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Goddess of Light      July 06, 2007

Beloved Goddess of Light
David C. Lewis
July 6, 2007   8:09-8:16 am MDT
The Alchemy of Eternal Youth in Freedom's Flame
Hilton Garden Inn
Bozeman, Montana

A Dispensation to Accelerate Transmutation in Africa

            I am the Goddess of Light, and I sprinkle cosmic light-star substance over each one of you, blessed ones. And during this rosary and this meditation, I have taken you on a journey in your finer bodies to my retreat over Madagascar and drawn a circle of fire around Africa for the blessing of all souls there.
            When through intention you direct the light into a continent, especially that one that I am often focused on, being in close proximity to it, then we can release greater cosmic light energies for the dissolving of age-old conflicts and for the raising up of the light within many. I have focused the light in Sudan, in Rwanda, in Nigeria and in those pockets of darkness that have resulted in the slaughter of millions. And I take up now certain records of darkness into my heart and dissolve them by the action of the light of the Divine within my being.
            As a result of your fulfillment of the request to deliver the booklet on Afra,¹ the Great Divine Director, Saint Germain, Afra, Arcturus and Victoria, and I have received dispensations in order to accelerate the action of transmutation for this continent. And I desire, blessed ones, that if arrangements can be made, that two or three of you do travel to set foot physically upon the soil of that continent before or after your European pilgrimage in order to tangibly, through your love and through your body, anchor my light and the light of these hosts of the light.
            Yes, Serapis also delivers his fiery flame from Egypt throughout the entire land. Souls are progressing to the point of the final choice, whether to ascend or not to ascend, to be in God or not to be in God. You may assist them to make the right choice by light, light, light and by right, right, right decisions.
            O, holy ones, the filigree patterns of crystal, snowy light now enfold you in the radiance of my love. Let this day be one of joy and revelry in the divine experience—[both] in the memory of what has been accomplished and fulfilled during this conference, [and in] look[ing] forward now. Give yourself an assignment or allow the messenger or the masters to give you one to fulfill in quick order such that our ship may sail swiftly to new shores. Why, you may even desire to sail to my island and see what I have prepared as a feast of light for you.
            I am a Goddess of Light. You may also attain to your own Godhood and Goddesshood by grace, by love, by light. I thank you.

1.  Afra: The Spirit of Brotherhood, 54 pages including a color map of Africa and lists showing the chakras of Egypt and Africa, available for $9 on The Hearts Center's online store.

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