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Buddha of the Violet Ray      April 09, 2007

Beloved Buddha of the Violet Ray
David C. Lewis
April 9, 2007   5:39–5:50 pm  local time
The Resurrection of Freedom in the Americas
Imbassai Bahia, Brazil, South America


Be a Buddha of Any Ray at Any Hour of Any Day
A Ritual for the Purging of Unreality from Your Being

            I bring to the surface deep levels of substance from out the substrata of your unreality for purging this night. You think that you pray for others. Yes, you do, but blessed ones, in the process, that which has existed in the deep caverns of your own being [has] also risen to be skimmed away and thrust and cast into the fire.
           Thus when you have felt the burden of an unworthiness to be here and sit in the presence of the holy masters, faint not, fear not; for it is for the holy purpose of your own translation into Godhood. The saints understand that by the shedding of the blood within, salvation occurs. But this is not as has been taught in a perversion of this science by those fundamentalists who have not entered the purgation that the saints seek. For, blessed ones, the shedding of that blood, as symbolic, is the transmutation of ancient karmas within the soul that each one must undergo before the final light of the new day may appear.
           Thus at times the Lord requires that each of you enter into the depths of your subconscious so that you may see what you have wrought for what it is. This may not always be pleasant for many of you, but when you understand the nature of darkness, then you may understand the true nature of light, who you are.
           Thus I wield now the violet fire to burn through these records of your misuse of the light in past civilizations, both upon this continent and elsewhere. Offer now to your Real Self in the chalice that I place before you that which you desire to be rid of permanently. And by the alchemy of sacred fire from my heart and the heart of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, we will purge this to truly then become for you the new gold for your use in your work, in your healing. And [through] the light waves that you are emanating through your conscious awareness of yourself as a fiery being, you may also be a Buddha of any ray that you choose at any hour of any day.
Would you be the Buddha of the blue ray on Tuesday, on the morrow? It is up to you to discern how this may be so, blessed ones. For on Wednesday, [you may be] the Buddha of the emerald ray, whereby the healing light flowing through your heart, your eye may contact the darkness and instantaneously consume that darkness. Would you be with me each Saturday the Buddha of the violet ray, whereby all that has occurred in the previous week, that has ascended through your being, that you do not desire to be made permanent within your causal body may be consumed for the glorification of God and for freedom's light to flow across the Earth? Would you be each Sunday the Buddha of the golden ray, walking with Gautama, emanating cosmic wisdom-fire unto all life?
           The choice is yours. The option remains before you to choose just how much self-mastery you will take the opportunity to employ within your world and consciousness. For nothing should hold you back—no man or woman, no institution, no past guru, training or concept of self. But your Buddha nature may be each day who you are fully, if you decide that that is your nature, that that is what you desire in desirelessness in God.
           I add the alchemical fires now into each one of your chalices for the consuming of that which you release in this hour. Take not back that which you let go of, for then a greater darkness will come unto you, as the Lord Jesus has said.1 But forsake that which has been a pattern, a concept, an avenue upon which you have walked that has not led you safely home to the heart of the Mother, to the heart of the Buddha.
           This is our gift to you. And you may, if you desire, reenact this ritual in a very short and simple way each morn or each evening, as you choose, to first let go and to then accept that which is real, who you are.
           With Zarathustra and those who employ the ruby ray and the violet ray, I seal you in the love fires of the purging ones, the intrepid ones who would lead you unto your soul freedom forever.

1. John 5:14.


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