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Virgo      March 26, 2007

Beloved Virgo
David C. Lewis
March 26, 2007   6:35–7:00 am CDT
Stelle, Illinois

The Mysteries of the Nature Kingdom
Sing Each Day of the Joy of Oneness with Life

           In truth I come, paying respects to all creatures upon the Earth. I am Virgo, and from the point of reality within the Earth body, I radiate unto your physical bodies the joy of springtime. Clarity of consciousness may be awakened within you as you attune to the song of nature's morning light. And as the birds worship the sun presence dawning each morn, the sun of your own being rising may also attest to that which God has placed within you, a great light.
           When mankind descended from etheric realms of being and encased around the soul a mortal form, a coat of skins was manifest. We, providing a platform for his evolution back to the heart of the Sun-source of being, were given the authority over this Earth Mother dimension, blessed ones. And even in the hour of mankind's descent into form from formlessness, shafts of light, cosmic rays, provided the crystal matrix for the victory of his upward ascent.
Though densified even more through unwise choices, mankind has not understood his connection with the Earth in recent years and decades. Yet there are those still attuned to the heart of the Earth Mother who feel her brooding presence, who walk softly upon her body, whose inner respect for their own form—the temple of the living God through which the Spirit does flow—allows them also the greater reverence for all life manifesting upon the Earth. 
           You see, blessed ones, it requires self-respect and the adulation of the Divine Light within first before you can fully understand your place upon the great spaceship Earth, spinning around El Sol, the great sun of your system. But when you understand the nature of your very present awareness of God's eternal Spirit, even manifest in the flesh, vibrating at every level of consciousness, then you can bring to bear in the physical plane that which is required for you to transcend the lower dimensions of being to become truly immortal once more.
           Respect must be manifest at every level, beginning with the physical and rising through the emotional, the mental and the etheric planes, blessed hearts. And that respect is outplayed through your attention to detail, [which] Virgo always manifests. It is the little things often that trip you up on the path, and therefore your present awareness when you do the simple things daily, being fully present, conscious and cooperative with the spirit who you are as you work, provides for your soul a swifter manifestation of mastery in all planes of being. For as aspiring adepts, the law requires for you to master every step homeward.
           Those who take to heart our words and attend to the details of living within the reality in which you exist upon Earth may carry forward the same self-mastery into higher dimensions of being as they transcend the cycles, rising, ever rising until as Elohim the fine details of all created worlds, planned very carefully, may then flower as a great offering to the Lord God of all gods. Imagine if the Elohim had not fully charted out all that was necessary for both the planet and all of its evolutions to fully abide as one before they uttered the command “Let there be light!” and the planetary form coalesced into manifestation. Thus you as alchemists of the Spirit must meditate carefully upon that which you desire to create, seeing the very detailed plan in all of its colorful manifestation—where, when and how it will be so, through whom it will abide—and the power of your focus, having mastered God-vision within your realm, allows the coalescing of spiritual fire into physical matter to fully be so.
           You see, the gnomes are great alchemists, for you see all around you in nature the manifestation of their work. And had they not attended to the details that we impress upon them as their hierarchs, the Earth itself would not manifest in the totality of the evolution that all creatures require to fulfill their reason for being at their own level of existence, with the seed ideation, the blueprint of their being, being brought forth, recapitulated generation after generation and even spiritually evolving at a certain cyclic level within either their soul group or personal consciousness.
           Mankind does a disservice to the Earth body when he misapplies the science of being toward the ends of a separate existence outside of God and of nature. But when through harmony and conscious cooperation with the Lord and with all of life, he perceives justly and beautifully his relationship intertwined in all dimensions of being with life, known and unknown, then through that relationship of oneness, he makes right choices and all life is honored in the process—abiding in peace, in a unity of diversity, in a true divine experience within God's eye.
           Blessed ones, as you master each science and the great philosophy of life—of being within matter and yet spiritualizing that mater-realization through the fire that you employ in your work—you raise the entire Earth in the process. We are grateful for your prayer to Raise the Earth in Sacred Fire, for you see, this action of light has allowed much darkness to be skimmed off from that which the gnomes have borne for quite some time. And through a sense of freedom from this distress, blessed ones, they are working on new ways and means to inspire mankind to solve the problems in this day and age that have been created through an unconsciousness and lack of discernment in living a life upon the Earth.
           The gnomes are very inquisitive but also have a great heart, seeking ways and means to solve the most knotty of problems within their evolutionary existence. They adapt well to many major problems in various climates, and this adaptability, as an aspect of the Holy Spirit that permeates all life and all sentient invisible life manifest through the nature kingdom, is what some have seen as evolution. And it is so at a certain level, and yet there is not quite the same understanding in our realm that mankind has of survival of the fittest. For you see, there is conscious cooperation between the four quadrants of being in the nature kingdom, even though through mankind's past misuses of the sacred fire there is also the outpicturing of the malefic pictorial manifestations that you see in certain animals, truly the ani-mal, or animated evil, within those whose only desire is to consume others. In the heavenly realms, these creatures and creature forms do not exist, but those of the birds and the higher evolutions, the dove of the spirit, the blessed sylphs, flying here and there, and the fiery ones who manifest the rays of God in higher dimensions coexist in a higher order of nature in etheric planes of being.
           For you see, blessed ones, some [of you], thinking that we only work with the very dense physical plane of mater would be well to understand that the physical dimension has many layers. And we also work at the highest physical plane of being, which is unseen by the physical eyes of mankind. Thus when you call to us, we answer, but not always exactly as you visualize, because our authority and our work interpenetrates many planes of being—other dimensions that still are part of the physical universe in which we serve.
           O blessed ones, you are making great inroads, creating ripples across the cosmos with these daily sessions and prayer vigils. And many ascended beings, cosmic masters and intergalactic devas who serve to stabilize the very superstructure of the galaxies and the resonance of planetary bodies with each other, with their suns, have answered your calls and are continuing to radiate spiritual energies for the harmonization of cosmic rays, even flowing to Earth toward the ultimate victory of the ascension of Terra.
           Yes, I speak of great mysteries, and yet I attempt to convey them in words and in pictorial representations that you may understand and see in your mind's eye. Sing each day of the joy of oneness with life, and attempt to bring forth more through harmony into all your relationships, your service to life. And truly, blessed ones, the kingdom of God will be a reality upon Earth as you desire, as God desires through you.
            I seal you in the love of the gnomes. I seal you with the kiss of Mother Virgo.

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