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Victory      March 23, 2008

Beloved Mighty Victory
David C. Lewis
March 23, 2007  5:18-5:23 pm MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Nothing Will Stop Me Because God is Where I Am!
The Victory Flame is all about Joy, Joy, Joy!

            Ho! Legions of Victory descend here! Even as we claim these sons and daughters of God for the light and for the victory of this retreat and this mission. I am Victory! I come dripping with the light of God that always prevails from the Great Central Sun. And I say unto all the evolutions of this planet, it is time for the victory-consciousness to be known everywhere, on every continent, in every heart, in every home. And thus, when you can proclaim that you are a son or a daughter of God, then we the angels of victory come and empower that statement with fire and light. And you are no longer dwelling in the human consciousness but have entered the domain of the victorious ones who come to remind you of who you are.
            Thus, blessed ones, stand forth now! Form the "V" with your hands [above your head] and receive the light of the angels of victory now. There is poured into this chalice that you have formed by your assent cosmic love-victory fire manifesting in your world. You may use this day by day as a resource to re-source you with your Source, you see. And thus the legions of victory come at the behest of your calls. And we say, Victory is the way! Victory is here! Victory is the only way out of the human dilemma. And thus, blessed hearts, when you need the impetus of fire to move you forward on your path, there is one way that will always be victorious and that is to call to us.
            And so say, “Victory, come forth! Victory, come forth! Victory, come forth! Victory, come forth! Victory, come forth! Victory, come forth! Victory, come forth! Victory, come forth! Victory, come forth! Victory, come forth! Victory, come forth! Victory, come forth!
            And it will be so because when you proclaim our name there will be ten thousand legions of Victory who will answer your call when they see the fiat of light ascending to the heart of the Great Central Sun, and nothing will stand in the way of our descent and your ascent to greet us in the air! And by this cosmic rapture there will be delivered to the earth a new impetus of victory for the victory of those whose time has come for the ascension! Is your time almost here, blessed ones? [Yes!] Well I say, what are you waiting for? You can ascend right now in Spirit!
            And as we do so, I take you to the heart of the sun. And with Saint Germain and Portia and Helios and Vesta we enter the very solar beingness of the God and Goddess of this solar system who now stand before you and set their seal of authority upon each of you as members of the Universal Great White Brotherhood. And the insignia of this Brotherhood is now sewn upon your robes of righteousness that now are draped around you by the angels of Helios and Vesta.
            And in this sacred ceremony of light, you receive a cosmic investiture that you shall never forget who you are; never forget that you are a son or a daughter of God. And say to those puny demons that at times taunt you, “You have no power! Your day is done! For I live in the victory consciousness. Nothing can stop me because God is where I am!” Will you say this, blessed hearts? [Victory leads congregation as they affirm together:] Nothing will stop me because God is where I am! Nothing will stop me because God is where I am! Nothing will stop me because God is where I am!
            So it is manifest in your world and you are Victory! Say it, “I am Victory! I am Victory! I am Victory!” Therefore, I set my seal upon this conference and return you to your bodies with a thump. [Laughter] So in joy conquer all, blessed hearts. Remember that the victory flame is really all about joy, joy, joy! I thank you.



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