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Portia      March 14, 2008

Beloved Portia
David C. Lewis
March 14, 2008  4:16-5:01 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat 6:00-6:13 am MDT

A Spiral of Divine Alchemy for Solar Beingness #24

Knight and Ladies of Divine Justice,
            I am Portia and today I bring a sword of justice for the clearing of a certain strata of injustice in the earth and within you. And this sword is charged with the living light of cosmic love that is also a concentrated essence of the wisdom of the Father-Mother God who knows exactly what is needed by every soul for that one's spiritual evolution and progress. And when wielded by cosmic beings it brings forth that energy of wisdom as an active delivery of justice to free each soul from both the sense of injustice and also the very core of the outpicturing of injustice in that one's life.
            You have heard my beloved Saint Germain say that the sense of struggle makes the struggle and I say that likewise the sense of injustice leads to the lowering of your energy field of love such that you cannot see the divine forest through the trees. But this day I would have you know a higher vision of reality by the stripping away from you of an old vision of selfhood outside of God, of a knowing of yourself as a limited human being. And through the action of concentrated light borne by this sword you may be free to perceive yourself as a divine personage who you have always been in the eyes of God and well as in the eyes of every angel, master and cosmic being.
            Blessed ones, you have heard that there is no injustice in the universe and it is so. This is because the law of cause and effect is active in the dimensions where duality is playing out within the rounds of life of those who have not yet entered the center of life which is beingness within God's heart. But once you leave off of living from the point of unreality where you see good and evil and light and darkness manifest in the relative sense, then you will know only the solar beingness of those who have chosen the supreme light of God as their only reality.
            This day you have opportunity to live as God would have you live—as awakened and quickened ones—and know the divine sense of cosmic justice that I bring. And if you desire to fully know this, then you may call forth the action of this sword now to blaze all around you and to release you from the grip of all past sense of injustice about anything in your life that you have not known as pleasant, vibrant, real or lasting of who you really are. So, blessed ones, if you are ready, through a simple nod giving your assent, I will begin the sacred alchemy of delivering the specific qualification of light that will meet your divine need in this hour. [30-second pause as Portia wields her sword for each one.]
            You each have a guardian angel or spirit who watches over you and attends to your spiritual life and needs, often prompting you to do those things that will keep you from danger or from backpedaling. And when you have listened and acted you have been saved from a mountain of distress and a heap of hurt as you have been gently nudged and ushered to higher spirals of solar living. Your attention upon your Higher Self and the divine solar essences of spiritual light that are constantly flowing to you as the life-giving energies of the Spirit allows them to fully manifest where you are.
            Now that you have been relieved of certain ancient internal belief systems and patterns that have led you astray, it is time to know a greater connectivity with your Source by also drinking the alchemical elixir of light that I bear for you, each one. So, now quaff the divine draft that I present to your soul in this hour and know a new sense of divine justice and opportunity in your life. [10-second pause as all quaff the elixir.]
            Every day you may drink something of the spiritual offering that comes at the hands of the angels and of your own Higher Self if you choose to accept your own solar beingness as the reality of who you are. Every moment you may attune to the higher frequencies of the Spirit that will lead you ever upward upon the spiral staircase of light that leads to cosmic consciousness and conscious living as God-realized solar beings. And we are always here to listen to your spiritual needs and to assist you in making right choices and in allowing the light of cosmic reason to flow to you through your heart-mind connection whereby you simply know the best course for your soul to take. This is evidenced by an inner realization of truth, a divine rationality that your conscience prompts you to follow.
            These daily right choices always bring greater opportunity for spiritual growth and solar development, for we see that you are becoming wiser and leaving off of certain childish patterns and propensities that have bound you to the earth and to a life of mortality with its sense of injustice always popping its ugly head to goad you to justify certain dark feelings, mental thoughts and actions. This day you are freed from all of these by the action of the sword of justice and you now have the choice and option to live a God-life, almost a care-free life of loving the Creator as never before.
            I have come. You have been cleaned up and now glow with this new radiance and sheen of divine glory. So, march forth now, be alchemists of the spirit and live in solar joy always. I thank you.

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