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Portia      January 18, 2007

Beloved Portia
David C. Lewis
January 18, 2007 7:58-8:18 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

The Judgment Descends Upon Those Who Have Promulgated the Drug Culture

            I wield the flame of cosmic justice and the balance scales thereof. I am Portia. And this day I choose to be with those who are walking in the way of the Lord and who have allowed within themselves the process of the sifting of the elements of the not-self and the Higher Self to occur such that that which is real may come to the surface fully and that which is unreal may no longer be where you are.
            The first fruits of God upon earth, as those who have attained conscious awareness of their own God-Presence once more, are those who we use to bring forth the ways of God upon earth. When you are quickened by an awareness of your divine nature, blessed ones, then and only then can you fully be the manifestation of the Christ, the Mother, the Buddha, the daughter/son in the four aspects and polarities of God's awareness as Self while yet living in mater within these realms and be for mankind intercessors of fire.
            The purpose of your prayers day by day is to mitigate that which would have already occurred upon this planet in terms of the return of cosmic justice and yet which you, through your sacrificial giving, are helping to hold in abeyance. This is the path of the bodhisattva as you know. The problem that we of the Karmic Board have is that at a certain point, when the darkness does boil over to such an extent that even with the ongoing mitigation of those of you who have chosen this pathway, it becomes necessary to release the pressure, so to speak, such that the evolution of mankind may move forward.
            Thus, this day I announce to you a certain action of the judgment upon those who have promulgated upon earth their dark ways through the drug culture that has seen its way into every level of society, down even unto the little children and those born through parents whose habits have almost inoculated them against the ability to receive light in their beings because of the density of that darkness manifesting physically through their DNA which has been altered because of the usage of these drugs.
            The fallen ones long ago hatched a plan whereby they could control not only the emotional bodies but the minds and, even if they could, the etheric bodies of mankind through the unleashing of these substances which cause toxic shock to the very core of the soul when the body itself is out of kilter with reality. That which mankind seeks through a release of pain and of pressure within the four lower bodies through an "out" through drugs will not win for them the ultimate freedom of their souls. But truly this, blessed ones, not only binds the body but incarcerates the consciousness into a matrix of death.
            Even amidst the lightbearers who were entrusted with the mission of the Great White Brotherhood in this lifetime there has infiltrated the use of marijuana, cocaine and other substances such that all the light that they had gleaned through many years of service is literally stripped from them because the entities behind these substances have siphoned off that light. And conscious awareness with it also descends such that it is harder to re-attain the spiritual level of attainment that once these had.
            This is truly a travesty and one which we have been discussing at the council chambers in Darjeeling and at the Royal Teton as to what could be done for these souls. And the only thing that we have decided, blessed ones, is that we must lay the ax at the root of the cause and core of this problem. And, therefore, the judgment upon those who both create and distribute and engage in the trafficking of narcotics, psychedelic drugs and all manner of substances which are alien to the physical bodies of mankind now receive an action of the return of their own karma such that unless they stop these practices, their own souls will be in jeopardy of being lost permanently.
            Therefore, I announce to all of mankind this initiation of fire in this hour, for you see, drugs themselves are a perversion of the fire element. And that is why you see often their release through smoking or through the heating up of these elements and their ingesting through the mouth and nose and other orifices. Blessed Oromasis and Diana come in this hour to increase the level of the violet fire upon this planet and they are assigned by great cosmic councils to burn up physically places in the earth where these drugs are manipulated, manufactured, grown.
            Burn through, O violet fire, into Afghanistan and the poppy fields! Burn through, O violet fire, into Colombia and Mexico where the cocaine and the marijuana are grown! Burn through, O violet fire, into the crack houses in every city where these are manifest through those who know exactly what they are doing for profit and not for the true profit of the souls of those who will ultimately use these substances! Burn through now into the cities of America and the world where drugs are being given to children, even the holy innocents at the very earliest ages where they know not what these will do to them! Burn through now by the power of the Great Central Sun!
            I, Portia, release now the action of judgment upon those within the administrations and within the law enforcement agencies who are in collusion with the drug traffickers, the pimps and others who are bringing forth these substances. Burn through, now! You are judged, those of you who take bribes in this hour and who are continuing to defame the name of your office as guardians of the people. Burn through now! Let the violet fire sweep across through every nation upon this planetary body! Burn through now! The action of the violet fire consumes the cause, effect, record and memory of the very inception and the nadir of the creation of these substances, even some on other planetary bodies including the Twelfth Planet. Burn through now by the power of the Central Sun! By the power of the seventh ray we call for the deactivation of the effects of these substances upon the four lower bodies of mankind. Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! I am the Cosmic Mother of the seventh ray and the seventh age! And I say, thus far and no farther! You, fallen ones, have no power over my children, over the holy innocents! You have no power in this hour to continue your profiteering and the darkness of your ways! You are judged by the Lords of Karma and the action of the descent of the hand of the Lord God is now upon you!
            So, millions of legions of angels go forth now from this point in time and space through the release of this fire of this dictation. And there is a physical judgment upon these individuals and even upon certain systems and upon those in school systems who have also compromised the cosmic honor flame in their allowance of these substances in the schools and even those in the military and those in the prison systems who are manipulating and allowing these substances to be promulgated and distributed. Burn through now! You are judged, you fallen ones, who have compromised the true pathway of light for the final time. Burn through now! Those in the rock and roll industry who are manipulating the people through this collusion of rock and roll and drugs are now bound in this hour! Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! The sacred fire does descend into the physical plane as physically as it is allowed in this very hour to burn through and consume now the dope consciousness and its effect upon the very minds of the people. Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now. You have no power! Your day is done, you fallen ones! You have no power! Your day is done! And your attempts to destroy the very minds of the children of the sixth root race and the seventh root race is no longer acceptable in the eyes of even those among mankind who are not yet fully conscious. And yet [they] sense this degradation coming upon this land and other lands. Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now. I call for the consuming of the darkness and the entities surrounding those who ingest opium, hashish, marijuana and all other drugs. Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! The judgment does descend, and it is manifest physically this day!
            Blessed ones, we of the Lords of Karma are determined to bring home every son and daughter of God in whom there yet burns the threefold flame and even some in whom that flame has temporarily gone out. Pray without ceasing for the protection of these souls and for the continuation of the separation of the tares [from] the wheat, first within the consciousness of the lightbearers and then in the physical plane among those who have truly manifested evil knowingly. This action of judgment will continue for thirty-six hours from this point [in time], and you will even see in the media the very physical effects of the action of the release of this sacred fire upon earth.
            Speak the truth. Call a spade a spade. For unless some stand forth to declare the flame of cosmic justice, then you will not want to see what will manifest in this culture and upon this planetary body if the evil ones have their way. They shall not pass! They shall not tread upon our holy ones. I declare it and I seal you, each one, with the signet of the Maltese Cross within your third eye and within your soul for the balance of Alpha and Omega within you always.

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