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Aurora      January 17, 2007

Beloved Aurora
David C. Lewis
January 17, 2007   6:46–6:59 am  MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

You Are Called Anew This Day by the Archeiai to Fulfill Your Reason for Being
Let Peace Be Yours Night and Day, Fully, until Your Victory Is True

I bring cosmic aurora borealis light unto your beings. I am Aurora, and I would soften that within you which at times has become hardened to the very impressions of God's ministration unto your soul, blessed ones.
           When you think on and meditate upon the source of light that is your divine nature, you can see the aurora of light of your causal body beaming forth and radiating those multicolored gifts of the Spirit, which are yours, blessed ones, to fully know and accept within you.
            This radiance of the sun of your being, which your solar plexus may receive truly as your own sun in polarity with the Son of God, who you truly are in Spirit, can blend throughout your consciousness this solar radiance into every atom, cell and electron of your being such that all is activated in this solar radiance and the enlightenment that you seek may be yours, day by day, in the here and now.
           Peace is the right of every soul to know within the Self, and yet that peace can only manifest fully when there is stillness within your core. Therefore take time each day, even if for only a few moments, to be completely silent and away from all the noisiness of the world. Receive the radiance of angelic ministrants who come to give you their grace and love, and know how precious is that which it is your right to receive as the gift of God within you.
           You see, blessed ones, you must first receive heaven's blessing in order to then share it with others. Therefore be in that receptive mode always, with one ear listening to the voice of God within even while you are attentive to that which is the need of mankind—hearing the cries, hearing the voices of distress and knowing how you, too, as an angel servant, may dispense light at any hour of the day or night to those in need. For you have understood the nature of beingness and of how as a sunbeam, through emanating light and fire, you can nourish the very core-essence of all beings by simply being who you are in the flame of peace.
           Truly, Uriel and I were there when the Son of God, Jesus, did still the waters and did walk upon them, for he understood the nature of peace. Was he not the Prince of Peace, commissioned by the King of heaven to be for mankind the very presence of that light of the sixth root race as the example of true Sonship as the Son of God?
           Yes, blessed ones, and you, too, walking in his footsteps must master the emotional energies, coming up higher to fulfill all that which it is your raison d'etre in this life to fulfill. You see, when you understand the nature of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, then cosmic peace may be where you are and there is the continuous flowing of these energies through the nexus of your being, nourishing all life with that flame of peace that you have become.
           Uriel trumpets now across the Earth the call the sons and daughters of the sixth root race to rise to fulfill that which you were sent forth to this Earth to accomplish. Time is short, blessed ones, and you have had the full opportunity of the cycles of your lifestream to become that Christ emanation.
           Therefore, at the conclusion of the Piscean dispensation, whereby the energies of the Son of God on that two o'clock line are transferred unto the water vessels of the Aquarian Master to pour forth anew with the wine of the Spirit upon the Earth and her people as the seventh-ray action of God-love to the Earth, each of you who has understood the nature of the Christ must be that Christ emanation to a planet and her people—also as a wayshower, also as a teacher, also as a servant leader unto the hearts of the children of men.
           So you are called anew this day by the archeiai to fulfill your reason for being at all levels, blessed ones. And we will continue to teach you day by day the nature of your soul and your spirit and of the harmonization of the light frequencies that must be fully employed by you to be representatives of peace to the Earth.
           So I have come distributing the Mother energies of the water element in waves of spiritual fire unto you for the calming of those elements, even of what you have accepted as that dweller-on-the-threshold substance, [which] I now dissipate and consume by your acceptance of our offering.
           Will you accept the grace of God within you this day? I ask. Then let peace be yours night and day, fully, until your victory is true and you, like Jesus, may also walk upon the waters of the astral plane as a fully realized, God-masterful soul. I seal you in our love—the love of the resurrection and the light that we bear.

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