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Cyclopea      January 28, 2007

Beloved Cyclopea
David C. Lewis
January 28, 2007  (5 minutes)
A New Spiral of Freedom for America
Washington, D.C.

                                   The All-Seeing Eye of God is Upon the Leadership of This Land
                                       I Seal You Now in the Radiant Emerald Light from My Eye

            The All-Seeing Eye of God is upon the leadership of this land. And lest they think that God does not see what they do, I say that we do. And I ray forth my light upon those who are bringing down this land in this hour. You have no power except that which God gives you for a season, you have no power to act except in the here and now.
            From atop the Washington Monument I set forth my ray now as Cyclopea the All-Seeing One. And I say that everything that is done in secret behind closed doors or in smoke-filled rooms that is not of the light will receive the ray of God. And my son K-17 will know exactly what is transpiring. And he will bring it to the messengers and even inspire some of you to know what is occurring. And when you make the calls blessed ones, we will act and we will send our legions to bind those who are the evil ones in the Earth.
            It is time for the full separation of the tares and the wheat.¹ And this is accomplished because you make the call as sons and daughters of God. When you make that call for the shortening of the days for the elect,² remember that it is only through the All-Seeing Eye of God that one can discern what is truly of the light and what is not of that light. For the fallen ones have so skewed life on this planetary body that what seems good may not be and what seems not good may be. And there is the razor's edge of discernment in many cases, blessed ones, that even some of you do not always have. For you have sided here or there to the left or to the right, when in reality you should have remained centered within that inviability within your God Presence. Therefore, stay within the All-Seeing Eye, one-pointed [and with] one-eyed vision and know the reality of truth where you are.
            This is my message and I seal you now in the radiant emerald light from my eye so that you will have greater discernment from this day forward, blessed ones. This is my dispensation, this is my offering unto you, blessed hearts.
            I now seal the action of the light as released during this entire weekend. It is taken now and sealed in a sphere of blue-green energy, never to be requalified by the darkness. I take now the light that has been saturating the very molecules of this room and this entire environs and where you have walked. It is now sealed in an ovoid of fire and deposited in increments within you, your heart-flame, your Causal Body and within the earth where appropriate in this hour.
            In the name I AM THAT I AM, in the name of the Lord God, Yod He Vau He let this conference now be concluded and let your hearts sing once more the song of freedom for America and the world, blessed ones. For we will continue to bless and seal you during this final song to America. So be it! So be it! So you be it now!

1.  Matthew 13: 24-30.
2.  Matthew 24:22; Mark 13:20.


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