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Kuthumi      April 05, 2007

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
April 5, 2007   9:00-9:33 am MDT
Denver International Airport
Denver, Colorado

A New Song from the Heart of Kuthumi:
 “I AM the Song of Life”

Sing and Revel in the Joy of the Song of Life within You

Blessed Hearts Who Would Sing the Song of Life,
            A new field of awareness I bring to you on the heels of the coming of the Master Morya, whose love for all life is so sublime, so needed in this hour. For, blessed ones, when you enter the Holy of Holies of your own being, you will only then begin to understand the mysteries of life, the mysteries of light.
            I have impressed upon many an understanding of light's perfect work as they have given my mantra “I AM Light.”¹ And this day I would give you a new prayer as a song of life that you may also now sing to the presence of light at the core of all sentient life.² When this song is sung by your heart at any hour, you may enter, through the thread of the words and the melody, a new connectedness with my heart and thus with the heart of God.

I AM the song of life, a sacred melody sublime,
Releasing chords of destiny throughout all space and time.
I rise to heights of consciousness within the heart of God,
His flaming Presence I now know ensconced in flaming Yod.

My heart imbibes the essence of pure love in every way;
For when its streams flow freely, I AM raised by sacred ray.
God's choral glee surrounds me as his angels chant in rhyme.
Their lilting voices soothe my soul; their crystal tones now chime.

Impressing patterns perfect deep within my soul and mind,
I see the glory of creation shining, pure, divine.
O Lord, your light is everywhere; I see your Spirit true.
Your luminescent mindfulness my nature does imbue.

As Muses speaks, a light-elixir fills my prayerful heart.
I AM pure being, song sublime; I feel God's blazing start.
My aura, filled with liquid gold; our minds now merge as one.
No shadow lingers where I AM. I AM a flaming sun.

I AM the song of life, a sacred melody sublime.
O Lord, infuse your grace within me. Through me ever shine.

            O holy ones, as you meditate within the secret chamber of your heart daily, you increase your connectedness with the divine world. And the strength of this bonding is held through your attention in ever greater levels as you attune to the rarified heights of God's love. Your daily infusion of light, experienced through both listening to and studying our HeartStreams, allows a reinforcement of this bonding and allows ascended beings and angelic beings to more easily commune with you heart to heart.
            Therefore sing! Revel in the joy of the song of life within you. Create new melodies daily and prepare the receptacle of your heart for our inspiration, our witness of higher worlds, our love for each one who would know the devas of the Spirit who comfort life.
            I am Kuthumi, and I sing as I play the organ at Shigatse this day.³

1. See Prayers, Meditations and Dynamic Decrees, prayer 7.10A, published by The Summit Lighthouse.
2. See The Hearts Center songbook, song number 112.
3. The Ascended Master Kuthumi has an etheric retreat in Shigatse, Tibet, where he is known to play his organ as part of his healing work for the planet. “From his etheric focus at Shigatse, Tibet, Kuthumi plays a grand organ, drawing the harmony of cosmos by the sacred fires of his heart.  With his celestial music he sends healing and peace throughout the planetary body to souls in transition, especially those at the hour of death, and guides them to the etheric retreats of the Great White Brotherhood for tutoring in preparation for their next earthly embodiment.” [From a 1979 Pearl of Wisdom endnote, published by The Summit Lighthouse.]

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