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Lanello      December 29, 2006

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
December 29, 2006  3:26-3:34 pm MST
A Vision Quest for the New Age: The Phoenix Rising Within
Phoenix, Arizona

The Phoenix Rising With You May Be
The Resurrection of Your Soul in Aquarian Light

            In joy I extend my heart to each one of you as friends and participants in this great vision-quest of our souls this weekend. The phoenix rising within you may be the resurrection of your soul in Aquarian light. And isn't it fitting, blessed ones, that at the close of one year and the beginning of a new, each of us has opportunity to reflect upon the past but also to perceive where we are headed in this divine vision-quest?

The pulsations of your hearts I feel, I know. For, as we know, all are one in the spirit and where there is acceptance of each one, there is no dissimulation but only the one beating heart. Can you feel it now within you—the pulsation of the one heart of God that embraces all of cosmos in its radiance? And through this constancy will you come with me to understand and know greater love than you have ever known, greater light than has ever ensconced itself within your chakras, your aura, your soul?

This is my offering to you, should you choose to accept it, in the mission not impossible, but very probable because I see through your lifetimes each decision you made for the light and how you have now come to this point of greater spiritual understanding where you are ready to rise, as the bird of paradise into the heaven world, to know your own immortal freedom, blessed ones.

Whether you are the white eagle or the phoenix or the seagull, we are all brethren in this great flight. And as we look below to the earth and see those yet caught in the brambles of an understanding of a lesser pathway of the egoic life, yet there is mercy within our gaze. There is still hope that many more may understand heaven's way upon the winds of the Holy Spirit.

So, blessed ones, flap your wings this weekend with me as we soar and as each master that comes relates to you, in a very personal way, keys for your own victory in flight. I am the one you have come to know as Lanello. And if you know me not yet, then through the hearts of those sitting beside you or across the room you may begin to understand how our love and fellowship may grow.

So, blessed ones, as we have been want to do, turn now to your brethren, your sisters, hold their hands, learn their names if you know them not. For this community of hearts—truly that which many of us sought to outpicture in the various communities of the Holy Spirit in past lives—shall never want for the warmth of the fire. For that fire this day burns more brightly here because you have come to the hearth of cosmic wisdom. You have launched yourself as a bluebird of happiness into the great azure heights of heaven's manifestation.

In oneness I come. In unity I bestow my spirit upon your brow, each one. Grace, peace, happiness and reverence be thine forevermore. Amen.

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