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Cosmos      May 25, 2007

Beloved Mighty Cosmos
David Christopher Lewis
May 25, 2007            6:00-6:05 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Be On Time, Accelerate the Secret Rays and Use the Science of Mudra!

            Ho! I am come with a test and a roll and a Ho! Ho! Ho! For I would be here with those who have been faithful even in the absence of the messenger to see if you would be in your seats and ready to receive me.
            I am Mighty Cosmos and I blaze forth the secret rays across the earth through heart and head and the hands of these, your servants, O God. Raise your hands now, blessed ones, and feel the radiance that I release through the secret ray chakras that each of you has been given by God for the holy purpose of blessing life.
            You have seen those who have understood the sacred science of mudra. And in the release of the secret rays through the action of various positionings of the hands, there can be a mighty action of light where you are even delivering vast quantities and quotients of the sacred energies of Cosmos into the earth. Have you understood this science? Have you used it? Have you been the benefactor of the release of this light day by day? Well, I say if not, then take it to heart, for I would give you more and more. For some of you are coming to that point where, unless you understand the release of the sacred fire through your chakras and how you have been sanctified long, long ago by the LORD God to be an orifice of fire on behalf of the evolutions of this planet, then you may not fully fulfill your divine plan and your reason for being here.
            Thus, blessed ones, whether you believe it or not, God is where you are. But I say that it would be better for you if you believed it. For through belief and acceptance of your divinity in the here and now then God Himself, Herself, may release greater action of light through you.
            Some of you have thought that it requires hours and hours of prayers for you to sustain an action whereby we may come and deliver the sacred fire. Well, I say that it may be so. But even in the twinkling of an eye, in an instant-if you can maintain your harmony and the action of the secret rays where you are-then, blessed ones, there is instantaneous transmutation, there is instant change where you are, and the earth itself is raised through your consciousness, one with God.
            Therefore we begin a new experiment this day whereby even in the giving, as your Lanello did, of a prayer one time there can be cosmic consciousness where you are. For in your acceptance of the Word and in the chalice of your heart where God resides, there can be the action of the one-times-one, which is always One, which is always God. Why, you could even go through your entire prayer book in a three-hour session by giving each prayer once with full fire and intensity. And Cosmos may be where you are. And you may be where Cosmos is, which is everywhere, you see.
            Thus, blessed ones, the testing comes unto those who are ready. Are you ready? Then let us perform alchemy together-the alchemy of the secret rays, the alchemy of the sacred science of precipitation when, by the power of the five-times-five, the secret rays, and the action of twenty-five, the "double pent" may allow you to repent as one has said, you see. Thus, be with me here in Spirit and in matter, and we shall see what we shall deliver to the earth through your heart, head and hand.

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