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Buddha from out the Pleiades      September 03, 2007

Beloved Buddhas from out the Pleiades
David C. Lewis
September 3, 2007   (9 minutes)
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

We Release the New Winds of Love of Aquarius

We stabilize the Middle East by the power of peace as thousands of legions of angels answer your call, surrounding every country in the region. Truly, blessed ones, though we would answer your call fully, in the dimension in which you live choices are made by leaders, and we may not always mitigate all.
            Therefore choose your leaders wisely. Enter into a process of discernment. Know what is acting behind the scenes through attunement with the heart of God. Place your trust in God and not in man, and know that there are cycles and seasons when the karma of souls must be outplayed in order that a new light may manifest. Maintaining peace within yourself at all levels is key for the victory that you seek in your plane.
           We are the Buddhas from out the Pleiades, and we come to lend a momentum of fire. And we radiate from our crystal beings, through your consciousness, the light that raises this earth into, even for a millisecond in time, higher awareness in God. Become the All-Truth of Self by gnosis of all within, and allow the presence of Buddha within to emerge fully, flowering within you to sustain a world.
            We are seven in number, and we bear the frequencies of cosmic dimensions, of solar worlds, [which] some upon Earth have felt as a new light-wave. And we activate within your crown in this hour a new portal that you may ascend through when you desire to travel to other [star] systems in consciousness to partake of the light of the Buddhas, the light of the Mother, the light of pure love.
            Be sustained in God only. Be suspended in the solution to all, which is love.
            [The Buddhas through the messenger inhale and exhale intensely three times] Even as we have ingested, for transmutation, the not-self frequencies of the unconscious ones spewed across the atmosphere of the Earth, so we release the new winds of love of Aquarius. Let these be a wind in your sail toward the fulfillment of holy purpose in living as God Self-conscious Buddhas. Our blessing is yours to sustain daily.

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