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Goddess Of Joy      December 15, 2007

Beloved Goddess of Joy
David C. Lewis
December 15, 2007   8:08-8:23 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat

I Come with a New Level of Joy
Deliver the Fire of Joy to a Planet!

            I am the Goddess of Joy, and I radiate the fiery, starry elements of joy across the Earth. You thought you knew Joy's Presence, and yet there is the very God-beingness of joy that sustains the cosmos far beyond this Earth and her evolutions, blessed ones.
            As you have sung to joy, meditated upon joy and allowed the new jewels of joy from the cosmic being and Buddha Jesus to flow through you, I have heard his word and answer. And the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades have sent me to your planet to impress [upon it] great quintessences of joy, which I have garnered from many solar systems—to distribute now to the bodhisattvas of the Spirit upon this Earth who would bring greater joy to mankind.
            Blessed ones, you know that the path of the conscious ones has [at times] been one of sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service to the point of entering into the lowest vibrations of mankind to bring up the vibration of even the deepest dregs of those dark ones who have inveigled themselves into the Earth to lower mankind's consciousness. And thus at times you have entered into states of human depression. But this day I come to raise you all in cosmic joy! For long ago I saw joy as the way out, and the way in, to the divine world.
            Therefore, I now radiate to each and every one, through your God Presence, your Solar Source, the living quintessence of joy. And it flows now down through your crystal cord, which, if you can, you can envision now as your tube of light expanded nine feet in diameter such that you can receive these cosmic frequencies of joy to grace this planet once again with the avataric light from the very heart of God, to save a people and a planet.
            You have heard the word of Einstein that you cannot solve the problems [of the world] from the point and at the level [at] which they were created.¹ And so I come with a new level of joy, a new vibration of Spirit and send it forth unto you! For if you would have the victory over the beasts of the not-self, who are in the antithetical polarity to the four beasts of God-beingness, as you have heard in the Book of Revelation,² then, blessed ones, you must know joy at the north, the south, the east and the west of beingness through Father, Mother, Son/Daughter and Holy Spirit.
            The four cardinal points of the four hierarchs of the elements are there for you to understand the very nature of life. And thus joy may be yours spring, summer, fall and winter. It may be there for you in the morning and in the evening, at the noontide and at the midnight hour. It may be there for you in the infancy of your life, in your maturity, in your prime years and in your old age. Blessed hearts, it is always a time for joy to be where you are when you understand the nature of God as pure Presence. And in that richness of the quintessence of joy, you may always have access to light—greater light, magnificent light—and also access the power of that light for personal and planetary transformation.
            We are cosmic transformers of star systems by the light of God that always prevails, because it is the only essence of Godhood that there is. It is the suchness of beingness from which God created all that is. Thus enter this primal energy, this primordial light-substance that I bring, and feel a new radiance glowing within your aura as a shower of light this day. And as it washes you clean in joy, then enjoy the very Creator's platform and world upon which you may now evolve into a God-conscious one, fully.
            Would you be gods? I ask. Would you be pure joy in both its manifest and unmanifest form? Then sing more often to the Lord. Sing of his creation. Stand and deliver the fire of joy to a planet through your heart upturned to the One. And be noble, true, heroic, virtuous, living with the integrity of that holy joy always.
            Yes, I am a Goddess because I have entered into the Motherhood of Light, who is God. And joy is all that I can sing of. For the joy of Motherhood, of being the bride of the very Creator, is one that you too should enter into at the beginning of each and every project, each and every holy ordinance of the Spirit. And as you prepare to enter a new year, living with the Buddhas on the eighth ray of Buddhic joy, then, blessed ones, know—through the figure-eight flow of infinity, at the point of the nexus where Father and Mother, where God and Goddess abide in pure Presence—the very quintessence of joy, who I am within you this day.
            Ten more days are there for you before you unwrap your new presents of joy. Many angels are wrapping these presents of Presence for you. And when you awaken in the morn on that holy day and meditate in silence upon the rising Sun consciousness of joy and Jesus' Jewels of Joy—[which,] having been delivered, are now fully received and accepted within your soul—then you too, O blessed ones, may, as a living Christ in your own right, go forth, born anew, to be to a world avatars and avataresses of joy.³
            I have come for a short time to this planet, and I sprinkle my star-fire essence of joy everywhere. And I now take my leave, for I have many other worlds to mother, to nurture, by Jove and by joy. I thank you.

1. “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  Albert Einstein
2.  Revelation 4:6-9; 6:1-17; 19:4
3.  Beloved Jesus delivered a series of "Jewels of Joy" between November 24 and December 24, 2007.

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