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Cosmos      December 31, 2006

Beloved Mighty Cosmos
David C. Lewis
December 31, 2006   5:46–6:05 pm  MST
A Vision Quest for the New Age: The Phoenix Rising Within You
Wingate Inn
Phoenix, Arizona

                                             We Have Come to Initiate You in the Secret-Ray Solar Fires

           From the center of the cosmos, I come. And I am here in this place¹ to displace that within you which is unreal.
           I am Cosmos, and my fire may be yours if you dare to receive it and then to do something with it for God. Blessed ones, we release light. And yet sometimes you cannot fully imbibe that light within your aura and chakras and so we must turn down the intensity so as not to burn you up, you see. And yet I see that many of you are ready not only for the light of Helios and Vesta but for the light that descends from the center of the cosmic hub from whence I come. 
Did you know that your Mark Prophet soon after his ascension did journey to the Great Central Sun? For he was determined to understand the very nature of life as God in manifestation. So he was warmed by those solar fires and upon his return to Earth [in the etheric octave] he was able to bear a greater portion of that light on behalf of his students. And this is what enabled him, blessed ones, to magnetize many sons and daughters of God into the teachings of the ascended masters. And I daresay that some among you were the firstfruits of his cosmic experiment in knowing the light of cosmos. You, too, may know more of this fire, but first there must be within your threefold flame balance, else your four lower bodies will be jarred by the intensity of that fire from far-off worlds.
Therefore it is incumbent upon each of you who desires greater initiation on this path to work assiduously with the Five Dhyani Buddhas for the development not only of their wisdoms within your minds but for the balance of solar fires within your four lower bodies and all of your sacred centers. When some of your chakras spin out of kilter for lack of discipline in some aspect of your life, then there cannot be the full trueing of that spinning top of your being to the point where you can accelerate that spin unto cosmic levels. But for those who have experimented with the interplay of the radiance of higher worlds within [your] own being, discerning how each of the four lower bodies may be trued in a balancing act toward the higher purpose that you seek, then you can ascertain what it will require for you to maintain that perfect spiritual poise of supreme balance toward this holy end, blessed ones.
           Therefore I come as a cosmic chakra man in this hour, extending my arms and legs, even as that image given to you by Leonardo da Vinci. And as you can visualize it, you can see cosmic rings of fire emanating from what you would call my hands and feet and heart, or thymus, from spiritual levels, though I have long ago transcended the need for these outer appendages, you see.
Meditating upon the fiery star, the five-pointed star of Cosmos, you can discern the nature of the secret rays that I emanate as pulsating energies to many worlds. Yes, I am a cosmic pulsar of fire on behalf of those who understand the Mother Light within themselves and within the greater context of the path of initiation. The solar fires that you attune to in your meditation and sungazing will naturally true you toward that state of equilibrium whereby you can then receive the light of Cosmos' secret rays. Therefore we applaud within this body of lightbearers the use of the techniques developed and reinitiated by Omraam and HRM.² For when you fully apply them in your lives, blessed ones, you will see the results.
           The Master Omraam did recommend the morning meditation and not that time with the sun upon its setting. And I also recommend this same matrix for you. For the early morning rising sun has the full-gathered momentum of all of the energies of the secret rays from the night cycle, you see. And when it appears above the horizon for you, there is the instantaneous transfer through your eyes to your mind and then to all of your chakras, through your heart, of the radiance of this light. If you would be charged as God's batteries, then take up this science seriously. And for some of you it may mean a rearrangement of your life in some manner to allow for this sacred time with Helios and Vesta.
           Those of you who have had various physical problems, I ask you to consider whether you have fully embraced the Sun within your own being—its radiance, its light, its emanation. If not, then, even for a two-week period, put aside certain endeavors to gain a balance within your four lower bodies by sungazing and bathing. And once you receive a certain level of that solar fire within your cells, a natural healing process will begin in greater measure for you.
Look into the eyes of children to see the light of the sun. These, having recently been born of their own Solar Presence, retain that sparkle and glow. And it is only when you live for far too long within your homes and abandon the natural cycles of living outside during the daylight hours, blessed ones, do you see a gradual diminishing of that light of the eye and the gleam and the glow of the aura that leads to disintegration, decay and death.
           Therefore be fiery spirits by discerning the essential nature of light within the sun and within your own Sun Presence and throughout your entire being. And as you look upon the sun, understand how those rays do charge and energize the centrosome of your cells, each one, as you are able to receive that light and recharge yourselves in its radiance.
We have brought you here for a purpose, for the light of Egypt and the sun of that civilization must be transferred, heart to heart, to those in the West through some who understand the principles of the ascension fire and the path of initiation by Serapis Soleil. Even in his name you see that sunlight of love that he bore³ and the architecture of the Spirit whereby the sun did emanate its light through the pyramids. And all those in that civilization received the intensity of the refraction of that light throughout the day no matter where they abode upon that soil. It would be good if some among mankind [understood] the same science and brought this pyramid technology and solar technology to the West. For it is high time that it be utilized in many ways in your civilization, blessed ones, toward that solar manifestation that you seek.
           At the center of the cosmos is the very sun of even pressure that stabilizes the Cosmic Egg. It is as a beloved yoke of fire. As you prepare for the coming of Gautama this evening, meditate upon that solar light of your crown, and the Lord of the World will activate many more petals of your crown chakra in the delivery of his word of wisdom unto you. 
We have come to initiate you in the secret-ray solar fires from out the Great Silence of God's heart. Be real with all that you do, and you shall know the nature of the All in all.
           I am Cosmos. Breathe in my fire now through five breaths, blessed ones. [Messenger and audience take five deep breaths.] And now rest in the sure knowing that you are beloved of God because you also abide within the aura of Cosmos in this hour.

1.  Up until this point, the master had been speaking in a whisper.
2.  Before the dictation, a presentation and video of Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) and his sungazing technique was given.
3.  Serapis Soleil is French for “Serapis of the Sun.”

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