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Godfre      September 17, 2007

Beloved Godfre
David Christopher Lewis
September 17, 2007   7:03-7:47 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat 8:08-8:23 am MDT

Reliance on God and the Spirit of Freedom

Take the Torch that I Offer Today
Begin a New Level of the Expression of Your Inner Buddha Nature

Servitors of the Spirit,
            In the Presence of God-Love, I come. In the radiance of the morning light, I emanate the flame of God-Obedience to all who would increase the ruby fires of the heart of God within. And in God-Gratitude and God-Vision, I complete the squaring of the circle of the accelerated love fires of the ruby cross in the earth for the full flowering of the mission of Sanat Kumara to save sentient life here.
            I am Godfre, and this moniker was bestowed upon me by God through the initiatic process that I was privileged to progress through with Saint Germain as my teacher and guiding light. And this day I come to be that beacon of light for some among mankind who would understand the nature of the mission of America to be that ensign of freedom to the world.
            Although America's leaders may not always uphold the highest standard of a life lived to the glory of God in their work and decision making, yet the hope that America is and the example that America emanates as a home of the brave and a land of the free has been that shining light to a world often clouded in darkness. And when any among its inhabitants rise in consciousness to fulfill the original vision that Saint Germain and I held for this nation, then we come to lend our momentum of loving obedience to the holy will of God to support those who look to the Almighty for the pathway home.
            Thus, you have stood to proclaim, through your voices lifted in prayer and song, that you are one with God and that through that oneness you would fulfill your own reason for being as well as lend the momentum of your energies to the mission of the whole of the I AM Race everywhere. And for this we are grateful and do also stand now in your midst to increase the empowerment of light flowing through you to these ends.
            Blessed ones, the entire purpose of the teaching that Saint Germain gave me of relying solely upon the mighty I AM Presence was so that all who would have the victory over the lesser self could have that intense focus of a directed love to God that is required as one moves up the ladder of initiation. When one becomes distracted from meditation upon the First Cause, who is God, then all manner of diversions may occur and the soul may be taken far afield from its purpose and mission. Thus it was important to give mankind this teaching in order to bring them back to first principles—namely, to love the Lord God with all of one's heart, soul, mind and spirit.
            Reliance on God means that you are no longer reliant upon the human, with all of its frailties of consciousness, its lack, and are no longer abiding in the lowly domain of living for the self in self-gratification. Think of living to gratify and to glorify God, blessed ones, through the sacred labor of your heart, head and hands. Only in deference to the Almighty may you know surcease from all struggle, all sense of sin, sickness and the death spirals that are rampant upon the Earth.
            Cosmic reliance upon the masters of wisdom ascended and the spirit of freedom inherent within the cosmos itself has kept many a disciple tethered to the reality of a true life and not one of harboring the anxieties of the flesh. Fortuitous and propitious occurrences in your life are the result of setting the sail of your intention to love and serve God. And these have occurred often in past embodiments and now come to full fruition in your world whereby you make them real through works and through the love sacrifices that true disciples always engage in.
            Yes, we made sacrifices to fulfill the dharma of establishing this nation during the period of the Revolutionary War and afterwards when the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written. But the joy of seeing the firm foundation that we laid in that hour for the future expansion of Saint Germain's vision for America was worth every temporary inconvenience. And now you have that same opportunity to lay a foundation of integrity and vision for this movement of light, which truly is an extension of Saint Germain's plan for the liberation of souls through the delivery of the teachings of the ascended masters to all upon Earth.
            The way home may have many avenues. And you are providing a wide portal for souls through the development of your website, your teaching modules, your lesson plans for future classes of Meru University and the Meru Learning Centers and especially through the heartreach that is now—yes, even now—beginning through those who have felt the divine impetus to share our message of love-wisdom within this dispensation. Leave no stone unturned in planning well, in implementing the most reasonable approaches to contacting souls who are open to the truths that you will be a conduit for. And be mindful in all that love is the key to the conversion of these hearts to a new way of experiencing the joy of self-discovery in God through the teachings of the adepts of East and West.
            Blessed ones, it takes a certain virya to begin to move into new fields of awareness of the mastery of the frequencies of the crystal rays and of the energies of higher healing modalities, where you rely solely on the Presence and your focused connectivity with your God Self to be the instrument for the conveyance of whatever God would do through you. And yet the joy of being that representative of the Spirit where you are is truly stupendous and worth all the time invested by you. The serendipity and the seeming miraculous manifestations that begin to occur in your world are a result of your loving adoration to your Presence and your focus on God, because God cannot help but support, uphold and deliver his light to every son and daughter who truly loves and expresses that love through devotional work and heartreach.
            So, take the torch that I offer today to begin a new level of the expression of your own inner Buddha nature, your own gifts and talents. And make real in your world all that you have envisioned as possible, for we are here to empower that vision with our radiance and cosmic support, blessed hearts.
            Lotus now spreads the petals of her great heart of devotion over you and asks you to sing to America in this hour. During your song, the angels of freedom will wing their way across this land to every state and city and home and pour forth the radiance of light that they have been empowered to release because of your devotions each morning and especially during your Saturday evening World Freedom services.
            I am Godfre, and I am pleased to see the advances that you are making. I will continue, as your spiritual general, to prod you and to give you direction and guidance as you call upon Lotus and me and especially when you call upon your own beloved God Presence for all that you require.
            May the light of freedom blaze across this land and cast its divine radiance over each one until all are truly God-free. I thank you.

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