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Djwal Kul      January 04, 2007

Beloved Djwal Kul
David C. Lewis
January 4, 2007 7:43-8:04 am MST
Broadcast via telephone through Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Strive for Crystal Attunement
The Three Wise Men Assist Us over Karmic Hurdles

            Into a new world I now descend, blessed hearts. A new world within your own consciousness, for you have proclaimed it in your desire within this new year to employ all that God has given you in a new light and a new fire.
            I am Djwal Kul. And I enter the scene where you abide personally. For in these times of peril, you require a greater manifestation of inner stillness and knowing in order to meet the challenges of the hour-first and foremost, that which assails your own God-identity and the fulfillment of your personal mission in life.
            There comes a time in the life of every disciple and aspiring adept when it requires a leap in faith and in consciousness to hurdle over the crags of the human consciousness in order to prepare for the final ascent to the mountain top. You have been given many keys toward this end, and yet there is still something lacking at times within your consciousness that allows the lowering of your vibration to a level that will not serve you in this final ascent. Each of you must attune to what that is within your subconscious and at the lower levels of being that at times is your own worst enemy and yet may also be the foothold upon which you stand towards the victory of your climb.
            You have received the Knight Commander's teaching to embrace all elements of being and see them as a part of who you are, loving them and yet realizing truly what is your essential nature, which is God, and then highlighting that which is true about you, so that all that is real may be magnified and sustained toward your victory.
            We have had discussions-Morya, Kuthumi and I-[as to] how we could assist many more devotees to get over the hump of their karma at the point where there is that treachery of the lower self that, if not overcome, can actually lead you far backward on your path, almost as the mountain climbers who ascend to a certain height, and then who, without proper planning or care, reach a level where their lungs may not hold the intensity of the prana at that higher level; and then they sink back even beyond the point where they had begun their final ascent, unable to withstand the pressures of the climb.
            This we seek to avoid for our chelas. And therefore the teaching that blessed Omraam will be giving you, will include elements of inspiration from the three of us also. For, blessed ones, day by day we attune to the levels of your own consciousness and what it is that blocks the flow of greater light unto you. And this we seek to assist you with so that you will be safe and secure within your own higher consciousness toward the day, when should it occur within the world that all hell breaks loose, you will not lose the moorings of all that you have gained in all lifetimes and [you will] accomplish that which you set forth to fulfill in this life. You may call to me, Morya and Kuthumi for that mind of the three Wise Men with the dispensation of the three times three whereby there is an amplification of our collective awareness as God-beings for you to tap into to assist you in the subtle gradations of your overcoming of the last vestiges of your dweller-on-the-threshold.
            Without a certain level of crystal attunement within your minds, there can be lapses within your consciousness that the fallen ones attempt to open to a greater extent and interject their poisons, their energies of self-doubt of Self on your path. This has even occurred within the beings of a number of devotees who have passed through your halls whereby once there was a pinprick of an opening, then the collective unconscious dweller-on-the-threshold manifestation through one's own being allowed a greater inroad of this darkness that then became as a black hole wherein greater astral energies focused through that opening caused the very downfall of that soul.
            You can avoid this, blessed ones, primarily through the cosmic virya of God-power manifesting through your consciousness, sealing your aura in cosmic crystal- radiance and simultaneously sealing the place where evil dwells within your own unconscious. For many of mankind, their outer awareness is not ready to attempt to deal with the lowest vibrations of their own beings, and therefore it is better for them not to open up Pandora's Box of their own unconscious prematurely until they have the sponsorship of a guru and a strong girding of their beings and the tools whereby they may carve away these astral desires and momentums of the past and see them dissolve into nothingness by the action of both the violet ray and the ruby ray.
            The liquid crystal diamond light in which you live is also a very real manifestation of this cosmic radiance that keeps you both flexible and yet sealed within the Mother's womb of purity for your soul. Visualizing greater levels of cosmic radiance within the outer bands of your aura, as taught by me in my classes on intermediate studies of the human aura, will do you well, blessed ones, to review.� For when you can discern the moving of all energies within your aura-those of the world, those of your own being and those which come as projection-then you can discern from a higher level what is required to sustain a certain consciousness of the adept that will lead you toward the perfectionment of your being in all ways.
            Once you have established a foundation through spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, fiery mantra, deep stillness and now your solar meditation and emanation daily, then you can begin to travel in consciousness into other planes and dimensions to understand the higher laws of cosmos operating at levels beyond the human condition, and bringing back this very real knowledge of the higher worlds, employing them toward the awakening of mankind and all sentient life upon earth.
            But, unless and until you personally have fulfilled the balancing of over fifty percent of your karma, the balancing of your four lower bodies and of your threefold flame and a resolving of your past psychology, then it were better that you continue to strive to work on yourself before you attempt to carve out too much of a niche in working on world conditions and saving thousands and millions of souls. You see, Gautama first meditated under the Bo tree to understand his own psychology at the deepest levels before he received from his own Higher Self and sponsoring masters the pathway to deliver to mankind the teachings on the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path that would lead many to enlightenment. Had he not first self-discovered his own cosmic reality, then he would not have been able to employ the higher cosmic radiance as a Buddha to change a world, blessed ones.
            Therefore, for many of you who have for a number of years and decades engaged in world-action prayers and decrees, we warn you that concurrently with your spiritual work in this wise, you must also continue to work with us at inner levels to resolve all these elements of your own being such that your work on behalf of mankind will be greater because you fully understand the platform upon which your own soul does ascend to the heights of God-consciousness, being an example unto others first.
            It is as if, blessed ones, you must take a step backwards from your great desire to be of service to all and first spiritually serve your own being, such that then you will have greater fruits to give when the time comes when many more among mankind will be ready to receive your heartfires of love-wisdom.
            This is our teaching, agreed upon by the three Wise Men in this hour that all heartfriends should take to heart. And when, blessed ones, many more among you begin to ascend to a higher level of awareness, getting beyond the seventy-five percent of the balancing of your karma, then we will have the spiritual foundation of God-mastery in the three levels of being such that the squaring of the circle within you and within many and the erecting of the edifice of fire will be easier because that foundation is made up of the lively stones-those who have fully become the Christ. And therefore, having self- perfected themselves, [they] may then again lay down their life in the service of others.
            O, how great are the winds of the Spirit that blow this day across the earth after the coming of Shiva. We see him atop the mountain fastnesses of the Himalayas and upon the peaks of the great mountains upon all continents, shining with the brilliance of fire, dancing his sacred dance to call home the sons and daughters of God. O, blessed ones, Morya also embraces you this day and thanks you for your perpetual prayers to him.
            Should you desire to do so, think on Kuthumi and [me] also on the fourth of the month. For now that we have given you this dispensation, we three may amplify all that Morya does singly toward the purposes of your victory in life. I am Djwal Kul and I emanate cosmic love-fire to our friends of light throughout the earth. And I seal you with a smile of peace from the heart of Kuthumi. Be blessed in God's eternal presence of oneness and go forth in victory always. I thank you.

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