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Lanello      February 26, 2008

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
February 26, 2008   8:00-8:17 am  MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Lanello's Ascension Day Message:
I Initiate You as Full-Blown Christs, If You Would Have It!

            In the presence of the Lamb I come and emanate the Christ consciousness and the light of the ascension who I am, who God is in me this day, unto all mankind. I am Lanello. And I take this opportunity as you celebrate the day that I was merged into my own divine essence to be with my own in the earth and to radiate new levels of solar beingness within you as you are able to receive it and as the sun consciousness of light and fire burns within you. O sons and daughters of mankind, you have heard the ancient story of the coming of the one sent,¹ and yet I say this day that you may be that one sent by God to deliver a message of hope to a world.

            It was only when I realized my own innate divinity that I, too, was able to rise into that Christ spirit where by God's grace through Christ who liveth within me all things are possible.² The very possibility of your emerging from the cocoon of selfhood outside of God into the new light of your own divinity is here and now as you accept it, as you see it. And thus I come to remind you this day that what one can do all can do. This was the message of the Christ and is also my message that you may come forth and be who you are in the completeness of your soul, in the fullness of your own God Presence. And there is nothing that can stop you from this cosmic metamorphosis except your own sense of limitation. And therefore I come this day to clear all cobwebs within your consciousness that in any way up to this point in your evolution have caused you burdens, a sense of loss or suffering or lack. For when you embrace the higher principles of truth and light and beingness, then you, through that vision, may see this new opportunity to live, move and have your being within the All-light of the One.

            O holy ones in the earth who are beginning to see and feel the radiance of your Higher Self as a very present reality in your world, I Lanello say keep on keeping on in the work and the process of living within your Presence. You are making great inroads as you strive through the light and the fire of agni yoga, the fire yoga of your own Sun Presence to be who you are in God. And thus I say, "Bravo!" to those of you who have caught something of the higher embers of the Spirit that the Lord sends today and every day unto you whereby the angels place that flaming coal upon your tongue and mouth,³ and the words that you speak as reality say something of that word as Christ, who you are. I would see many more of you speaking the words of truth to a world in need of the fire of truth.

            Therefore on this 35th anniversary of my ascent to the heart of God in a victory spiral with Lord Maitreya, I come to initiate you both as sons and daughters of God and as full-blown Christs if you would have it; if you would be it; if you would truly know it in the intensity of the light of Christos. And Jesus as that Christ as the very imminent reality and example of the purity of living a solar life in the world of form is and can be for you day by day an example as you merge in the stream of his Christ essence, even your own Christ beingness. Therefore put off not until the morrow that which you can outpicture of Christhood today. Do no longer procrastinate in applying the principles that he exemplified for all the world but be real in the totality of that which you know as God-beingness within. And then you, too, as a Christ example may fulfill your mission, your raison d'etre and truly be the God-man or woman who you are in my eye this day.

            What will it take for you to get over the hump of your past predilections towards darkness at some level of your being so that you may live always and ever fully in the light? This my angels will muse on during this 24 hour cycle of my divine birthday. And as you commune with my heart and the heart of Saint Germain and Portia as they release their daily elixirs of divine alchemy through the release of the seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit in your world, you may glean something new that the Lord desires to reveal unto you as a way out, as a higher road, as something that you can grab onto in selflessness and strive toward to fulfill your own higher Buddha nature, blessed ones.

            I speak within your heart as that inner man or woman within the secret chamber of silence and presence now. And in the stillness of light, only light, of love, only love, I introduce you to the real you in a new aspect now. [15 seconds of silence.] In stillness you may embrace the fullness of yourself as God. In heart-centeredness you may truly know the I Am consciousness as an ever present reality shining within you.

            I am Lanello, and I have heard your laughter of late and I glory in the light who you are as cosmic joy. When you muse on your own luminaries of love as you worship the Mother and her rising energy through your chakras and being daily, your rosaries have moved you into higher Buddhic awareness and you no longer live as you used to live.

            So I, as your Buddha Father, this day take your hand with Mother and lead you to the All-fount of love-wisdom, to the cosmic interchange of our roaring immaculate heart. So now roar with me in stillness if you would dare to be the Christ, the Buddha where you are. [Lanello “roars” for 8 seconds.] As you have beat your chest I have impressed upon you the leonic fire of courage to be God this day. I thank you.

1.  John 6:29
2.  Philippians 4:13
3.  Isaiah 6:6

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