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Portia      March 22, 2008

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
March 22, 2008   12:37–12:44 pm MDT
Easter Conference 2008
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley
, Montana


Daily Drink in the Divine Communion of Solar Beingness
from Beloved Helios and Vesta

            Solar beingness is our goal. I bear a cup of the essence of Helios and Vesta unto this body; for my beloved Saint Germain and I have knelt at the altar of the God and Goddess within the sun of this solar system to receive a concentrated essence of their Presence. And on this eve of the final message of this series of divine missives to you, we extend this elixir of light to your soul to receive of this highest essence of God that can be known within your planetary home.
            So, blessed ones, take the chalice that we offer and drink in this golden-pink elixir of cosmic, effervescent light now. You have heard of the love of John the Beloved. Now know the love of Vesta and the wisdom of Helios intertwined within the cosmic frequencies of this celestial liquid. This is the highest communion in which you may share in the new Mass of joy that we, as the hierarchs of the Aquarian Age, bring to the conscious ones upon Earth.
            You may call forth again and again, after communing with beloved Helios and Vesta, the reenactment of the partaking of this divine communion and daily drink in the light of Solar beingness.
            O holy ones, know the Lord thy God—the All in all—within, and then you will know the light within all, always. I thank you.


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