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Gratitude      April 26, 2007

Beloved Gratitude
David Christopher Lewis
April 26, 2007            7:56-8:36 am CDT
Lawrence, Kansas

The Art of Thankfulness

Blessed Heartfriends who would learn the art of thankfulness,
            I am Gratitude and I reveal my presence and my name this day, for the sons and daughters of Earth must know greater gratitude! Gracious ones, gratitude, as the polarity of love, instills in both the giver and the receiver of its essence a profound and earnest sense of loveliness. And through the opening of the heart that occurs each time you express something of thankfulness to another, greater divine light abides where you are.
            You have heard of the science of practicing the Presence of God. From my vantage point I see how the flame and light of gratitude connects you more readily to your God-source through the widening of the portal through which the energies of your Presence may flow. If you could see the heart-connection that occurs each time you feel gratitude for God, for life, for opportunity and for what others have shared in their own givingness, you would know how the aperture of love within you is increased more and more. And there can be, through an aura of deep reverence that comes upon you, a more lasting and permanent bonding of your heart to God during these sacred times of reflection upon all that is good and generous within the very act of giving.
            Remembering to thank God for each day and for a new opportunity to share something of life provides the soul with an upstart, a boost of joy that moves one higher on the spiritual path toward union with the Beloved. When gratitude is expressed, the circuit is completed in the figure-eight flow, the tai chi of alpha and omega, and the frequencies of heaven flow to the earth and the frequencies of earth flow to heaven. If one does not respond to the givingness and the offerings of love from the Beloved, then there is an interruption in the flow of light which could augment and increase the greater bonding of the soul with the Spirit.
            Blessed ones, children must be taught the art of thankfulness, though they naturally have the inclination to be gracious so long as they have examples of sharing before them. Though the harshness and lack of gentility is often expressed by the crass ones who are devoid of godly love, it is often the case that these were raised in an environment lacking in gratitude. This cycle must be broken by a conscious decision to express loving gratitude through a positivity and a sensitivity to life that comes as angelic presences and virtues of the spirit impress their own heart-fires upon each person who opens the portal of love through thankful expressions.
            We have suggested that heartfriends study the various heavenly virtues, of which gratitude is a forerunner and a catalyst. The saints, through their attention upon the heart of God, have been visited by the divine presence of each virtue as they contemplate each one with a cooperative spirit. In pastel hues, we come to color in your auras with certain secret-ray essences, like a child coloring a prepared sketch of an image or scene. These cosmic frequencies each have their particular aroma, which is a distillation of certain heavenly floral energies which we garner and emanate, very much like the aromatherapy diffusers that some of you use in your homes and offices.
            I now spread a new blanket of gratitude over the earth, especially in those quarters and lands that have been besieged by war and destruction. And through your assent and agreement, you may come with me this day to shine the light of loving thanks to each soul who has kept the flame of life and maintained their heart-tie with the Creator through holy prayer and through gratitude.
            May the blessings of peace come through hearts such as yours who will give again and again, to re-experience the pulsations of love from the greatest heartfriend of all, God, our dearly Beloved. Hear O universe, I AM Gratitude! Hear O universe, I AM Gratitude! Hear O universe, I AM Gratitude!

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