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Hermes Trismegistus      March 06, 2007

Beloved Hermes Trismegistus (God Mercury)
David Christopher Lewis
March 6, 2007            7:29-7:45 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Hermes' Mercurian Delivery of Engrams of Light to our Higher Self

            I come for the reintegration of your consciousness with the diamond fire of God's will. I am Hermes and I impress upon all sentient life upon earth the need to be receptors of fire by which the Lord God, as the mighty I AM THAT I AM Presence, the Sun-Source of each one, can lend the energies of perfection unto mortal man such that each one may once more become immortal.
            You have read the myths of old of my presence in the Earth, interacting with human beings in time and space. And though much has been clouded in the way of the truth of the appearing of the fiery ones of Mercury and beyond within the Earth's atmosphere, yet Messengers come on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood to give unto mankind the word from our octaves made flesh, made real in your space and time continuum for the distillation of the energies of Spirit into form. Each outpouring of our message is a release of fire for change to occur. And when you receive that word you receive the fire as the impetus for change within yourself, O blessed ones.
            This fire ultimately is yours to command such that you may be perfected in all ways. And the intensity of our release some feel. And when employed and utilized fully, the love fires and the impressions from our world accepted by you may allow you to rise into higher states of consciousness that you seek.
            The mystery of the word is what we convey, verily through the cadences [of our words] whereby you may dial into the stream of our consciousness as you attune to the syllables, to the sounds, to the frequency of light that we emanate. Following the word back to its source through the stream that we convey you find the living waters of eternal life which may wash you clean as you use them day by day.
            The words of the Master Omraam Mikha�l A�vanhov emanate from the very stream of perfection from which he descended as a God-being for the education and salvation of mankind. Listen carefully to the words of his lectures now given unto you in book form.1 For you will discern the very emanation of many ascended masters and cosmic beings with whom he did [commune], attune and meditate during his quiet time in solar contemplation upon the heaven world.
            Each of you needs quiet time to surmise the emanation of light from your own Solar Presence day by day. When you sit in harmony under your Sun-Source in this way you can receive the impressions of perfection that constantly stream forth from your God Self and through correspondence from all ascended and solar beings. Yes, we are one in the heaven world, and though the individualization of the God-fire of each one is unique, yet the one Spirit flows, yet the one fire glows within each essential son or daughter of the One who has fulfilled the rounds of karma and dharma and returned to the eternal, crystal stream of God's consciousness.
            I release now engrams of light unto your higher Self, which, as you meditate upon the sun, may be revealed to you toward the day of your own immortality. These engrams are fiery syllables of the divine alphabet empowered with the frequency of cosmic love-wisdom. Each may key you into a specific frequency of emanation from your own causal body and from the solar worlds in the heavens. Few upon earth can handle mercury physically without the poisoning of their very beings, and yet, blessed ones, as you rise in consciousness the quicksilver of heaven may be yours to understand, through the illumination of your mind, through the transfer of fire in liquid, which is the nature of that liquid crystal energy which you are now beginning to understand flows all about you as the cosmic prana water-substance-ether-that you may know.
            "Drink me while I am drinking thee," one has said. And yet few have fully understood what the liquid that they would drink of the Higher Self is composed of. It is composed of etheric liquid and contained within it are the fiery ampoules, the elixir even of the Philosopher's Stone in a higher plane of vibration that you may ingest if you would drink the nectar of the gods.
            Therefore, blessed ones, come with me to Mercury, so close to the sun, and I will introduce you to the cosmic mind vibrations of perfection in which we live. Know the stillness of this hour in my presence.
            Fiery beings you are this day here. But O, how much more fire you can bear if you can know God fully. I am Hermes Trismegistus, Mercury, the winged master and I fling you into the sun to understand the true nature of fire.

1The Master Omraam Mikha�l A�vanhov's teachings are published by Prosveta. Visit the website:

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