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Hilarion      March 14, 2008

Beloved Hilarion
David C. Lewis
March 14, 2008  6:16-6:24 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Wholeness May Come and Be Born of Your Soul
 Upon the Rising of the Sun

            In the name of holy truth I come. And having received at the hand of the Goddess of Justice a certain clearing even of my own consciousness by this divine one—for you see, even the ascended masters receive from each other blessings and graces—I come to deliver a greater action of solar light for the blessing of my beloved and of each of you, dear hearts.
            You have heard that the sword of truth cleaves asunder the real from the unreal. And it is so as you grasp the hand of the divine One, your own Higher Self, and make real in your world the vibrations of joy, divine justice, freedom and the liberty to be God-realized ones. Truth may be known within the context of the reality of your Higher Self. And when you see clearly through the eyes of justice and opportunity that which is set before you as a pathway of light upon which you may walk, then many ascended masters, guardian angel spirits and divine personages come to accelerate your consciousness, quicken your spirit and bring you those divine gifts not only on the celebration of your natal day but every day as you are able to receive these blessings and graces.
            Therefore consider with me that one aspect of truth, that one layer of wholeness may come and be borne of your soul within you each day as you partake of the light from your Solar Source upon the rising of the sun, both externally and internally within you. The new breath of the Spirit may be ingested and exhaled moment by moment as you are both fed by that spiritual fire and as you exhale all past awareness of self that is no longer who you are in this hour.
            Divine reason may be yours to understand in the context of the greater reality of all life of which you are a part. And as you perceive clearly with eyes set upon your goal the light of your Beloved lifting your vision, I come to claim you as my own, to embrace you always, to nurture and support you in your trials and testings. Yes, I am here, and I am everywhere where you would be the divine manifestation of the Mother Light, the shakti of truth, the messenger of healing and joy to all.
            May this day be full of the divine afflatus of the Spirit. And may your life as a God-realized solar being be bright, shining ever with an aura of the truth of who you are in my heart. I thank you for your great spirit of joy, of presence and of love.

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