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Lord Ling      October 03, 2007

Beloved Lord Ling
David Christopher Lewis
October 3, 2007   7:02–7:23 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Lord Ling Pledges His Ring to El Morya

for the Victory of the Ongoing Mission of The Hearts Center

Gracious Hearts Who Are Striving to Accomplish the Seeming[ly] Impossible—to Reach the Holy Land Which Is Within You,
            I am Lord Ling, and I come at the behest of El Morya to speak with you of this movement, of where we stand and of what, from our perspective, we see must be done and accomplished in order for this mission to be fulfilled.

You have heard the message of Portia, and there has been a great response from many hearts to secure this property.¹ And I report to you that as of last evening, thirty-nine donors have given nearly twenty thousand dollars toward the building fund of this movement. We of heaven applaud the graciousness, the overflowing hearts, the receptivity of your hearts to our words and messages and the intent of God flowing through you to pursue this higher walk, manifesting in the labors of love that you engage in daily that have provided the supply, the abundance toward this purpose.

As you know, beloved Portia stated that there was the requirement that a hundred respond. And some of you have responded in your hearts and given of your prayers and set the intention of your lifestream to support the securing of this property. And yet, as you see, blessed hearts, only 40 percent of that which is required by the Lords of Karma through a direct response, person by person, has been fulfilled.

The Darjeeling Council is ready to act as soon as the dispensation is secured. What will this take? What will this require? I come before you as I came before the children of Israel. For, blessed ones, many of you were among them in that hour. I presented the laws of God, and yet, through the stiff-necked generation of that time, there was not the response that the Lord God would have, as many had entered into a state of idolatry.

We are moving well beyond that which transpired in that time. And yet the laws of God in effect in the world of form yet require a certain mobility of spirit, as was required in that hour for the sons and daughters of God to leave Egypt and to follow to the Promised Land. Only you know in your heart what is necessary for you to fulfill the request of blessed Portia on behalf of the Karmic Board. For some, a ten dollar donation as a signet of your love and support is all that is necessary, for you have given beyond measure in all ways. And yet for others who have not yet dipped into the ultimate givingness of their hearts, there should have been by now a response in order to secure that which we are about.

Thus, I come before you with my begging bowl, even as the monks in Burma have presented their bowls asking for alms, asking for that which is required such that this mission and dispensation may continue. I also reveal to you at the behest of the Master that there [are] not sufficient funds in the treasury of The Hearts Center at this time to even support the messenger to continue working on your behalf. For there has been a dwindling in that which has been necessary to maintain the stabilization of the budget and the plans set forth through the council of The Hearts Center and the ongoing work of those who are providing what you see on the website freely.

There has been much discussion in the Darjeeling Council as to what measures could be set in motion within this movement and activity in order to secure a firm foundation of financial obligation manifest as reality to allow greater numbers of you to be employed. And yet even in this hour there is not sufficiency to continue certain contracts which have been signed by the leaders of this movement to pay those willing workers in the field who give to the utmost of their love in their service on your behalf.

Therefore what are we to do, blessed ones? What are we the ascended masters to do if there is not the groundswell of growth within this movement as we had foreseen? Some have been left by the wayside, criticizing the messenger or others within this movement and have left off of their support, both spiritually and physically, by [no longer]  attending services here [or] giving that coin of the realm that is necessary to sustain a movement such as this.

There will be ongoing discussions. And I do not set forth today exactly what we would recommend fully unto you, except to say that there should be within this movement a calling together of an immediate town hall meeting before your trip to Europe to understand exactly where we are together in our joint obligations and to determine what will be required in order to both continue the streaming forth of the message of our words through the dictations presented through the HeartStreams freely (or possibly in another manner through the website) and [to] secure this property, as Mother Mary has asked and as has been ratified by many masters in support of her.

The miracle light of your Presence is sufficient for each one. The miracle light, the magic matrix of fire that is within you and above you and all around you, is sufficient. [Now] tap into the cosmic resources of light that are yours for the asking from the Father of all lights. Some have not even given a farthing, and yet they partake of the HeartStreams or listen to your services daily or weekly. I speak directly to those of you who know who you are and say, give into my begging bowl this day such that I may then offer this abundance to the Lord of the World and to all sponsoring masters of this movement to continue this dispensation.

If we, blessed ones, do not have a full response of the hundred by All Saint's Day, then there will be no other option but that this messenger go back to work in the world and others who have current contracts be required to move onto other fields of service. This is not a dark day of gloom and doom, but simply a wake-up call and a reality check for those of you who have not known of this news and information.
            One thing that I can share is that if you were to secure this property—which we see as absolutely essential— there [still] would not be the sufficiency of funds to sustain those who would work within this property, the environs, the offices to support the mission. Why would you secure the property if no one could live and work here? Thus there are some among you listening even now who, by intention, could lend your support in greater measure directly to this project as well as support the central and general budget of The Hearts Center movement.

I also ask each Hearts Center to consider what funds are available within your own bank accounts and whether you are utilizing these directly for the most important aspects of our mission together. And if in your hearts you feel that these may be better utilized in support of the ongoing messages from our realm, then it may be necessary for you to set, by intention, this matrix by sending those funds directly to the central Hearts Center such that the new website may be accomplished on time or ahead of time and [so that] the messenger can continue serving you.

We know and see the givingness of many of you who simply cannot give more than you have to date, and we understand the processes of alchemy. But there must be at some measure, blessed ones, through a turn of the dial, an acceleration of consciousness that would allow greater abundance to flow through the collective consciousness of all heartfriends in a divine alchemy of the Spirit whereby by intention, by one-pointed action and focus, the greater collectivity and synergy of that which you together may appropriate may be sufficient to meet all the needs of the hour at all levels and sustain this dispensation of light.

I now emanate the light of the Sun Presence, who I am here, in support of the God of Gold, Fortuna and blessed Mary and her angels of light. I see a land flowing with milk and honey of the Spirit, even a Promised Land, whereby many may be nourished with that which will continue to flow day by day through your hearts in holy sacrifice, service, selflessness and surrender to the light of God that blazes upon your own heart's altar.

I strike the rock here and direct the coursing of the flow of light and of abundance to manifest on behalf of these heartfriends who have given, O Lord, have been obedient to the Word and have come day by day to sustain the light that flows here. And by the power and the mantle of light as a messenger of the Spirit—then and now and always—I, Moses, your Lord Ling, give unto you a ring from my hand, [which I place] on the altar, beloved El Morya. On behalf of this dispensation, I pledge it this day for the victory of this movement.

Yes, this is not a message where through hilarity and laughter, the joy of the Spirit, you may move on. And yet, blessed ones, it is truly [by] that joy spirit that exudes the freshness of the Lord's breath and enlivens all life that the victory will be won.

Therefore, laugh with me. Sing with me! Dance with me in our communion of hearts and know that we will cross the Red Sea. We will no longer languish in the wilderness consciousness but truly abide in everlasting joy in our oneness, by God's grace, by the Word of God and by the law made manifest within you through holy intent. I proclaim it. I see it manifest! I am it.
            And I ask each of you also to join me in this sacred endeavor by once more kneeling before your own altar and pledging consciously and physically that which you will give day by day, month by month, year by year to support the ongoingness of our message, the frequency of our love and the beingness of the spiritual fire of creativity that sustains the entire evolutionary scheme of life upon this earth.

I am your Lord Ling. I love you, and I sing of the victory of your soul, as a bird of paradise winging its way unto the Sun to become one once more with your own Beloved. I thank you.



1. See HeartStream by Portia, September 27, 2007.


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