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Lanello      May 24, 2007

Beloved Lanello and El Morya
David Christopher Lewis
May 24, 2007            6:00-6:40 am MDT
Emigrant, Montana
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat

Beloved Lanello: Taking Stock-
Accomplishments Fulfilled and Requirements of Heaven Yet to Be Fulfilled

Good Morning, Blessed Ones,
            At times in heaven we take stock of our situation, and there is at Darjeeling the reporting of the status of life upon earth and that which the lightbearers must attend to in order to move forward our plans upon earth for the salvation and raising of earth to be Freedom's Star. This morning, various members of the hierarchy will give you feedback upon where you are, what has been accomplished and what we see as the very real requirements in this hour for this movement of The Hearts Center, for your individual and collective lives, and of what we see as our joint mission together to serve humanity.
             Much has been accomplished in these two short years since the foundation of this movement, in large part due to the sacrifices of many of you-your constancy, your focus, your determination to fulfill the will of God in your life. And for this, the Darjeeling Council is grateful.
            Over eleven hundred dictations have come forth through this messenger, and we see this-the stream of our consciousness flowing into the earth, maintaining that tide betwixt heaven and earth-as essential for the sustaining of that point of contact whereby, as Above so below, the flow of our light may be where you are. And through your attention, the figure-eight manifestation of light is established, maintaining this constant stream of our oneness.
            A dozen classes of Meru University have been held. And each of the seven chohans has come forth to deliver teaching, soul instruction and the emanation of their love-wisdom unto you such that your lives will never be the same. A number of pilgrimages have occurred-including two to the Far East, the visiting of Mexico, the twenty-one Californian missions, the Luxor, Egypt Tour, the Brazil Easter Conference and other events in Banff Canada, Sweden, Holland and Germany.
            Much has been mitigated by the very placing of the physical presence of messengers and of you throughout the world and in our various centers which have been established-to date, eighteen in number-in Detroit; New York; Chicago; Miami; Minneapolis; Bozeman; Emigrant; Tucson; Phoenix; Dallas; Houston; Casper; Seattle; Los Angeles; Fresno; Sacramento; Bergvik, Sweden; and in Canada. Where heartfriends are determined to abide in unity, harmony and oneness, great strides can be made toward the dissolution of great pockets of karma in these areas and the fulfillment of the maintenance of the light and the streaming forth of the Holy City above these major centers such that again, as I have said, heaven may come to earth and earth may receive the light of heaven.
            This Sunday, we will reveal unto you where we desire the opening of these Hearts Centers and Heartfriends Groups in coming months and years to round out that which will be essential for the victory of this dispensation and mission and the fulfillment of karma and dharma for many of you, blessed ones. Major conferences have been held in various cities, prayer vigils, including the cascading sessions that you have held on various days of the month. Much has been mitigated. The balance has been held. The sponsorship of the United States has been safeguarded for certain cycles. Hurricanes have been pushed back. And you, blessed ones, have benefited the most by the infusion of your world with solar light flowing from your Presence and your interconnectedness with each other in these sessions.
            The wonderful website that has been created and maintained through great striving on the part of a number of individuals has allowed you instant access to our Word twenty-four hours a day. And even in recent days, through the work of the messenger and one among you, the audios of these dictations have been placed on the site within three hours of their original manifestation. This alone, being a miracle of the technology that you have available to you today, has brought great joy in heaven. For you see, it has always been our desire to open new avenues and heartstreams of light whereby our radiation may come unto our disciples and students. For this, all of you earn the great good karma of your work and service to the light.
            Youth darshans have been held where the very personal interaction of many of us with your children, have been delivered. And you have received personal instruction, guidance and the resolution within you of certain questions, allowing your own individual life to accelerate. A few publications have come forth-primarily your prayer books, The Golden Buddha Rosary Sunrise [Service] booklet and the Rosary of Faith. And though others that we have assigned the messenger and others to create have not yet come to full fruition, yet we see all that transpires and is available on the website in terms of our words also as a great manifestation of the publishing for which we are grateful.
            The artwork of our messenger of art and music is available to you. And much more will soon be in your hands and before your eyes for your use in visualization for the victory and the refinement of your sessions through these cosmic manifestations, created so beautifully and wonderfully through the secret-ray action of the hands of one, long ago sent to earth to help raise mankind. And others among you with certain talents have also created thoughtforms, visuals and compiled articles including visuals as well as the pictures you have taken during our events which lend themselves toward the upliftment of your spirit in joy as through eye contact the streams of the electrons of these manifestations flow unto you through your attention.
            The messenger has brought to our attention that in response to Fortuna's plea and blessing this past Sunday, that over $ 8,000 has been raised toward the fulfillment of the requirements of this Hearts Center to move forward with the current budget master plan for 2007; and for this we also applaud those of you who have selflessly given and striven to fulfill our request.
            Much has been revealed during all of the various sessions, conferences, prayer vigils, including the chakras of various nations and states. One among you has taken to heart our request for greater coverage in the media, and radio broadcasts have begun, issuing forth from New York. If you could see, blessed ones, the stream of light that flows through the Word that is manifest through these broadcasts, many of you would hurry to also prepare the ways and means whereby the messenger on our behalf could appear before not only the ears of many but their eyes. A word to the wise in this regard, may manifest in greater miracles of the emanation of our consciousness and stream unto the earth through the media available to you.
            We have released meditations through the messenger through guided visualization that, if packaged properly, could in and of themselves create great inroads for the influx of heartfriends into this movement if one or more among you would step forth to compile and refine and package these.
            You have received our instruction on preparedness and sustainability whereby you and your families and communities may be safe in the hour of potential storm and cataclysm and earth changes. Those among you who have contributed toward this end are key to the fulfillment of cycles for life upon earth itself. And if you consider the very delicate state of the earth itself and of civilization, you would see how even in these measures that you have taken to safeguard the teaching and your own lifestreams, you have brought a greater availability of our ways and means of delivering our message. For if, blessed ones, the very platform for your evolution were stripped from you, then our words would have nowhere to go but on deaf ears who could do nothing about that which we request and deliver.
            This movement is about moving away from duality into a unity field of consciousness whereby the many may come forth to contribute toward the purposes of the Great White Brotherhood upon earth, no longer limited in certain mind sets and paradigms but free to pursue that which is their soul's great desire through striving to accomplish. When many of you take it upon yourselves to begin a new spiral of light through a project and then see it through to its completion, we take note. And then, blessed ones, [we] can initiate new cycles not only in your life but for the earth itself.
            If you could see what you have called the opposition to each initiative that you begin within this new movement, you would chuckle and truly, also, with mouths agape, wonder at how the forces of darkness that have assailed you have at times made great inroads and yet also pale into insignificance when, through the cutting laser action of the light that you wield and manifest through your calls, there is the dissolving of the chimera and the paper tigers that they offer in opposition to your great works.
            The wielding of the sword of the Spirit that has come forth even in the giving of the vajra, your Astreas and the great heart fires that flow through your concerted prayers, has carved out great highways of light, even down into the astral plane for souls to be freed. And for this, again, we are grateful.
            Much more must be accomplished, including the refinement of your prayer sessions using professional approaches; new technologies; the use of movement, song and visuals to create a cosmic kaleidoscopic offering which will inspire many to take part in your services. Classes, DVDs, modules must be created by the joint efforts of many among you. The ongoing work of precipitation in alchemy whereby through constancy and focus you are able to bring forth greater abundance in your world to accomplish all that we have called forth, will work wonders for you blessed ones, if you take to heart the instruction given by Saint Germain, Fortuna and the God of Gold and others among us and strive through your conscious awareness to be the focal point for the release of cosmic manifestations of light and abundance and grace to the earth.
            We have brought the teaching of the Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov unto you, for these teachings complement and fulfill much in the way of what the Brotherhood has always envisioned for the earth. Your reading of these teachings daily in your homes, your assimilation of the very light essences of the words of the master, your sharing of these messages on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in some manner are key to the ongoing mission. For you see, blessed ones, I, Lanello with blessed Omraam work hand in hand in the heaven world. For East and West, we were sent forth to the earth to deliver the Aquarian Age teachings, the Everlasting Gospel. And when mankind assimilates that which we were able, and are now continuing to deliver through this dispensation, there is greater hope, greater access to the storehouse of the treasures of heaven, the opening of the Book of Life and the reading of the record of past civilizations and the streaming forth of new teaching, new dispensations, new love-wisdom unto you.
            I remind you of your mission. I remind you of the vision set forth through this activity. There is not one way of worship or of the delivery of the Word that works for all. And lest some among you think that there must be a mandate here or there, or this or that action to be the norm, we say, consider the bounty of heaven and of nature as you see in your world and of the glory of God by which and through which the Father/Mother continually creates and re-creates the world about you.
            When you take to heart the many streams of light issuing forth from the source, you will no longer say that only one way is right, that whatever pathway a soul may be on, you will honor it, you will love them, you will respect the God-flame within them. Take a step back from your own subjective approach to life and see the totality to the sphere of light that you are and through a new spherical awareness of all that is. In this cycle of Gemini, even with the overshadowing of the presence of the Master Morya, know that his mind is one, even though, through the twin ray and twin flame consciousness of the Alpha and the Omega polarity, there can be the weighing and the balance and the measurement of light and darkness such that you may always choose the high road toward immortality and the perfectionment of your soul.
            Eliminate fanaticism and all of its manifestations from your life. Work on yourselves. For as you know, your salvation comes through self-elevation-the highlighting of the light from your Source and not from the "little me" consciousness. You will receive during our July conference an update on your progress in fulfilling the labors of Hercules. Unless I wear out my welcome this day, I remind each of you to be there physically for the coming of Alpha. If you could see the preparations of millions of ascended beings, angels and archangels, and even cosmic beings from other systems of worlds who are winging their way to the earth to prepare a great carpet of light for this God to this system of worlds, you would understand the great context upon which the coming of Alpha to the earth lends itself toward the very raising of earth into a new vibration come shortly after your summer solstice.
            Think of what it means to the physical earth to have the presence of this one with you. Would you be there to help anchor this great light? Or would you be somewhere else, oblivious to his Word manifest in that hour of July fifth? You may choose either way. But for me, Lanello, I will be there, sitting in the front row, eager to hear the conveyance of his heart, his mind and his great field of consciousness, pouring forth to the earth the cosmic radiance that he will deliver. And I invite any and all of you-even those who have a sense of lack of the abundance-to be there physically, to reconsider what is important in your life, if necessary, to sell certain possessions that you have or to work an extra job or a few extra hours on the weekend or, as has already been said, to borrow the money to be there. For few among you, blessed ones, have yet registered for this event.
            And if our planning and if our work is to be fulfilled during this cycle, whereby all preparations are made fully at all levels, then I dare say that many of you must make the decision, even today, to register for this event; for the messenger has already received warning that if a certain work is not accomplished by our teams, then Alpha may not come. This would be a great tragedy to the earth. And, therefore, we have stepped up the light in the responsibility within certain among you to fulfill your personal role and your work by certain timetables. You know who you are, and I deliver the fire this day unto you to give you the impetus of light to fulfill these requirements.
            You see, blessed ones, although we do not engage in the strangling of your souls through an approach of fear, yet we bring to bear the radiance of our hearts' fire unto you to inspire you higher. For it has always been the approach of the Brothers in White to deliver both the requirements of heaven that must be fulfilled but also the impetus of light by which to fulfill them. Our love for you is real, tangible and available. Simply make the call, and we are there instantly in your midst to assist you. This is my word unto you, blessed ones, in this hour.
            The Darjeeling Council, once more, thanks you for your efforts, and with a wink and a smile, Morya also desires to say a few words.
Beloved El Morya: I Give You My All! Consider Giving All that You Can

            Holy ones who understand the will of the Father/Mother, I am heartened by the message of Lanello and his encapsulation of that which you have accomplished and some of which must manifest soon-sooner than later. I have given much. But always, blessed ones, when I give, what I receive far transcends that which issues forth from my being and giving to God. May it be so for each of you. For those who are given much, much is required. And you have been given much.
            Take stock of your life, as Lanello has said. Understand what is truly important in the here and now. Deliver unto mankind that which you long ago vowed to bring, to create, to co-create with God and to emanate. Only you truly know what level of givingness and sacrifice and surrender will allow you to fulfill your reason for being upon earth. Let no man take the crown of your accomplishment in an unguarded moment but blaze forth through the stream of reality who you are into the world of form, the vibrancy and joy of that holy will of God. And by faith, hope and charity let the mandates of heaven become a reality upon earth through your heart, through your head, through your hands. I give you my all. And though I do not require that you give yours, I ask you to consider giving all that you can so that many may come to this fount of our wisdom teaching and, through the blessings and the grace and the effulgence of the light that we bear, receive their own salvation, their own freedom to be God.
            I am sustaining you, your greater field of cosmic awareness that I now bestow upon the faithful and true among you. Toward the ends that we have all striven for for eons, I serve. El Morya I AM-ever-present, ever with you, blessed hearts.

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