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Gautama Buddha      May 02, 2007

Beloved Gautama
David C. Lewis
May 2, 2007   7:00–7:13 am  MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana 

Peace Is Established Everywhere Where the Resonance of Our Hearts Abides

Peace, Be Still, O Soul, O Lover of God, and Know Who I AM Within

           I release a spiral, a coil of sacred love-wisdom fire from the center of the Earth, rising high unto the sacred heights of the Himalayas. Swirling now across the Earth, this cosmic vortex of light does consume the jaded concepts of mankind that he has allowed to dwell within his being.
           Illumination's fire, now rise within these holy ones; and may the glow within the crown supplant the anti-wisdom light that has not ennobled the soul but kept him bound to maya, suffering and living in lack.
           OM  OM
           Cosmic radiance I now distribute to sentient life. Peace, be where I AM within the heart center of each soul. Peace, be still and know, O one, that thou art one with the All. Peace! Flow, O peace, within the solar plexus of the Earth and in all who seek peacenot only the peace of the human condition, but the peace of God where I AM, where you are, where we abide together.
           O noble hearts, O noble hearts, resonate now with me. Abide within the center of oneness. Peace, be still.
           The love fires of the Lord God be with you. The presence of planetary peace, still the mind. Conceptualize now yourself within the lotus of love. Remain attuned to the perfect threefold emanation within. Blessed ones, if you feel the burdens of living upon a dark star, enter the lotus of my heart to know surcease from your pain. Peace. Peace. Peace.
           Now in resonance, peace flows through you. Peace is established here. Peace is established everywhere where the resonance of our hearts abides, O blessed ones. Upon the shores of reality we live and move and have our being within God, the All in all. And as we see the waves coming, we know that only God is real where we are. And the return currents of mankind's karma cannot move us from the sacred space of oneness where we are.
           Thus, touch the ground with me, blessed ones, as we give the earth-touching mudra and say:
           Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra!
           The might of Mara is not equal to the light of the Lord where we are.
           Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra!
           The illusion of the decadent ones cannot stand in the light of day of the Almighty where we are.
           Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra!
           The new day appearing here through you and you and you is such that those who seek illumination's ray may have access to that which is known of the Lord through your own witness to the reality of light where we are.
           Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra!
           Peace, be still, O darkness! Peace, be still, O maya. Peace, be still, O soul, O lover of God, and know who I AM within.

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