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Portia      February 29, 2008

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
February 29, 2008   6:59–7:15 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Alchemical Elixir #10

The Decision to Live Only for God

Embrace Your Real Self as Never Before

Blessed Hearts,
            There comes a time in your life when you decide that there is nothing else to live for but God. This is your day of freedom, if you make it thus every day from henceforth.
            Those who would move into a new opportunity to love God within self and within all can understand the light of freedom that is available to them through their right choices. Every right choice that you make works toward balancing the scales of cosmic justice, both for yourself and for the entire evolutionary body of God within this world and within all worlds.
            Did you know that your thought processes can impact life on other spheres? Did you know that that which flows through your consciousness, your thought and feeling world can impact the tiniest creatures in the ocean as well as the work of cosmic devas as they seek to maintain the balance of life upon Earth? For if you are God, then that which you emote and muse on affects the God-reality of all upon the sphere upon which you live. Thus when you make the decision to live only for God, you understand it in the context that light is the essential nature of your being and that if you would be God in manifestation, the light must emanate from and through you at all times.
            Many of you have listened to our voice for years and decades, and yet you are still coming to grips with the God-reality of your own being in some way, day by day. For you have not fully embraced the concept that God may be fully present where you are and that all else is as nothingness. My beloved made two million right decisions on his pathway to eternal freedom, and you also, moment by moment, may opt to be God in manifestation, which is a right decision.
            No matter what transpires around you in terms of others' interactions, opinions and the sendings of their thought-energies of judgment unto you, you may remain in the presence of joy. You may live a life for God, only God, as you ascend in consciousness, living within your Presence and being absorbed into the God-reality of the Solar light of your Buddha nature, even as, in Self-realization, you fully attend to the musings of God that flow through your mind, your thought processes and your heart, one with the Divine.
            You have called forth light as opportunity to bring to this world greater understanding of the teachings of the ascended masters, and we have heard your cries and the desires of your heart to bring your personal testimony and witness to a world. No matter how this request is fulfilled within you by God's angels, as you take the light-energies of opportunity to make your calling and election sure through your service to life, God will be there when you, in humility, have made that choice to put all else beneath your feet. And thereby the surety of your cosmic connectedness will allow you to move forward, to see clearly, to love all life free and to always opt, through right choice, for the greatest means of employing your spiritual gifts to benefit souls.
            I provide a greater radiation this day to enhance your freedom to be and live and move and have your God beingness in Solar light. And on this leap-year day, I say leap into the arms of the one God. Embrace your Real Self as never before. And as a little child, speak to God as your divine parents, asking for the gifts of the Spirit so that you may share the fruits of your communion with the All in all in ways great and small—telling little stories and offering the gifts of Self to others. Yes, see your Solar Presence as the highest outpicturing of the Father-Mother God in you, your own individualized manifestation of Presence. And then be all who you are with great love, wisdom and power in all that you do each day.
            I place my hand upon each of your hearts, if you would have it, to provide greater balance, greater harmony and the raising up of your spirit in joy that you may continue to serve a long life in ministration to souls—teaching, healing and providing many disciples and students of the light the means whereby they can move into greater presence, greater joy, greater light.
            I AM the Lady Portia. And with my beloved, I emanate new frequencies of spiritual freedom to your soul that you may always choose to be God. I thank you.

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