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Special Service Darshan With Lanello      December 15, 2007

Beloved Lanello Darshan
David Christopher Lewis
December 15, 2007   11:30 am-12:02 pm MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Darshan with Lanello on Sponsoring Masters and Gurus,
What Is the Soul? and the Three Impediments to Abundance

Question 1:  Is your sponsoring master the same as your guru? If not, what is the difference?

David:  So Lanello is our jolly good fellow today who would like to answer these.

Lanello:  Your sponsoring master is a guru, but you may have a number of teachers or gurus. The most important guru you have is your God Presence. No master, ascended or unascended, would ever attempt to displace the guru of your God-reality. Yet ascended masters who are one in Spirit with the Lord are also, through their own God Presence, one with your God Presence.
            A sponsoring master is one who has gone to bat for you—often by laying a portion of his own attainment on the altar—as a coach and truly as a spiritual sponsor for you so that you can have the spiritual boost to win your victory. Just as you have godparents who are there at your baptism, or those who can cosign with you on a loan for a home, a car or a business, sponsoring masters understand who you are and the available resources within your causal body, which they can help you to access on your spiritual path. And they, through their higher understanding of where you are headed and how you may more easily get there by direct guidance, can truly be a guru for you if you desire.
            You may have human teachers, examples and gurus. Human gurus who understand the divine path and the teachings of the ascended masters are few and far between. For few have fully supplanted the human ego to the extent that they can be a guru for more than a few souls. Many in the East claim guruship, and yet there is still the human ego residing within them to the extent that they get off on the value of the light of their so-called disciples, even relying on that light to sustain them rather than employing the light of their own God Presence to support those whom they sponsor as disciples.
            A true guru understands the divine equation of what it means to take on a chela—taking on the karma as necessary, dealing with the foibles, the idiosyncrasies, the shortcomings, the pride of that one. And a true guru who also has a guru will only lead you back to your own divine guru and not to his or her selfhood as the personality. There are within each generation of life upon Earth few true gurus who can sustain communities of light such as The Hearts Center. And thus we the ascended masters are those gurus for you, blessed ones.
            You may have more than one sponsoring master. Does not The Hearts Center have a number of sponsoring masters to sustain it? Many of you have more than one. Some have sponsored you during your early years on this Earth; others took up that sponsorship when you first entered an awareness of your spiritual path; others come forward later when you have reached a certain level of attainment whereby you can sustain the flame within your heart on a twenty-four hour basis without fully relying on the light and heart flame of an ascended one to keep you in harmony and balance. And then when you sustain that flame to an accelerated pitch, other gurus and sponsoring masters may come out of the blue, so to speak. For they see that now you are worthy of hitching your star to them to receive greater instruction, greater currents of light and fire, greater divine gnosis.
            Thus there is a progression. And it is ever so within the hierarchy of light of the Brotherhood that a true guru will not seek to maintain a solo tie to you, but always defers to the higher path and walk with God, leading you to the next guru and level of training. And so it will be for you also, as one day you may be a teacher for others, if you are not already. But then you will and must let go of your students and lead them to higher sources of spiritual knowledge when all that you have conveyed is accomplished and your student or disciple surpasses you in understanding.
            This is a short lesson on hierarchy and the guru-chela relationship, which many of you understand. And yet some of you are only just beginning to fully enter into the divine sponsorship, the connectivity of heart to heart between Earth and heaven and an understanding of what it will take for you as an aspiring ascended master to really move into and to sustain yourself within the spiritual world in vibration such that you will not only take your place in the heaven world as an ascended one, but also be a boon for one and for many upon Earth. For the chain in hierarchy moves on, gradually rising. And unless you are ascending and progressing daily, you can be a problem, creating a block to the flow of light or in the great cogs that turn the wheels within the hierarchical order, blessed ones.
            Those who magnify God within their being daily, increasing their heart fires and sustaining greater light day by day will be the ones who can have many disciples and students. This takes a great trust between you and heaven, great determination and, most of all, great humility. Thank you.

Question 2:  Paramahansa Yogananda writes that the soul is the superconsciousness, the ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new bliss of God individualized by the encasement of the body. He also writes that when the soul becomes identified with the body, it manifests as ego, mortal consciousness. (This is on page 17 of Man's Eternal Quest.) I desire a greater understanding of what the soul is and its relationship to my God Presence and to my waking consciousness, especially when I am communing with my God Presence. Could you please spend a few minutes discussing, discoursing on this subject? Thank you so much for your time.

Lanello:  The terminology and definition of a soul may be different within various spiritual movements and frameworks. We have released the understanding that the soul is the feminine potential of God, an individualized manifestation of the great Oversoul of God—not yet permanent, evolving through time and space to attain to union with the Source.
            The human personality may be supplanted and subsumed into the divine individuality by free will of the monad who surrenders the lesser self to partake of the greater God Self. The soul, as the feminine potential and negative polarity of the great God Presence, can rise in consciousness to attain immortal perfection by attending to its karma, balancing that karma, and aligning itself with true and holy purpose by sensitizing consciousness with the divine world.
            The soul is malleable. You have understood the concept of the losing of soul parts that has occurred as, through unconsciousness, nonawareness and entering into a state of living from the level of the dweller-on-the-threshold, you have let go of certain aspects of your soul as it is destined to be one with your Divine Source and its radiance, allowing these to be trampled upon the ground and strewn across the Earth and even outside the Earth. The remagnetization to your soul of its lost parts is a sacred process and science that you have learned of recently through the teaching of El Morya.
            When the soul lives freely through you by your attunement with God where you are, then naturally it may rise to fully be the bride of your own Christ consciousness and then merge with the great God Source.
            What does it take to become a bride of Christ? Purity, humility, loving the Beloved with your whole heart and mind, and embodying the qualities of the soul as you perceive them, meditate on them, qualify them for good. The virtues of God may be the virtues of the soul when these are accepted and then manifested.
            The soul has free will. You as a conscious being clothed with four coats of skins—physical, emotional, mental and etheric—evolve through your soul through many incarnations as is necessary until you win your immortal freedom. The soul is sustained through this process as your individuality, not being fully permanent until it is wed to the Divine. It is permanent in the sense that it lasts in its conscious awareness on inner planes in the supermundane world through all of your incarnations, although your memory may fail, when you enter a new body, to recall all that has transpired through your experience as a soul, incarnation to incarnation.
            You have heard us say that the soul knows and understands, for the soul does see at a deeper level than the human outer personality or ego. This you know, and yet still the question is, what is the soul? How can I understand it? It is simply younot fully as a realized monad of selfhood, but as an evolving consciousness and spirit-spark with the potential to be one with God. And yet until that free will becomes God's will, it still is evolving rather than having fully evolved and entered back into the point of pure oneness within the center of God, no longer having a need for separateness. Thus, blessed ones, the soul lives in duality. Once you accept perfect unity, the soul is subsumed into the Sun Presence of beingness and then becomes the Oversoul of light.

Question 3:  What are the top three impediments to us individually and collectively as The Hearts Center movement drawing down into the physical all the abundance we need to fulfill this mission of the Great White Brotherhood? And what are the remedies?

I would list the three impediments as follows:

1.  Lack of gratitude to your God Source for the abundance that is already yours within your causal body.

2.  Lack of connectivity with your Source moment by moment, which if you had it would allow you direct access to this abundance.

3.  Lack of focus in sustaining the divine “straw,” whereby you may, in a certain sense, suck that light from your great causal body and from the collective momentum of light of all heartfriends.

            It takes focus to complete a project. If each and every one of you focuses in a greater sustaining manner, as we have asked, potentially working in teams of three to fulfill certain assignments, once these assignments are fulfilled and you have a physical manifestation of beingness through completing that work, then we as your sponsoring masters can secure greater dispensations for releasing greater streams of abundance to you.
            We have the keys to untap the abundance of your causal bodies if you will simply obey our directives and focus through greater connectivity, through greater appreciation and gratitude for all that has been received. The gratitude is expressed through giving. This giving may manifest in many ways, not only financially. Those of you who have given selflessly, holding back nothing, know that you have received instantly in the higher world greater graces and abundance, which then work their way down into your life and world as you are able to receive them through gratitude reexpressed day after day.
            Your prayers draw down this light and fire. Your work and service to others draw down this light and fire and abundance. But most importantly, your reconnection, sustained by focus, allows the flow to ever be sustained, the straw to be that great connection of light, and for us to deliver to you the milk and honey of the Word through that straw at any hour or time of the day or night, both through our messengers and through the messenger of your own Higher Self.
            Blessed ones, we thank you for your attention, for your great love, your great God-givingness. Let all of the abundance and graces of the Spirit continue to manifest where you are as you live in holy presence.


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