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Ann of Emigrant      April 08, 2007

Beloved Ann of Emigrant¹
David C. Lewis
April 8, 2007   9:20-9:35 am  local time
The Resurrection of Freedom in the Americas
Imbassai Bahia, Brazil, South America

Giving in Simple Acts of Kindness

Precious Ones,
            I present before you a spiritual vase of roses—fiery roses, multicolored—as my floral gift to each one of you. For you see, since my ascension I have communed with many ladies of heaven, distilling within these roses—which I present during my first public dictation, with the presence of my daughter here¹, to you each one—the floral essence of the ladies of heaven, who love you so.
           Do you know, blessed ones, that each of you is a rose of God's heart? And the essence of the aroma of your particular manifestation of love is very special to the Lord God when you give in acts of kindness, such as I was able to in my final embodiment, truly offering the best of myself in ways great, but mostly small—for you see, I was a wee one.¹ The essence of the lady masters of heaven was there in each presentation of my love, and it is always so when heartfriends share with each other the essence of their hearts.
           In this sacred space, prepared most magnificently by a son of God who stands here with you this night², you feel the presence of the spirit in elemental life all around you. Truly, blessed ones, this is a little bit of heaven on Earth, don't you think? When hearts united in love prepare the chalice of a comfortable haven, an oasis of light such as this where you can commune heart to heart, both among yourselves and with angelic presences, you are raised in consciousness. And those who have prepared this environment of beauty and sanctity also receive the grace of heaven's bower and love.
           As each hand has prepared the meals and made your beds and swept your rooms, I have also been with them these last few days. For in this humble service to life, such as I was privileged to give as your Ann, I began to understand the deeper mysteries of life, of how through service to family and friends, the true love of beingness could be that which creates around souls an aura of holiness as they give selflessly. Do not take for granted how each time you give in the most simple acts of kindness, whereby something of your lesser self gives way to the greater desire of God flowing through your being, you receive the emanations from your Higher Self each moment. For truly this is the way of the saints, of one such as Bernadette of Soubirous, of Teresa of Avila, of Saint Francis and of many others who understood the deeper mysteries through simple acts of kindness.
           O holy ones—who are truly becoming more holy day by day through your prayers, your heart songs, your melodies lilting and wafting on the breezes as you give your devotions to the Lord God—gratitude for life will move you far across the skies in consciousness as you praise the Lord of all life for all that you have, even if it is in some eyes a thimbleful of mercy's grace. For you see, it is not just the physical possessions that you have that make you who you are, but how you nurture the eternal flame within your heart that attests to that which you have become truly in service to your fellow brother and sister along the path.
           Listen now to the sounds of the evening, of how the birds, the locusts, the crickets and other elemental life continue to sing their praise to the God of all life as best they know how, as nature has instilled within them the perfect expression of stillness and yet of the voice of their own consciousness that speaks of their love of the Spirit. Though mankind often ignore the blessed elementals, I ask you, dear hearts, to look unto your friends, the blessed gnomes and sylphs, the undines and the fiery salamanders, as your dearest and best friends as you romp and play in their beautiful creations and nature's manifestation. For you see, through your appreciation of their handiwork, your gratitude for their service to life, you honor that which God has impressed within them, a consciousness, an essence also of his Spirit.
           I thank you each one for the little acts of kindness in giving that each of you has shown in helping life to grow, in helping the children and teaching the wayfarer, the lost soul and those who do not always understand the deeper mysteries that you know, but who also need your loving attention and care. For it is these, those in need, to whom the Lord came long ago in Galilee and Nazareth and to whom the good gospel was preached; for because they were receptive to his light, they received the great emanations of his spiritual heart, his caring love, his wisdom teaching.
           So I bless you with a new fairy dust, [which] I sprinkle all over you now in a rainbow glitter light. Yes, you thought you were shining already, but I say that with this new cosmic fairy dust, even the angels attest to the glittery glow of your auras in this hour.
           I am your beloved Ann, not of Avonlea but of Emigrant. For that is where I took my ascension, so near and dear to Mother Mary's heart—the one I loved most, the one whom I continue to serve. Bless you, O dearest friends. Go in peace. Live always in God's heart.

1.  Ann of Emigrant was embodied as Ann Haas, a Keeper of the Flame in the Summit Lighthouse activity for many years. She was the mother of twin daughters (Mary and Martha), one of whom, Mary Topero, was a pilgrim who attended this Easter retreat near Bahia, Brazil. Ann was petite in physical stature (like her daughters) and yet noble in character and in expressing love and givingness to all.
2.  Ann is referring to Jan, the owner of the Imbassai Bahia, the retreat and property at which The Hearts Center had this Easter retreat.

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