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Cuzco      December 22, 2006

Beloved Cuzco
David C. Lewis
December 22, 2006 7:00-7:14 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Through Conscious Awareness Become That Anchor-Point of Light

            With cosmic intent I come, surrounding the entire planetary body with my aura of God-protection for God-government not only within the capitals of the nations but within every system, within every organization, within every manifestation in which the light may resonate, blessed ones.
            I am Cuzco. And this day I choose to be where you are. Have you thought on the concept that where you walk, God is fully in manifestation? You, as a God-being, can be for the earth an anchor point of God's awareness of himself in mater. And when you understand your purpose for being, then you will know how essential it is for that holy purpose to manifest itself through your conscious awareness twenty-four hours a day in the cycling of God's perfected matrix of beingness within you.
            I hold the blueprint for the earth of perfect balance. And because I have chosen long ago to be the anchor point for Surya within this earth, I see all that transpires that in any way opposes the victory of that perfect balance and equipoise within the earth. As you also as Omega-manifestations of the Alpha Light in the earth understand the necessity for the grounding of cosmic energies, then you, too, may hold the balance for great and vast quantities of light manifestations.
            Therefore it is essential that you understand how this grounding process occurs day by day not only through your invocation of the sacred fire but of your awareness as a soul of light. For the soul as the feminine potential of God-reality where you are is the cup and the bowl in which the flame resides. And therefore if you would have that flame blazing within your aura, then there must be in the 360 degrees of the circumference of your awareness at all times the sensitivity to vibration to what is occurring all around you.
             When you can read the signs of the times and even be aware of how events across the planet cause ripples across the cosmos, then you, as a sensitive instrument for God's light, may make the call and even in your own being allow the adjustment of cosmic forces, blessed ones. This the ascended masters do. For being one with God, they are fully cognizant of all that transpires in all systems of worlds. You have even seen on your movie screens the concept of "the force" and how there can be a disturbance in the antahkarana of light through evil that acts through individuals or that takes hold even of peoples and nations through terrorism and acts of deviltry.1
            This antahkarana of fire of the Holy Spirit is one that may be energized moment by moment through your acceptance of greater quotients of fire from your own spiritual Sun-source of your God Presence. And when, through conscious awareness, you become that anchor-point as a point on the great grid of life where you live, then there can be the stabilization of all such that Earth may remain a viable home on which souls may evolve. But if there is a greater and greater disturbance of this platform of evolution that you know as Spaceship Earth, then, through the lessening of these stable energies in many areas, there can be created what may be termed cosmic inharmony such that it requires cosmic beings to come forth to assist in the holding of the balance.2 This you have seen outpictured in the coming of Sanat Kumara and Venus and the 144,000 to Earth long ago. And this has been true for other planetary homes in certain systems also, blessed ones.
            We are about cosmic business, cosmic-light business if you would. And the more you expand your consciousness to cosmic levels of awareness through the development of the siddhis, through meditation, fasting and prayer and the development of your soul senses, then and only then can you fully be the holy ones who understand the great need of the hour that we have for enlightened beings to assist us in this sacred process of garnering light and of being, as it were, a shield from those points of darkness that could upturn a world.
            I blaze forth light now from my retreat over Viti Levu, energizing grids and forcefields, talismans of light, that those in many ascended-master movements have used as foci for the anchoring of greater fire upon earth. Blaze forth the light of the Great Central Sun from the heart of Surya now into and through these foci! Blaze forth the light and energize each and every one such that Earth does receive the impetus of new cosmic fire in this cycle of Capricorn. Blaze forth the Light! Blaze forth the Light! Blaze forth the Light! And let it flow through the hearts, heads and hands of our servitors of fire in all nations-the mystics who understand the path of righteousness and of the right use of God's energies.
            I am Cuzco. I have come and worked through you this morning in your decrees. You may invite me any time, blessed ones, to sit next to you or to overshadow you. And those of you who can see me know that I am visible to some as a type of Hercules or Atlas who works with elemental forces to stabilize and gird the planet with greater God-light.
            I thank my chelas among you for your service in maintaining the action of the blue fire/white fire light daily through your calls to Archangel Michael, Hercules, Astrea, Micah, [Surya] and me. Through the action of the Mother Light now also manifesting in the figure-eight flow of the blue fire/white fire sun, there is the receipt and the anchoring of this blue-fire energy deep within the earth to its core. The Sun of Even Pressure is stabilized, and for an hour or two the manifestation of perfect balance may be the Earth's.
             OM, Surya, whom I love.

1The concept of "the force", a universal energy field that pervades all space, was made popular in the Star Wars movies created and directed by George Lucas.
2See with the following information and more: Spaceship Earth is a world view term usually expressing concern over the use of limited resources available on Earth. It may have been derived from a passage in Henry George's best known work, Progress and Poverty1 (1879). From book IV, chapter 2: It is a well-provisioned ship, this on which we sail through space. If the bread and beef above decks seem to grow scarce, we but open a hatch and there is a new supply, of which before we never dreamed. And very great command over the services of others comes to those who as the hatches are opened are permitted to say, "This is mine!"
The phrase was also popularized by Buckminster Fuller, who wrote and published a book in 1963 under the title of Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth2. This quotation, referring to fossil fuels, reflects his approach: "[W]e can make all of humanity successful through science's world-engulfing industrial evolution provided that we are not so foolish as to continue to exhaust in a split second of astronomical history the orderly energy savings of billions of years' energy conservation aboard our Spaceship Earth. These energy savings have been put into our Spaceship's life-regeneration-guaranteeing bank account for use only in self-starter functions."

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