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Mariel      June 09, 2007

Beloved Mariel
David C. Lewis
June 9, 2007   8:00–8:14 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Revering the Divine Feminine
A Challenge to Come into Alignment with the Light of Alpha and Omega

Gracious ones, I come this day to envelop you in the radiance of the Mother Light. I am Mariel, handmaiden of God and sister to the Blessed Mother, who serves to set life free through the raising of the feminine potential within all life.
            Understanding the nature of God within you is key, blessed hearts. For when you see the divine principles of Alpha and Omega as Father-Mother Light joined within your heart, then you can employ both aspects of divine beingness through your work—heart, head and hand.
            Mankind is coming into an awareness of the understanding of the outplaying of the Mother principle within life. And unless and until this flame is honored in all nations, in all cultures, in all religions, there cannot be an Aquarius, the full manifestation of a golden-age civilization. Therefore the archeia Mary stands as the exemplar to all mankind of that divine principle of the Mother Light. And she appears here and there to her children, enveloping them in the radiance of the Mother, the holiness of her Presence, the effulgence of her light, even as their souls, pining for the divine experience, are raised to perceive that essential light of God as Mother.
            In this age, the divine feminine is coming to the fore. And all mankind must understand the nature of the feminine, even within all mankind, and how the soul and those solar emanations must be resident within each child, each son, as well as daughter. Those aspects of yourself that are complementary to the Father Light must come out, be expressed—in harmony—O sons of God.
            Unless the Mother is revered and there is an equal opportunity for her within the [life] of women to bear the full amplitude of light in holy office in church and state, there cannot be the full coming of Alpha and Omega within the Earth as that holy balance that is required for the sustaining of life in all quarters.
           Therefore I come this day with a challenge to the churches of the world—whereby the Mother has not been allowed to serve at the altar or to direct the course of the nations—to come into alignment with the light of Alpha and Omega. For you see, blessed ones, when Alpha comes, Omega also receives that light of the Father principle. The Earth must be ready. You must be ready. Your soul, as the divine-feminine potential of God within you, must be ready. And if there is not the honoring of the Mother within the Earth, then when Alpha comes, the light descending does judge that within men which is not of the true Alpha principle of the Father, which always holds the Mother in the highest esteem and embrace.
            Therefore, O mankind, look within thyself to see where you have not ennobled the light of Alpha or Omega. Discern, through a willingness to be chastised within your soul for that which has gone out of the way, what has not been employed toward holy purpose. Write your letters of confession to Alpha such that the light of Omega may blaze forth within you. For thus, that which is true, that which is real within all may come to be born anew even within your soul because the Tai Chi is in balance once more and you understand the very nature of the as-Above-so-below principle of life.
            Within my name you see the “Ma-Ray” principle and the “El” of the power of God in balance through the “I” of the divine oneness. And I hold for all sons and daughters of God, with Alpha and Omega, the eternal light presence of your divine origin in and as solar beings, wherein there is that perfect balance within you at all times. Look to the sun and see Helios and Vesta blazing in the eternal youth-energy of givingness. And see how within you that youthfulness and divine spark may always be present when you have embraced both Father and Mother within, honoring the presence of each—and not only one principle of God as Father.
            God is not an angry God! God is love, wisdom, power. Do you understand the nature of the threefold light, the tripartite spark within? Discern its blazing, its manifestation ever. And then you will know the nature of pure beingness as Alpha and Omega and as the light of the Christ, the son/daughter emanation who you are.
            I live and move and have my being within the circumference of the egg and the seed, the spiral of infinity in the figure-eight flow within all life. And I serve at the nexus of being within you when you are in harmony with Self. 
            [Master chants:]  MARIEL I AM.  I AM MARIEL.
           Be at peace within the womb of the Mother, for she has received the light of Alpha. And that light, as creation, may be yours to use as co-creators with the One. Nuk Pa Nuk. Ahhh.

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