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Himalaya      August 14, 2007

Beloved Himalaya
David C. Lewis
August 14, 2007 8:23-8:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Rest in God in Stillness

            From the point of the soundless sound within you I emanate and speak as your Himalaya and I expand the consciousness of cosmic silence throughout the planetary body for the nourishment of life with the essence of God-good.
            Hark back with me now, blessed ones, to the original creation wherein God did rest on the seventh day and say, "It is good." This rest of which the ancient scripture does speak is a sacred rest in silence. And yet this is an active mindfulness of being wherein the Buddhic light does flow through the creation, which is good. Thus God, the Great Emanator, the Spirit does effuse through the cosmos the essence of Self during this point and day of rest.
            When you have striven to create through the six rays and the seventh comes then, blessed ones, rest in the sure knowing of your Godhood and be at peace in the silence of stillness within. Feel the emanation of stillness now. Know surcease from the struggle of that dweller within you. And put to rest once and for all the non-essence of nihilism which is not good or of God. It is deceased now, within these hearts, O Lord, for in your Presence, all must cease except the light of God's Selfhood within. Perfect stillness you must know. And in that knowing all will be known by you in the soundless sound of the One.
            Peace be still and know that I am God within you, O soul, wed to Spirit this day, O light, O heart of fire. I am Himalaya and I will continue to sound the soundless sound within you in the eternal cyclings of God's awareness of Self as thee.

            AUM O cosmos. AUM O stillness. AUM.

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