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Manjushri      September 24, 2007

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (Overshined by beloved Manjushri)
September 24, 2007   8:0l–8:22 am MDT

Paradise Valley, Montana

The Placid Pool of No-Thought

I'd like to allow beloved Manjushri to give us a discourse this morning. The subject today is no-thought. Manjushri would convey his understanding of the nature of no-thought because this is a serene state of consciousness that all of us can enter into.

When we decree or pray, at times all kinds of fleeting thought processes, aberrations, things that we feel we must do during the day and other mental noise begin flitting around within our minds. Entering the state of no-thought deactivates the human mind and allows us to rise in consciousness into higher dimensions so that the light flowing through us can be more spiritually active. When the human mind is active through thought, there is the weakening or severing of the heart-mind connection that we seek to always manifest within our consciousness as we access our divine Buddha nature. A disconnect occurs and the light does not freely flow through us.

Manjushri says that entering into no-thought is entering into the realm of the Buddhas—it is the Pure Land of Lord Maitreya. He says that we can meditate on a placid pool of water or a pond. When a thought arises, it troubles the water—the clear, still pool of water. We can simply observe our thoughts and ask, “From where have you arisen, O thought?” because a thought is a thing and it has a certain reality that we have given it, a certain energy of its own. We follow the thread of the thought back to its source, which may be a memory that we are now rehashing and revolving. It may simply be a pattern or a thoughtform that we have allowed to gain entrée into our being. We have given it permission to reside, or take up its abode, within our mind and thus our being.

Though we may desire to enter into the state of no-thought and to abide in this state of stillness and peace, the thought pattern is sometimes charged with emotion. For in bringing a memory back into play, the emotion is there. It's like an engram that has been etched upon the screen of our mind from an experience that carries that emotion, and that is why many of these memories linger—they have been etched into our awareness because of the emotional charge that accompanied the experience.

The violet flame can transmute the etchings of certain thought patterns within the memory body, and then those patterns will no longer have their residence within our mind. It takes a certain amount of courage to allow the violet light to do its perfect work and erase the etchings that have occurred. For those who have been through very negative experiences in childhood, such as with abusive parents, family members or other people in their lives, there is a charge that is like acid that etches that memory or pattern within their being. To enter into no-thought requires that these etchings be cleared and that subconscious and unconscious memory patterns be shifted into this placid pool.

The unconscious is like a giant pool, an astral sea. Our emotions, having become charged with a certain energy, reside in this astral portion of our being, in our emotional body. Many times people who have intense emotional remembrances have extra weight in the lower part of their bodies, almost like a bell, which carries the extra weight of that excess water, or emotional turbulence. And it is sometimes difficult to disengage from that. However, through no-thought and the processes of the Buddhas that allow us to dissolve these etchings within our world, we can gradually diminish this substance that has accumulated in our emotional, or astral, body, thus allowing the energy to rise into our higher being to be utilized by our Higher Self for attaining the placid state of no-thought.

When you enter into no-thought and stillness, you have access to the mind of God. Yet if there is the flashing forth of all manner of these thoughtforms, patterns and remembrances, you cannot fully access the Higher Mind of your Higher Self. So every day, as a part of our spiritual practice, it is important for us to allow ourselves time to reside within this placid state of equipoise by meditating on the clear pool of stillness and being observant of our thought processes. This does not mean reacting to them or getting upset with ourselves that they are still occurring, because this process takes time for most people to work with until they can still their minds. It's a matter of simply being observant.

Various masters have given us keys, such as when a thought arises, you can say: “Aha! I see what you are and I will not allow entrée into my being of your energy any longer—you are gone!” You can do that consciously, yet do not let it become a struggle, because then you are entering into a turbulent matrix that in and of itself disturbs the placid pool that you desire to have in the state of no-thought.

Anita Wolberd gave much teaching on a Buddhist form of meditation from that beautiful blue book that she discoursed on in the Meru University class that she and I taught. It was either earlier this year after the New Year or late last year. And for those of you who have not fully practiced what was in that book, Manjushri says that if you take it to heart and really dissect it and work with it, you can come to the point in your spiritual practice and meditation where you can follow the threads of these movements of the mind back to their cause. And once you allow God to do his perfect work through you and are in that state of no-thought more and more, you can actually trace back to the original thought pattern of God, which is the issuing forth of the beingness of God's impersonal nature. And in that state of cosmic mind, you will truly know what it means to have the sense of no-thought of the Buddhas.

Manjushri, Maitreya, Gautama, Sanat Kumara and Padmasambhava have all mastered this state of no-thought to the extent that the mind of God, fully resident within their beings, allows for the state of enlightenment to continue to nurture the universe through their awareness of God within. Enlightenment is not just a one-time occurrence, as when Gautama suddenly became awakened under the bo tree. Enlightenment is an ongoing process of no-thought. And each of us, as we arise daily and meditate upon the sun, can enter into this state of no-thought.

Placing your attention on the sun itself is a matrix for entering into no-thought. Through your eyes affixed upon the solar orb, you may access the stream of no-thought from the sun, who is a continuously enlightened being that enlightens itself as well as all of life through the nurturing love-wisdom that pours through its rays always. This is the state of no-thought, which is the state of pure mindfulness of the Buddhic Solar beings.

So as you do your daily sun gazing and drink in the light from the sun—the source of your own being as well as the source of beingness for this planet and all the planets in this system—you can enter into this state of no-thought. You do not have conversations with others while you are sun gazing; you are simply entering into the silence of perfect poise and peace.

There is, in a sense, a higher clear, still, placid pool that comes from the sun as emotional energy—the sun's energy in motion, or emotional body—which is given unto us as the sun emanates. This is the pure emotion of God's feelings for all of life, God's love, and all of the qualities of the Godhead that are continuously being poured out to all life who receive those rays from the sun.

In this stillness, we know all because we have access to the all-knowingness of the Buddhas and the mind of the One. Thus, each morning as you gaze upon the sun, there is new inspiration downloaded through the electrons that flow and the light that energizes those electrons that enter your being, your aura. And the charge that you get as inspiration is a charge of no-thought ions. It is truly the blessing of God, the radiance, the grace and the nurturing of the Spirit that you require as a Solar being-in-the-becoming.

This entire matrix of sun gazing can be such a holy experienceif you make it so and allow it to be so within your worldthat it is, in and of itself, one of the highest forms of devotion and spiritual practices that we can engage in when we do it mindfully, knowing what is really occurring in our world and not just greeting the sun in a personal way. Although if we do so in a childlike way, this can also be a part of this ritual, which is very healing and beautiful.

Even if it is raining outside, even if the clouds temporarily cover the light of the rays of the sun, you can visualize the Sun of your Presence in the sun of this system blazing forth these rays of light during this time of solar gazing. Seeing the sun behind the clouds allows you to pierce the veil betwixt this dimension and the higher dimensions. Actually feeling the energy of the sun even coming through the clouds or piercing what you sense as a cloudy day, wherever you may live, is the miracle of mindfulness that you can enter into, knowing that the sun is still there even though you temporarily cannot see it with your outer eyes.

            So, blessed ones, entering into the placid state of no-thought allows cosmic mindfulness and holy remembrance of who you are as a God being to interpenetrate every atom and cell of your being, recharging you with the light essence of your true Buddha nature. This is what life is about. When you do this daily, life—as God would live it through you—is sustained and animated, and there is the ongoing reconnection between your heart-mind connection and the heart-mind connection of the Godhead. This is what you strive for; this is your reason for being—to maintain the connectivity whereby the flow through your chakras, your aura, your meridians is constant and you are washed clean every moment. And there is not the entering in again of these little etchings or mind patterns of the human that then take up their residence and become a burden upon you.

The violet fire is a tremendous asset to the soul in its self-discovery process and evolution. When you utilize it creatively in your visualization, your meditation and even the words that flow through your throat chakra—without forcing them, simply allowing them to flow through you in a self-sustaining matrix of the figure-eight flow of life—then there is the washing clean of your world and the raising of all life thereby.

I am grateful that the conscious ones among you are becoming superconscious and that the superconscious ones among you are becoming even more childlike in your acceptance of the radiance of your Buddha nature such that through this sacred state of no-thought, the holy mindfulness of God may be yours always.

            Thank you, and have a wonderful day. God bless you.

1.  The Heart of Buddhist Meditation: Satipatthna: A Handbook of Mental Training Based on the Buddha's Way of Mindfulness by Nyanaponika Thera (Samuel Weiser, 1973).

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