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John the Baptist      May 04, 2007

Beloved John the Baptist
David Christopher Lewis
May 4, 2007            4:35-5:05 am MDT
Emigrant, Montana

A New Baptism of Fire for the Acceleration of Your Mission!

Blessed Troubadours of the Spirit,
            The Word made flesh through you is my topic this day, for it is high time that this dispensation for a new way home for many lightbearers get rolling as we have foreseen it and as you have desired it! Thus, I come to add my momentum of fire to the words of Jesus and [to] spin a new impetus of cosmic radiance into the orbit of the earth but more importantly into the aura and orbit of our disciples!
            I sing a song of hope and of power in this hour. And this hope is the expectancy of the Lord God that each of his children shall fulfill his reason for being. This hope, born of a faith that shall never die [and shall never wane], impels the soul higher into cosmic awareness because it is also born of that love of the Father-Mother God that resulted in their offspring being hurled into the spheres of causal creativity to manifest something of the God-design ensconced within that perfect conception in Reality.
            Thus, your own acceptance of who you are as a divine monad of fiery light speaks of your willingness to lay down all else that encumbers you to an outmoded viewing of life and of your nature and to realize who you truly are as a God-being, blessed ones! It takes a certain fortitude of the spirit to stand and affirm that you are a Son or a Daughter of the Beloved and then to make that righteousness known through conscious cooperation with the will of God emanating from within the seed ideation of God's Spirit within you.
            Every ascended master, while in embodiment, came to the day of the full appearance of the Christ or Buddha Light within through a conscious decision to be that light for a planet and a people, subjecting the lower nature to its rightful place as a servant of that Spirit and nothing more. And you can do the same as you put beneath your feet the darkness of the past and begin to fully emanate that true reality from your Presence now!
            I preached the notable day of the Lord through the appearance of the Christ where I was, and thus many were baptized into a higher pathway of initiation in the tradition of the Essenes and in that mystical order of light that prepares the soul for its ascent to God. And the mystery school that Jesus and I were privileged to partake of during that time allowed us entr�e to those inner teachings that you are now receiving day by day, beloved friends. Thus, you have opportunity with Lord Ling as Moses and with me as Elijah and Jesus as Elisha in this hour to take the mantle of light that is given unto you and to smite the waters of your own astral sea and to command the elements of self to come into alignment with holy purpose and with the supreme way out that God, through your own inner guru, has prepared for you.
            Each one is given the voice of conscience which is the Christ Spirit of holy purpose. It is simply a matter of how well you listen to that voice and obey its words of comfort and of joy but also of the very reality of God's mission for your soul that must be entered into if you are to be fully anointed to fulfill your reason for being. Some of you have taken up that mission in the totality of its viability to create world change. And yet some of you are languishing in the shadows, not yet willing to make the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of those to whom you were sent as a savior, as an emissary in your own right.
            Yes, have you considered that you, as one who volunteered with Sanat Kumara, are also chosen as a witness and as a savior to a portion of humanity, just as Jesus and I were called to be that Christ-emanation? When you proclaim the divinity within as the sure-fire way out of the human dilemma, knowing that not [by] your lower self may this cosmic radiance be won, then all spiritual power in heaven and earth is given unto you to perform feats of God-loveliness on behalf of souls who will resonate with your mission.
            This is the joy of the new day! This is the moment when you not only accept that calling within but when you shred every ounce of doubt or fear by wielding the sword of the Spirit and delivering that final death blow to the human ego and the not-self and accept the mantle of authority that we have desired to bestow upon you for thousands of years, blessed ones!
            So, stand now and receive the next empowerment of the Spirit that the Maha Chohan now delivers to those willing to accept this sacred anointing:

I, John, pour the waters of living light upon these, thy holy
servants, O God. Let this baptism of fire be for the acceleration
of their mission to preach to the wayward generation the
truth of the Word made flesh where they are. It is done by the
power of that Spirit that I bear on behalf of the Word, who
I AM and who these are now in your sight, O Lord.

            May you go forth now, empowered through this sacred rite of light to fulfill your calling, making your election as a representative of all that IS REAL sure! I am John the Baptizer and I have fulfilled my reason for coming this day!

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