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Lady Kristine      October 09, 2007

Beloved Lady Kristine
David Christopher Lewis
October 9, 2007
European Pilgrimage

Lady Kristine's Chrisms

1.     Create a new awareness of God's Presence manifest through your own being today.

2.     Upon the ashes of bygone civilizations, build a beautiful new world expressed in love.

3.     Former episodes of who you were are only stepping stones to the Temple Beautiful, who you are today.

4.     Thoughtless tyrants export chaos everywhere, but conscious leaders create civil societies.

5.     To be on the cutting edge of spiritual awakenings, instigate a new rhythm based on the heartbeat of future generations.

6.     Mutigenerational awareness and love create the glue that holds long-term golden-age societies together.

7.     A purposed life is always circumscribed by God's grace.

8.     Value the art of living to glorify the Divine in all.

9.     The potency of grace in your life is determined by the equation: givingness times love over surrender equals the potency of grace, or g x l  = pg.

10.  Pulsate God's love through an expanded heart that sings in synchronicity with angelic choirs.

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