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Uzziel      June 28, 2007

Beloved Uzziel
David C. Lewis
June 28, 2007   8:12–8:25 am MDT 
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Become Fully Integrated with Who You Are in God
The Ascension Is a Day-by-Day Process

Servitors of the Sacred Fire,
            I descend to earth and alight in your very presence to amplify the light of the eighth ray within you. For, blessed ones, when you are one with us, then we fulfill the law of the One where you are through our presence of the eighth ray.
           I am Uzziel! And I come to seal the light of the release of the seven archangels and their archeiai in recent days with the light of the eighth ray. I am a cosmic integer. And this is for the integration by the power of the eighth ray within you of all of the qualities of the Godhead in the seven rays such that when they are amplified and brought to an apex of light above you, blessed ones, there can be the intensification of the seven, focused through the eighth, for the perfect alignment within you of holy purpose and for the victory of your life as you integrate the five crystal rays within your being and world.
            If you study the lives of the saints East and West, you will understand how there was the perfect integration within them of the light of their Presence even while in mortal form. And this is our goal for you, blessed hearts, that you will take the stupendous light that you are invoking daily and make it real in the world of form such that we may have walking Buddhas and bodhisattvas upon the earth who understand the law of cycles and the cycling of God's energies within their beings.
            Truly it is a great time to be alive! And we amplify that aliveness within you this day for the victory of your soul in its perfect integration with your God Presence. Blessed hearts of fire, if you could see all that we see when you come together in these sessions and in your conferences on a quarterly basis—and more often as you are able to integrate all that God desires to work through you, and especially when the messengers are present in your midst—[you would see that] there can be the release of light from the heaven world into the physical such that great flashes of cosmic lightning may energize this planetary body! How do you think that a golden age, a golden-crystal age, may materialize upon earth, blessed hearts? It is through the very vivisection of darkness and the parceling of that light where you are in time and space.
            We the archangels stand in the Presence of God! And thus where we stand, there is that Presence amplified where you are. And when you can stand to be where we are, blessed hearts, we energize all the light within you to a fever pitch to burn out of you that which is not of the light. This at times may be uncomfortable for you. By your assent, [there may be an] acceleration of the light that comes through your aura when you invoke the sacred fire in holy sessions such as this. [And] then you are able to receive the ampoules of light that we release into your being. And these are for the final purpose of making you wholly one with God.
            Some among mankind think that they will be raptured into the divine world simply by belief that one Son of God can wipe away all their sins in an instant. Well, this may be so in a certain sense, for where the Lord is, there is a wiping clean of the slate of unconsciousness and unreality. But, blessed ones, unless and until you are able to fully receive the integrating fires of the Son of God where you are, there can be no final ascent unto your own God Presence. And therefore, we deliver to you the teaching that the ascension is a day-by-day process. And when you are steady and when you are faithful in the integration process day by day by invoking the sacred fire, then there is the gradual ascension within you of the molecules of Selfhood and of the light of your Presence where you are such that one day you will simply no longer be mortal, but you will slip into the divine immortality of your God Self.
            From glory unto glory, we witness the sons and daughters of God gradually rising in consciousness and lifting all of mankind thereby. It is not so difficult a process if you look upon it, blessed ones, as a day-by-day graduation. For as we have said before, a graduation is simply a procession from one level of being to the next—a graduated one, as you would say.
           Therefore the mysteries of heaven are being revealed unto the elect. And if you choose to be among the elect, then we will, by our vote, elect you to be in our midst. Yes, we will select the highest aspects of yourself, amplify them, and as these are highlighted in your world and you can begin to proceed as the ascended masters do—with a newfound spirit of joy and cosmic expectancy—then the light of the divine world may blaze around you! Your aura will be filled with the sacred fire such that those who come into your circle of awareness may receive something of the divine world even by standing by in your presence, you see.
            Therefore the goal is always that the one who is the disciple become the teacher, the one who is the student surpass the guru in awareness. And this you have seen Jesus do. And thus we remind you that he said that “greater works than these shall ye do because I go unto the Father.”¹ Thus, discern how the greater works may be manifest within your being and world this day. Do not relegate to the future something that you can do today to increase the divine order of God Self-realization in your world where you are. Do not relegate to another or to some future misty existence the very present beingness that must manifest in your world.
           You have the teaching, blessed ones. Even if there were no further dictations released through this dispensation, you have all that you need to become a divine being. And yet the purpose of our coming day by day is to remind you of who you are, for living in this three-dimensional world you often lapse into an unconscious state for moments, for hours at a time. And thus we come to prick the aura with our cosmic lightning such that you may become fully integrated with who you are in God.
            I am the angel of the eighth ray. And the z within my name, the double z, is for the zeroing in upon you of God's light, the zeroing out of your unreality and the acceleration unto the Z-ray of the zenith of being of all that is true within you, blessed hearts.
           [Uzziel sounds the Z-ray.]
           I zap the substance of death and hell!
           [Uzziel sounds the Z-ray.]
           And I raise [Uzziel emphasizes the z sound as he pronounces raise] the substance of heaven. So be it within you. So perceive it! For seeing is believing, and believing is seeing. And in the all-seeing eye of oneness where you are, I, Uzziel, integrate the perfected matrix of your being such that you also may become, with me, a cosmic integer of sacred fire.
           Move on to oneness. Move on to wholeness. Move on to cosmic unity with the legions of the seven archangels and the eighth! And be real today, blessed hearts. I thank you.

1. John 14:12.

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