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Portia      February 25, 2008

Beloved Portia
David C. Lewis
February 25, 2008   8:05-8:19 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Be the Light of Freedom to a World

            From the point of reality within your soul, I come. And I would speak of the universality of consciousness within your soul whereby you may embrace a new understanding of opportunity to be the light of freedom to a world.
             When you expand consciousness through presence of mind and heart, one with God, you have access to the universal Mind and Spirit of all that is. And then no longer may you experience life from the reference point of only one individualization of that God-flame but from the point of reality within all life, which is one. When you see disparity among the nations and peoples whereby there is not a unity of understanding of the principle of life and the values of harmonizing one's being in the greater context of the ennoblement of the soul of all, then you cannot fully embrace all cultures and peoples, the uniqueness of their differences, their values; and thus the split occurs first within thine own consciousness and then outpictured one by one among the sons and daughters of men and women. If the world is to experience greater freedom among all, then the expanding of a universal awareness of presence must occur, and it must first abide right within your own solar awareness through Selfhood in God.
            We come to the family of nations and speak to the very souls of all. And through many languages and through many sights and sounds within the consciousness of the evolving ones in time and space, we experience the temporariness of life as you know it in the human domain such that we may bring you into that expanded awareness to see life beyond the time-space continuum in all its glory and beauty, in the circle of beingness as God experiences life through the creation and as we hope that you would desire to know all also within this point of reference of Selfhood in God.
              Justice is the completing of the circle of life's experiences through understanding the cyclic rounds of involution and evolution, of the going out and the coming in. And thus, when you understand the law of karma as beingness, you no longer experience separate points of identity within that circle but you know the All of the all-circleness as one. Blessed hearts, if you see life only from a slice of your experience, then how can you enter into the nowness of the All? Therefore, understand the value of entering your Presence as a great sphere of light, truly the solar beingness that we now amplify and emanate through your own Higher Self. And from this new point of reality, the divine reference point and the Holy Breath of the One, you may have access to the Allness of consciousness instead of the temporary little beingness that humans call their life.
            All is rarified and expanded when you know the All through the One Breath. And yet, the dichotomy for many of you is that you still must come to terms with the resolution of all karma. And until you embrace the circle, you will still experience pain and suffering and the temporary lapses from this universal consciousness of presence. You will still have reactivity and judgment of others and self when you do not fully see that other as a part of your own being and your being as a part of all beings. Therefore, embrace the circle of the universal One who is God. And even as you live and move and have your being within the world, know that your Higher Self, the true you, lives and moves and has [its] being within the allness of God as the higher circle and sphere of beingness.
             The Solar Lords are those who have embraced all worlds and have risen in consciousness through divine perception and God-vision to know the cosmic reality of light as Self. Live no more as men and women but as light essences, blessed hearts. And through stillness the glory of your own radiance may then begin to grow, and the infusion of love-wisdom within the earth may be complete where you are. And the universal awareness of cosmic joy may be yours forever. The all-composition, the alchemy of love, may be experienced right here and now as you enter into this universal spirit of solar beingness.
             In the peace commanding presence of divine love, I, Portia, emanate this new opportunity for you today to be who you are fully. OM.  OM.  AUM.

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