved. [Kuthumi breathes the sacred breath for six seconds.] Now fly O pearls! as doves of the Spirit and know your freedom to be God evermore. I thank you.

¹ Matthew 13:46
² Luke 15:11-32

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