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Hercules      January 01, 2008

Beloved Hercules (for the Seven Elohim)
David C. Lewis
January 1, 2008
New Year's Conference
Chicago, Illinois 

A New Year's Day Clearance of Chicago and America
by the Seven Mighty Elohim

We, the Elohim, come and anchor our presence and light within the heart chakra of America, even as we now surround the entire nation and its borders with pillars of fire. We energize the sons and daughters of God who have determined to salvage this planet for the light! Yes, you are on a rescue mission. But we, the Elohim, through your calls and your self-sacrifice, have listened. And the Karmic Board has received your letters and even now is acting upon those requests, blessed ones, to fulfill what is able to be brought forth into manifestation in this year, 2008, now begun.
            Thus the Elohim first come to set forth through our intention these rods of power in the earth for the stabilization of this nation, of her people and of the original blueprint of this land as set forth by the founding fathers under the direction of the Fourteen Ascended Masters who govern the destiny of this land. And from this heart chakra we emanate light in all planes of being through the chakras of  those who now understand in greater measure their holy purpose, having entered the virya of Morya and having once more set forth by intention the course of their lifestream to fulfill the mandates of heaven.
            Thus, one by one the Elohim come offering gifts in this hour upon this altar. And even as you have offered your gifts to the Christ Child at Christmastide, so we lay something of our own God-attainment before the altar of the Lord, such that this dispensation of The Hearts Center may be fulfilled in its entirety. Thus as you have entered now the mental quadrant of the fulfillment of the first twelve-year cycle, there is brought forth, at the behest of Helios and Vesta, the great God-desire to illumine the hearts of mankind through the teachings through Meru University. And Apollo and Lumina thus come forth and anchor the light of illumination's ray here and in the hearts of those who will be the instruments for the teaching, each and every one.
            And now Heros and Amora come from their retreat over Canada. And in a direct heart tie to this Hearts Center they anchor the impulse of God's heart here and in the Stelle community. Hear, O sons and daughters of God, that the time is short for you to enter into the very heart of your own God Beingness. Come into the alignment with the heart of holy purpose and know the intensity that will be yours as you surrender lesser purpose to the divine purpose of God's heart within you.
            Thus, if you would see the greater activity within all Hearts Centers of that heart connectedness of which you have seen as possible through greater nonviolent communication and compassionate heart-to-heart talks, call to the Elohim; for we will clear now those age-old patterns of the fallen ones whereby you do not enter into that heartfelt connectedness and empathy whereby you can see from the viewpoint of your brother and sister what they are experiencing. And thus there has been dissension in the ranks at times. Blessed ones, put this aside and determine that you will never again have that rancor within the midst of your Hearts Centers and Heartfriends Groups. Will you determine this day, this first day of this year, blessed hearts, to fulfill this request of the Elohim? [Yes!] Then may your communication be yea, yea or nay, nay and all else be heartfelt, loving, kind and true to who you are as a devotee of the light.
            So the Elohim Astrea and Purity come now for a great clearance of not only this nation but of the entire planetary body. And thus the circle and sword is now reestablished through the axis of the Earth and around the Earth. And there is, by your free will calls, established now a certain action of the stripping from this Earth of age-old Piscean and other previous-age patterns of darkness. And these are especially so manifest this day in the Middle East. And where there has been the continuous fulfillment of the cycles of death and hell through suicide bombings and through the intention of the Nephilim to subjugate the peoples of the Middle East, there is now established a coil of light and a way out of the dilemma of violence and war.
            And if you would continue to see a greater peace within the Middle East, blessed ones, the Elohim kindly request that some among you fulfill the vigil, the continuous vigil nightly of the thirty-six Astreas. Some of you have entered into this sacred ritual and you have benefited greatly thereby in the dissolving of age-old patterns within you and in a greater balancing of karma. But I say in this hour that your personal karma must at times be set aside such that the greater world karma may be balanced. Thus, if you give these calls to Astrea and Purity, there will be a certain stability in certain regions of the Earth, especially the Middle East, whereby the plots of the fallen ones will be foiled because there is the sufficiency of light to counteract their plots, blessed hearts.
            Thus I call for twelve at least among the Knights and Ladies of the Flame to commit to the fulfilling of the giving nightly without fail of these Astreas. For if we have twelve in the Earth, just as the Lord God asked for ten, in Sodom and Gomorrah, righteous hearts [of] men and women to fulfill the requirement for the saving of that nation and that city—if we have twelve, blessed ones, there can be the prevention of greater world conflict in the Middle East.
            Thus I assign those among the council or your teams who work with these vigils to request, after you have heard this dictation, twelve stalwart ones who will fulfill this request of the Elohim and by intention be the ones that, come what may, may sustain this action for and on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood in the Earth. And if there are more, then so be it. For then we will extend this radiance to include other areas of the globe that have been problematic for the Brotherhood in determining the peace that must be.
            Now the Elohim of the Fifth Ray come, Cyclopea and Virginia. And they accelerate the action of the All Seeing Eye of God within servitors of light, within this and other movements of light, those visionaries of the Spirit who are penetrating the veil and see above the human miasma of darkness in this Earth. And through these true eyes of the Lord they project now the vision for a golden crystal age! And as these are able to sustain this vision in clarity and in purity, then the Elohim may channel and focus greater cosmic light frequencies into the Earth for this age to fully manifest, blessed ones.
             You have heard the call of the master to again engage in the giving of your calls to K-17 and Cyclopea. Thus those of you who feel this calling may make your election sure by putting your name on the line and your heart fire also on that line to give these calls not only every Saturday evening but whenever you feel the impetus of the Spirit.
            If we have at least twelve also giving these calls, blessed ones, then you will see a greater exposure of the darkness and also a concurrent exposure of the light whereby New Age technologies of the Spirit may manifest within the Earth because the Elohim are empowered to anchor them physically on your behalf through the Builders of Form and through those visionaries of the Spirit who, with the necessary qualifications and training and the technology that comes directly from the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, can implement these plans to bring about the stability of the energy systems within your planet that will, in and of themselves, allow a greater opportunity for the Age of Aquarius to manifest. Is this not a great dispensation, blessed hearts? [Yes!]
            So now the Elohim Peace and Aloha also manifest their great presence within the Earth. As you have prayed to the Prince of Peace, so he, Jesus, has sought dispensations of peace on behalf of every man, woman and child upon this Earth who call to him. And in this hour there is a staying of the hand of the Rider, the Fourth Horseman, who brings death and hell to the Earth. And by the very hand of Jesus, overshadowed by the hand of the Elohim Peace and Aloha, that Rider is stopped in his tracks for a time and a half a time. This is a dispensation of light granted because of the calls of the devotees of peace in the Earth and because of your prayers to the Prince of Peace.
            Now comes the Elohim Arcturus and Victoria. And by the power of the violet transmuting flame there is woven around the Earth a sacred fire garment of amethyst light that caresses every square mile of this planetary home in seventh-ray cosmic joy freedom. Because you have been diligent in your calls to the Great Divine Director and in the clearing of records in Europe and in other nations upon the Earth, blessed hearts, this dispensation is granted in this hour, such that there may be more among the seventh root race that can now be born because they have the parents and the wherewithal to descend from the etheric octaves into the physical; for they have the surety and the guaranty that their lifestreams will not be snuffed out. But having found conscious parents who will allow them to be born, they can bring the great benefits of their attentiveness to the seventh ray action of light into the world for the raising of the Earth in sacred fire and in the knowledge of the seventh ray and of the flame of freedom and liberty for all.
            Many of these will embody directly in China to create a groundswell of activity as an undercurrent of freedom whereby the plans of the Brotherhood for the liberation of this entire nation will manifest through the belief and the virya of these souls who are strong in their determination to liberate the Earth! Is this also now, blessed ones, not a great opportunity for the light? [Yes! Applause.]
            Thus I ask you to pray unceasingly for the protection of these who are even now being born within that nation during your World Freedom Services, for they will come under the attack of the Nephilim and the godless ones who have determined, point- counterpoint, to snuff out their lifestreams.
             We have a plan to grow this movement and to grow the hearts of those within this movement to be a counterbalance to these plans of the Godless ones. And thus you have been given the keys as Keepers of the Lightning to sustain the intensity of your spirit even as little Elohimic ones in the earth, blessed hearts. Begin to see yourself anchoring the light of Elohim through your calls to the Elohim, and then you will not so much see yourselves as puny humans any longer but truly the God-realized ones that you are even now if you can accept it and be it.
            So I, Hercules, bow to the light of your own divinity and the plurality of the unity of life within you as a soul aspiring to ascend to the heart of God and to be that heartfiery one day and night for God. As you sustain the lightning of the mind of God, the will of God, the love of God and all of the seven qualities of the Elohim in your world, then God will light you up as a true lightbearer to shine that light, expand that light, emanate that light, fulfill that light to blaze that light in greater measure for the victory of light upon this Earth.
            Thus the Elohim have come. And we create rings and rings and spheres and spheres of cosmic light energy around the heart chakra, around you and around the Earth in this hour. And if you can tap into that which we bring of these gifts of the Spirit day by day, then, blessed ones, you will never know surcease from the availability of all gifts and graces of the Spirit to be yours to fulfill every God-realization, every divine manifestation of beingness within your world. Yes, you have all that you require right here, right here and right here, blessed ones.
            So I now raise my rod of power with my beloved Amazonia here. And we anchor firmly deep within the Earth here, the victory of this conference to set the sail for this entire year, 2008, its victory manifest through you, each one, and through every Hearts Center, Heartfriends Group, servitor of the light, Knight and Lady of the Flame and even those within all true ascended master sponsored movements of light throughout the world.
            Yes, we move in many streams of consciousness. We are not limited by human opinion, but we fulfill the mandates of the Lord God, the one Creator of all life who has empowered us to act, to co-create the several worlds through which we emanate our light and beingness. 
            So blessed hearts, I invite you now to stand with us. Even as the Elohim surround you now in the glory of the Lord, so take a replica of these two pillars in your right and left hand. See yourself standing in your home in this hour wherever that may be, both those of you physically here and those listening to this release of light. And by intention, raise this standard of light high to receive the electricity of the Elohim. And now firmly plant these standards of light deep within the earth! You are lightning rods of God! And these rods of fire and power will be that which God uses to sustain the balance in the Earth where you abide, blessed hearts!
            So go be those Keepers of the Lightning, blessed hearts of fire!  For this conference is sealed! This conference is victorious! And you are the victorious ones, the conquering heroes of the Elohim, for we have called it forth! And you will sustain our words, will you not? [Yes!] So be it! God bless you! Happy 2008! Amen.

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