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Maitreya      April 11, 2007

Beloved Lord Maitreya
David C. Lewis
April 11, 2007   10:57-11:09 am local time
The Resurrection of Freedom in the Americas
Bahia, Brazil, South America

The Remembrance of the Love of the Buddhas
Laying Down Our Lives for Those Who Walk This Path after Us

Ah, the path of initiation. Ah, the way home. Blessed ones, when you walk this path and understand through your inner self the nature of initiation, it is no longer a lonely path when you have others beside you along the way, is it? And yet through arduous times and when the storm does rail against the moorings of your soul during your ascent, the remembrance of Sanat Kumara moves you higher and higher, and nothing can take you from the sure and steady footholds that he has laid before you and that I have also climbed behind Lord Gautama to reach the summit.
           I am Maitreya, and I come unannounced at the eleven o'clock hour, for I perceive that some of you need a boost up this mountain this day. For many of you have labored long and hard and are deserving of my voice, my heart, my love.
           Blessed ones, you seek return to Eden, yet I say that truly if you could perceive it, Eden has never left you. For did not God place the Edenic consciousness of himself within you? And yet at times you seem to struggle, almost bereft of the remembrance of that torch within—grasping, groping in the night. And yet, there it is, the sacred eternal flame that Sanat Kumara and Gautama keep, still, on your behalf. And when you enter the secret chamber, there is a mirror within a certain room therein whereby you see reflected the great threefold flame of Ahura Mazda such that you may know whereof it is and how you may increase that of your own flame until the two merge as one forever.
           Yes, I sought to walk in the footsteps of my guru, Gautama, for I perceived the imprint of perfect poise, of the ultimate compassion whereby he did lay down his life for me and for you. Can we do else, beloved ones, but lay down our lives for those who walk this path after us, clearing a sure and simple way for them to see the goal?
           Each of you as a lightbearer is also a brush clearer. And once you have put to the torch the brambles within yourself, then you may take those in the way that have been stumbling blocks for many, assemble them into your ring of fire and see that they no longer come between another soul and his victory.
           The key to victory on this initiatic path [which] I would give you this day is the remembrance of the love of the Buddhas, of their compassionate hearts, of Kuan Yin's sacrifice for you and of the necessity to continue in the chain of hierarchy such that each servant-son and -daughter, every blessed child whom you love in the infancy of their life, you will also love at the point where they grow into the young teen with their testswith their seeming rebellion against all that is true and real that you knowand [will] hold firm to your resolve to aid them all the way to the mountain peak.
           You can make it, each of you here. You have the wherewithal. You have the stuff within your soul that I may take and fabricate the great sail through which I blow the winds of the Spirit as we ride across the ocean waters in my clipper ship.
           [Maitreya makes a sound as of the wind blowing gently.] Feel your sails now fully risen with my love for you. [Maitreya again blows gently.] Maintain, maintain, maintain, blessed ones, the steadiness, the equipoise on your pathway. And know that when you come to the shores beyond samsara, many, many Buddhas will be there to escort you to the divine chambers of the kings and queens of old, who will receive you as the conquering ones, as the immortals.
           I am Maitreya. Ascend and sail with me, and know the compassion of living ever within God's heart.

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