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Lanello      June 30, 2007

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
June 30, 2007 6:20-6:33 pm MDT
Hilton Garden Inn
Bozeman, Montana

Welcome, My Friends, Welcome!
A Clearance Prayer for the Victory of Our Freedom Conference

            Ah, the radiant heart! I see your heart this evening. And I welcome each of you as a heartfriend-a friend of old or a new friend: it does not matter. For truly, blessed ones, in this hour we are one. Many ascended masters have come to be in your presence, even as you prepare your own consciousness for the coming of the master. You see, it is a sacred tryst. And through the communion of our hearts with each other there shall be joy. There shall be laughter. There shall be dancing. And the children, O, the children will lead you home to the eternal heart of God.
            So, you have sought for the golden elixir of life that would make you eternally young. That youthfulness has always been available to you through joy, through a pliant heart, a youthful spirit. And we come to enfire you, blessed ones, with new teaching and new radiance such that, if you take it up and use it day by day, your world will never be the same. You will live in joy. You will live in the victory consciousness, the light energy of your divine God Self, which blazes brighter than ten thousand suns just o'er you, just before you and to which you have always had access to the divine world, which now may inhabit your being in greater measure because you have come and because we are one.
            From near and far, you have made the trek to Bozeman. And the sacrifices and that which you have laid upon the altar will not go unseen. For we have seen your striving. We have seen the efforts that you have made day by day in your meditation, in your prayers, in your service to life. Yes, I am witness to that which you have become. And I must say that I, Lanello, am well pleased with the progress of your spiritual development, each and every one of you. And I look upon your hearts, each one, to experience what God experiences with all life throughout the universes in his servant sons and daughters who love him, who love her.
            An age of divine reason is dawning. And the reason for man's being upon this Earth-to live as a sun presence of light-is coming to the fore. Isn't it exciting, blessed ones, (Yes!) that you have the availability of your own Solar Presence to live a life of meaning, to live a life of service?!
            I look down your lifestreams and see the heroism of your givingness throughout eternity and even into the future. For, you see, there is no time and space, except that which you believe there to be. And with me you can be everywhere, and every time, in the consciousness of God. Streaming here and there across the galaxies in your meditations you can be witness to the birthing of solar worlds and galaxies and star systems. Flying across the curvature of the earth, you can send love-wisdom to all sentient beings upon this earth and raise them in sacred fire, even in a five-minute silent meditation upon the One. There is nothing that you cannot do, I say, if you believe in yourself, your God Self.
            So, therefore, as the great Nike has said, "Just do it!" (laughter) Prove the law of your own higher being! Witness to that which God can be within you right here and now and day by day in your ministrations to life, in the great love fires that you share with all. So, we will sing. So, we will jump with Shiva. So, we will give our bhajans in praise to the Divine Mother. And so, we will prepare for Alpha's coming, for as has already been said, the Earth will never be the same.
            Take now the hand of the one to the right and to the left of you, as I release cosmic, pulsating, starry energy through this room and through your hands to your hearts and out again, to your fellow servitors of light.

Lanello's Prayer and Release of Starry Energy

            O, Lord God, release now these blessed hearts from all past momentums of thinking and feeling that they were less than perfect love in action. Transmute, consume and release by the power of the sacred, violet-laser light frequencies of limitation, death and decay, doubt and fear and all of the misqualified energies of yesterday. Support, uphold and embolden these, your sons and daughters, O God, with a newfound spirit of cosmic joy. And let their hearts sing of thee throughout the day, throughout the night, as they traverse the cosmos in their finer bodies to commune with the angels, the masters, the devas and nature spirits, to know thy presence everywhere, O God.

            So, I commence that which will shine forth from this place, throughout this valley and far beyond as a witness to all life that God is real, that God is here, that God is true within these hearts of fire. Welcome, my friends, welcome!

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