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Muses      March 17, 2007

Beloved Muses

David C. Lewis

March 17, 2007 (13 minutes)

Bloomingdale, Illinois


Enter into the Childlike Consciousness of Creativity

Sing a Song of Love for the Child That Is God


Blessed Hearts Whose Souls Sing of the Mysteries of God,

            I am Muses. And I am privileged to speak unto you this day. I write upon the skies the destiny of your soul in letters of living fire as you gaze unto the sun and see the radiance of a being who decided to manifest the totality of the Spirit. You see, blessed ones, your own true destiny. Your purpose, clear as a bell before you, is to become as one of these in the heavens who understand the nature of reality and who have embraced that divine nature completely.

            Day by day you may embrace more and more of your own God Source's radiation. And as you do, you are able to emanate greater manifestations of your own nature. The law of love is supreme. And as you understand and master the law of love within your heart, then your soul can sing the song of freedom where you are.

Long ago I saw the face of God as a child. And tears streamed down my face as I meditated upon the purity and wholeness and beauty of this face. And from that hour, I decided that nothing would hold me back in my determination to be as this holy One whose gaze shown before me in consciousness, in spirit. And thus in joy I sang and mused on the very visage of God's face. And when my voice was raised in praise to him, all glory, manifest through all creative expression flowing from my heart, rose to my Source in honor of the radiance of his face.

Blessed ones, as you behold the face of your Presence, as you pray each day, you may see new evidence, moment by moment, of God's expression of the creativity of his heart. And you must latch onto this and draw it forth into your being for the creative works that you, individually, must manifest in your life. Each of you is a creative spirit spark. Each of you can not only maintain your tie to your Divine Source but truly draw the fire of that reality in manifold expressions of beauty and grace as a co-creator with the child who is God.

Children are creative. Have you truly entered into the childlike consciousness whereby that creativity may always be yours, blessed hearts? Each moment you create through thought, through feeling, through word and deed. Are your creations truly that which you desire to be permanent as a God Being ideating to all in cosmic waves of perfection that which you see as opportunity for new life, for new breath?

As you express, you create. Think on this word, express. Truly it is the outbreath of the One. Expression, harmonization, utilizing the resources from within and pushing them out from your heart, your mind, your soul is what your purpose is as a co-creator. You must express something of yourself each moment for life to be maintained within your spherical beingness. And if you are not expressing, then what have you become but a darkened star of self, a shadow of that which is real.

So, blessed ones, take out your cosmic crayons and sing a song, a lilting melody of love for the child that is God, both within you and within all life. Work the works that you vow to yourself as well as to your spiritual superiors, that which will move you in the stream of being to the very heart of your own immortal perfection as a sun being.

I am musing upon you as one who sees as God sees, who believes as God believes, who feels as the universe of his expression emanates from the point of the sun whom he is, whom you are.

As you muse upon reality, I am there, seeing the expression from within you as the beauty of who you are as a flower of God. And as a bumble bee I wing my way to partake of that pollen, the golden essence of who you are. And I bring this back to the honeycomb of the Mother's love of her children. For you see, she is always using the creative fires of your heart to build a new superstructure of cosmic love within her womb, the womb of the All.

Sing with me the song of freedom day by day. And one day, you, too, may fly with me, blessed hearts. I thank you for your love, for your givingness, your kindness and the receptivity of your hearts in tune with God.

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