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Goddess of Freedom      January 07, 2007

Beloved Goddess of Freedom
David C. Lewis
January 7, 2007
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I AM the Goddess of Freedom and I come this day to impel this nation higher. As I survey the scene across the land, I am reminded of the vision of those early American patriots who have almost been forgotten within this nation, who stood to defend not only the four sacred freedoms that many of you take for granted, but who gave unerringly of their light, of their personal fortunes and in some cases of their very lives toward the ends of the goal of freedom.
            Blessed ones, the master Saint Germain has come unto you on New Year's Day and given you a wakeup call in regards to that which has assailed this nation and which even in this hour has caused many more among the American people to go to sleep, not being fully cognizant of the dangers that have inveigled themselves through the consciousness of those who though outwardly often seem to be the righteous ones who would lead you forward toward a path of world democracy and freedom, yet they are taking Machiavellian measures in many cases to move forward the schemes and plans of those who do not have your best interests, your spiritual interests in mind.
            Therefore, I come to radiate forth light from my image and focus above the nation's capital. And I call all sons and daughters of God who have vowed on the inner to defend the work of Saint Germain and Portia in consonance with the Great Divine Director to come to the nation's capital later this month to support the master Saint Germain and El Morya for all the work that they would accomplish to once again secure this land and this nation for the flame of freedom. For, blessed ones, if a certain action of light is not manifest during this upcoming weekend event, then there could be greater inroads made into those pockets that have already been carved out in the minds of those who would seek to defraud the American people of their liberties and their abundance and their very lands and homes, bringing to bear what some see as a new way but which is not the way of the Great White Brotherhood.
            Therefore, I stand with my sword and shield and helmet. And the Goddess of Liberty stands with me. And we will be physically manifest as much as we are allowed to descend into the physical plane, blessed ones, holding the balance in this nation's capital from this day through the end of your event in Washington D.C. And we are wielding our swords. And we are speaking to the hearts of the American people and of all those who have recently been elected who soon will take their positions in the Congress of these United States.
            And we call directly to you and we say, wake up! Know the truth of what the Lord God does speak unto your souls of the righteousness of that which is the purpose of this nation as a beacon of hope to all nations. Wake up and defend that which the early American patriots stood forth [to defend], even in these very chambers to leave as a record of their dedication and their sacrifice for and on behalf of the future generations that were to come.
            If you, O America, leave off of that which was the purpose of the founding of this nations, then woe unto you. Woe unto this land. Woe unto those who come to abort the very victory of the Great Divine Director in manifesting the seventh root race.
            Therefore, the three woes have again been spoken. And the angels pour out their vials unto a certain sector of the fallen ones who have betrayed the light and who know exactly what they do in defaming the very image of America across the world. And I speak directly to those in the Pentagon and the leaders of this nation and its defense. And I say you must come to grips with that which has been manifest in the Middle East and has been taken from the very life blood of the abundance of this people. And if you do not do the will of God and do not deliberate righteously in adjudicating that which you seek, then I say, your very mantles will be taken from you and the very light energy that you have misqualified will be stripped from you to the detriment of your soul.
            Therefore, blessed ones, because of my office in hierarchy as a defender of freedom, I can righteously declare that those who have misused the light of freedom and the defense of that freedom will no longer be allowed entr�e into the courts of the Great White Brotherhood in their finer bodies, so long as they have manipulated to their ends the light of this people and their abundance.
            K-17 moves swiftly in answer to your calls this morning and is securing a certain foothold at greater levels within the nation's capital in the minds of those who will be inaugurated into office. And in some cases he is even being allowed to appear physically unto those whose hearts are true, who can make the necessary changes within this nation that will stabilize the government such that Saint Germain and the Goddess of Liberty will not lose the dispensation for the sponsorship of this nation.
            If you feel a certain weight and a heaviness in your bodies this morning, it is because you have chosen to be our anchor points for the delivery of this action of judgment, but also of the anchoring of light deep within the earth and especially in the nation's capital, blessed ones, for the work that we are even now preparing for. Therefore, I assign those who are advocating and preparing for this event to prepare for you a synopsis of that which we see as needed for you to decree on in advance with fact sheets based on that which Saint Germain has already revealed to you as necessary to make calls on, supplemented by that which you will find within the news resources that you have at hand. If you do your work well, blessed ones, and have before you the needed information in order to make the calls, then we can accomplish much during this event, more than simply the sharing of the beauty of the "Alabaster City" in your touring of it. But we can anchor great rods of power, of God-power within the nation's capital such that these electrodes of fire may be utilized by many ascended masters toward the holy purposes to which this nation, as I have said, was founded.
            Therefore, this particular event is one in which we need fiery hearts to come and blend their voices with each other and with us, decreeing as much as possible. And it is not, blessed ones, simply a pleasure trip for you to enjoy the scenery. Take stock of your lives, of your resources and divest yourselves of those accouterments, of possessions and things which you no longer need or which have no more use to your brothers and sisters, your families and communities, but which are simply diversions or material possessions which will not lend themselves toward the greater work that you have in this hour.
            If all heartfriends take to heart my message and that of Saint Germain, Lanello and El Morya and work harmoniously within your Hearts Centers and heartfriends groups, even working in consonance with other groups to fulfill Hercules' labors and other assignments that we have given, then you will see a greater influx of abundance in your worlds, both individually and collectively and within the greater Hearts Center movement, such that that which you have set forth in the budget may fully manifest and that which you individually have asked for [of] the Lords of Karma to fulfill your mission may manifest more quickly, blessed ones.
            It is time for change at the deepest levels of beingness within yourself and [in] this nation. We must, O sons and daughters of God, secure a greater action of light, of freedom in the here and now to perpetuate the greater plans of the Brotherhood forthcoming. And I implore you, each one, to meditate this day within the very depths of your souls [to discern] once more of what you can give to the Brotherhood in both your spiritual and physical abundance, knowing full well the sacrifices you have made and yet knowing how much more is needed for us to secure the dispensations that we seek for the stabilization of the light of freedom upon earth.
            This is my sober message to those who are the real ones, who would know the reality of what is occurring upon this soil, whose heads are not buried in the sands, but who would stand with me, arm in arm, shields raised and swords gleaming in the light of the sun to defend all that God almighty has seen as that beacon of light shining upon the [hill.]
            America, O America, you may yet be the wayshower of the Christ consciousness to millions of souls upon earth. But it will take greater sacrifice and prayer and the humility of those who have been called out because they have accepted the commission to fulfill the mandates and the word of God within this land.
            I seal you with the light of cosmic freedom that I bear America. Victory unto those who would be the noble ones to stand and conquer for the light! I thank you.

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