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Portia      March 18, 2008

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
March 18, 2008   6:00–6:19 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Alchemical Elixir #28

Scientists of the Spirit Are Ye if You Choose the Higher Walk with the Divine

Let Go of the Unreal and Embrace the Fullness of Your Solar Essence

           Valuing life, you can move into a new stream of awareness as you allow your Presence to guide you. This is your course of convergence with the divine stream of the pure essence of beingness and Solar joy. Heretofore on your spiritual journey, the involution and the evolution of your soul, you have been in a divergent stream, in individuality, living on the periphery of being outside of the circle of life, of God's Solar beingness. But now that you have this teaching, it is up to you what you will make of it in terms of applying all that we have conveyed so that your consciousness, one with the eternal ones, may converge with the great Solar beingness of God.
            Many have attempted in some way to merge with God's beingness before they have first dealt with the lesser manifestations of egoic living by seeing all that has been a part of selfhood outside of God for what it is and then consciously choosing to leave all of that aside to enter pure beingness. The path of alchemists of the Spirit is all about this sacred drama, or adventure, as Morya has put it. And each day there can be a new entering into a higher spiral of Solar beingness, as each and every one of you has experienced and witnessed at some level in your life.
            The conscious ones are those who have chosen this upward spiral and stream of awareness. And with Saint Germain and me to guide you, as well as many other ascended ones who are conscious participants in God's great drama of life unfolding, you too can apply all that you have learned and have become so that the highest of your Self may shine forth and the brightest of your being may emanate the full glory of the Solar one that you truly are, blessed hearts.
            Today we begin a new drama, and each of you as an actor on the stage of life may participate not only in temporary roles, but truly as permanent beings in the greater drama that is unfolding right before your eyes in your world today. You see on the world scene the playing out of the choices of leaders of nations to suppress simple people who desire only to express who they are in the context of their cultural upbringing. And although there may be the element of karma involved, each and every one has a choice to fulfill the inner law of being rather than to accede to the tyrant-ego dweller as it manifests through the directives to suppress freedom of thought, movement, religious expression, communication and the gathering of hearts whose minds and hearts move as one.
            Therefore we ask you this day to pray for greater consciousness, understanding and presence to manifest in and between the leaders of the various nations, especially in the East, so that there can be dialogue and movement toward the greater possibility of individual expression rather than the sequestering of souls into one ironclad matrix whereby they do not have the free will to be who they are.
            The Lords of Karma have deliberated long on how we may accentuate various teachings among mankind, even in the midst of monitoring and approving the playing out of karmic recompense for those who have, over many centuries and lifetimes, continued to move against the great God-stream of light of the Brotherhood of the Spirit—those divine ones who understand the universal principles of life, of love and of freedom.
            Although there may be temporary setbacks in terms of the individual expression of freedom in various nations, there is no injustice in the world and in the universe. And every incidence of suppression of the rights and freedoms of an individual or a nation presents the opportunity to move greater numbers of mankind throughout all nations to understand, to empathize with and to support greater movement toward that freedom within the hearts of all.
            When all justice is meted out, you will see the balancing of the scales both within your own life and within the world itself. All that you can do is work on the within—on having the inner man of the heart and the inner woman of the soul come to full fruition in your being, and on having conscious presence manifest through your choices. When you allow the full expression of your soul, which has been suppressed for centuries, you will see played out in the macrocosm of your world that which is occurring in the microcosm  of your own world. And then, in the flowering and the enlightenment of your own being, you will see in the Earth a greater expression of that freedom for all, blessed ones.
            So we bring you back to first principles, knowing that your world is where you experience God in the fullness of that light within your aura, in the sanctuary of your own soul and heart. Look not so much outside of self, but dig deeper and know the pinings of your own Solar awareness for full expression and the freedom to be who you are in God. Though your heart and soul may cry out to the Lord on behalf of those whom you see suppressed, maimed and slain in the streets and in the cities, so cry out for the freedom of every cell and atom of your own being first, and allow the totality of your self to let go of that which is unreal and to embrace the fullness of your Solar essence.
            Scientists of the Spirit are ye if you choose the higher walk with the Divine. Let the alchemy of Solar beingness manifest in your world through great conscious presence, through the choice to be free at the core of your being and then moving out to the periphery and beyond in the ever-widening spiral of Solar light, who you are.
            I AM the Lady Portia, and I exude the essence of opportunity to be justice in action within your own soul and life today, even as you strive on behalf of all mankind to be an example of purity, wholeness and joy.
            Blessed ones, sing to Hercules today every hour on the hour to magnify the law of God-power on behalf of the righteous in the Earth. And let the Elohim come to dispel darkness where it exists across the Earth and for a deeper and more concentrated action of light to wend its way into the affairs of mankind for the freedom of the peoples of Tibet, Burma, Nepal and all nations so that that light of God that always prevails may manifest fully for all.
             I am with you in your service to life and in the full expression of who you are as a Solar being, as a wayshower, as a light-sharer and as a humble one simply seeking to serve to set life free. Cosmic blessings from the realms of eternal perfection and freedom be yours, O blessed hearts of fire.

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