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Portia      February 21, 2008

Beloved Portia
David Christopher Lewis
February 21, 2008   8:068:21 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Alchemical Elixir #2

Understand the Presence of God-Love Within

Take Hope, Take Care and Nurture Your Soul

            Treasures of my heart I sing, as I emanate a new radiance of opportunity to step into the divine world even where you are.
            Justice is the grace that God provides so that you may understand the truth of your own being as it manifests acconding to the law of life whereby the energy that you have issued forth in the outbreath of experience cycles back to you in the point of the Now. Some see justice as the karmic hammer. Yet when you step into a new field of awareness and have a sense of presence and poise that comes with an understanding of the higher laws of beingness, you will no longer see that which transpires within your world from the point of reaction—the mode of reactivity whereby you attempt to divide what is good and what is bad, what is dark or what is light—but you will, through the center point of divine beingness in presence with its perfect emanations, understand all.
            Truly, every opportunity of life is one whereby you may allow God to be present where you are through the stream of your consciousness. For when you are aware that the free will choice to be or not to be is inherent in life itself, you must always question your choice if you would move from the field of the personality into the monad of divine individuality within the Creator's heart.
            Pursuing the alchemy of perfect love will be the modus operandi of those who move into the light of Aquarius with consciousness. Those of you who have glimpsed, and even grasped at times, the totality of this divine experience understand how the laws of life that manifest through the seventh ray, when applied through the light of freedom, will bring you into a greater connectivity with the light of justice, with the light of mercy.
            Thus, blessed ones, although some rail against that which they see outwardly manifest in their own consciousness or in another, we say be at peace within God's Presence and awareness of you as an individualization of the God flame, as a conscious participant in the great drama and plan of the Divine One. And know that even as the cyclings of the energies of your own being come due within the context of opportunity to transcend self, you can move into a greater understanding of how to live in the active mode of light-beingness rather than in that reactive mind of the human ego.
            When one comes to challenge who you are or what you have done or said and that one feels obligated to reflect this unto you with rancor, simply be still and know that I AM God and that God is even present within that one, though temporarily not fully manifest. Seek always to accept and to be, and know that the very present reality of light within the center of your cells, within every point of presence within you is that which will move you into the divine acceptance of higher presence, of higher purpose, of higher love.
            Thus the Master Alchemist, my beloved Saint Germain, has come to inculcate greater cosmic connectivity between you and the highest aspects of yourself through an understanding of the science of being in presence. Those of you who have practiced the presence through living in the light essence of your being as a sun have truly begun to emanate the greater frequencies of the divine alchemists and thereby live and move in the stream of the great God beingness of the All—all around you and through you.
            When you attune to the divine world, that world may glow through your awareness. But if you only look to that which has been limiting in your life or in the lives of others and accept that as the reality that you would know, then you cannot fully ascend in consciousness to discern the higher winds of Aquarius and the teaching that we would outpour to all who have moved into this field of light.
            Thus, listen not to the naysayers and dwell not upon those points of darkness within except to understand that even they are framed within the context of the evolution of your soul through freedom to pure light. And though you may have temporarily accepted these elements as something real within you, even they, in time, will vanish as you pour forth love to all the points of God beingness within you.
            Thus, take hope, take care and nurture your soul. Spend the necessary time each morning or evening and throughout the day to understand the presence of God-love within, and know that only God within you is real. Know that justice will prevail no matter what seeming distress comes into your world to play out an aspect of your past acceptance of unreality.
            I am the eclipsing of darkness within your subconscious so that you can see all within the greater context of Solar beingness, blessed hearts. I AM Portia, and I experience the divine world anew through the frequencies of Selfhood that you are rising into, even as I see within you an opportunity for God to live and move and have his being through your hearts, minds and souls.
            Glory be to the highest, and on Earth peace, goodwill to all men¹ and women and children who seek the law of love, the law of being and of God Self-mastery through opportunity to know the freedom flame, the alchemy of love.
            I am with you even as your heart beats in that three-four rhythm of the inner waltz with my beloved. Discern this day the beating of God's heart within the sacred dance that we together, hand in hand, will know. I bless you; I grace and seal you in my opportune love fires to be love.

1. Luke 2:14.

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